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  1. CalMac1988

    Dundee match thread

    1979 according to Sportsound.
  2. CalMac1988

    Line up face Brora Rangers

    Just had to record a piece on gaidhlig radio regarding the upcoming ficture. I just hope i did ourselves justice.
  3. CalMac1988

    The "That was f**king c**ting s**tey s**te" Thread

    First things first...last night was s**te. No getting away from it, but I've got to say there's been a complete overreaction on some people's. It's been 1 competitive game and already most of signings aren't good enough. I just don't understand the mindset sometimes. Let's judge the players when we are 5-10 games into the season. We are obviously in need of a creative midfielder and another striker. Boyd has never been able to play on his own upfront in his whole career. But come on, let's get a grip, it's hardly the worst performance seen as a Killie fan. There are a hell if a lot more I can assure you. 1 gane and it's the end of the world. There's still another 3 matches to play in the group ffs.
  4. CalMac1988

    Them v Killie fred 14/07/14

    5-1 league cup final hibs, 4-0 home to dundee and to ross counry, 1-0 home to Alloa after a replay, 1-0 home to stenhousemuir. I could go on.
  5. CalMac1988

    McCulloch transfer target?

    I would very much doubt getting Ajer back if Boyata's injury turns out to be serious
  6. CalMac1988


    Apologies. You've already cleared things up. I say good riddance but have complete sympathy about the circumstances in which it has come about. Let's not kid ourselves though it's what we all have been screaming for for years. Can't help feeling though that until he sells his shares his presence will always be felt at TTOP.
  7. CalMac1988


    If someone could clear this up for me please. Does he still have control of his shares? And if so how much of the club does he own?
  8. CalMac1988

    Cowley Brothers

    Totally agree that they haven't yet proven themselves at a high level. I'm just impressed by the way they talk and have taken a team in free fall and turned them completely around. I've watched their FA Cup run and the team clearly know what they're doing and stick to a game plan set out by them. Been very impressed so far. I think they could be worth a shout?
  9. CalMac1988

    Cowley Brothers

    Just a thought but I think they could be a great appointment for us. Great job at a club outwith the top leagues in Engerland and I think could do a job for us. For me Alex Neill would be the ideal appointment but we are too much of a step down for him at the moment (Similar to when Billy Davies was getting tipped for the post). Jig has had a few good results but for me, if he wanted the job, he would have expressed a desire for it by now?

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