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  1. Walker Naismith Murray stokes waters mcGinn alston polworth armstrong connell Murray worth a try if waters is fit give him a run, at home we should only really play one holding midfielder, and hopefully Alston and polworth can provide that pass to unlock the defence, also time to give Connell a run out Cameron hasn’t done anything in the last two games so time to check out what Connell gives us. Think Burke needs a rest so let’s see what Armstrong can provide, Murray I think could play that free role up front coming in From the left.
  2. Ok folks if there was anyone in Kilmarnock history past or present that you could sit and have a 10 min chat with over a cup of tea or coffee who would it be? mines is simple got to be Tommy Burns would have just loved to hear his philosophy on football
  3. I’ve said for a long time now that the SFA don’t run Scottish football, they are only the puppets of the real power of the SFA, which is the old firm ! They bow down to the old firm constantly, because they are afraid they walk away and take the potential income from TV and media with them, hence they do whatever the old firm wish, and because of this the SFA need to flex their muscles towards the other teams which results in bullying them to try and show they are the real deal and have full power and control which everyone knows is a joke, it’s time the whole SFA was taken to task over its bullying tactics towards the so called lower teams and allowing the old firm to continue to change the rules to suit themselves
  4. Try something different and give the fringe players a run out 4-4-2 adaptable to a 4-3-3 Eastwood McGowan. Rossi. Findlay. Haunstrup McKenzie. Tishbola. Mulumbu. Pinnock Whitehall. Brophy
  5. Dickers passing has been woeful yet to find a killie player with a pass, and walking about totally clueless.
  6. Rogers mcgowan. Dikamona. Findlay. Haunstrup Dicker Mulumbu Tishbola Burke Kiltie Kabamba Play this with Burke And Kiltie in free role to go down right and left or come into the middle to play off kabamba, Broadfoot at the back is costing us at the moment with lack of speed easily turned and likliehood of giving away silly fouls near our box. Also think Findlay is struggling because he hasn’t the confidence in Broadfoot and feels he needs to cover for him as well as covering his own position, waters has been decent but has no forward intention always looking for a ball to the side or backwards plus his passing is atrocious, play haunstrup in his natural position to get the best out of him and for the team. Still always believe and have the Faith so going for a killie win 2-0
  7. What I’d like to see (Not that anyone has done anything wrong)but doubt it will happen Rogers Millen. Dikamona. Findlay. Haunstrup Dicker Power. Tishbola Burke Pinnock Kabamba subs Doyle broadfoot watters mcgowan Kiltie brophy whitehall elmakrini Taylor
  8. Ok I’m puting this out there to be shot down in flames but I just feel we’re missing out on attacking options on the left, cast your mind back a couple of seasons we had good attacking options on both sides with Burke on the right and O’Donnell willing to overlap and put good passes into the box on the left we had Jones and Taylor doing the same. Now we have Burke on the right and Millen seems willing to get up and provide an overlap and the chance of linking up with Burke and provides good crosses into the box. We don’t have that on the left McKenzie isn’t a left sided attacking midfielder and waters is simply not willing to provide the overlap or link with any left sided player more often than not he looks for the square pass or pass backwards, even when I saw him playing in the team when Taylor was injured or suspended he was the same, Jones wanted the ball and waters preferred the sideways or backwards pass. I haven’t seen enough of haunstrup yet but hope that he can provide more of the attacking forward thinking approach and if we bring in a proper left sided player (pinnock) they can provide the attacking option on the left side, my opinion only but waters very defensive and not a player that will provide a forward partnership or wingback type player
  9. Very happily take that result wasn’t confident when I saw the team but happy to admit I was wrong outstanding performance by the whole team midfield went about their business and nullified Celtic threat but buy a country mile man of the match was kabamba who worked his socks off.
  10. Interesting to see that in first game rangers played in France Stewart never featured although the played nearly 2 separate teams and in last nights game only got on for the final 10 mins seems he might not be in his managers plans for the season
  11. Just thought it looked a lot older than kabamba
  12. Just been on the on line shop website and at the beginning this picture pops up of player wearing no 11 but I don’t recognise him anyone else know who it is
  13. Could killie go back in for Craig Bryson this season? I spoke to him last year and found him to be an utter gentleman, and totally honest, he said that he wanted back to killie when he left Derby, but they never replied to him, my opinion is that he’s not that badly or regularly injured as reported, I just think he doesn’t like the travelling up to Aberdeen and being away from his family here in Ayrshire. I for one would take him in a heartbeat.
  14. I was impressed with Sam Stubbs when he was on loan at Hamilton from Middlesbrough and his contract is out next month, surely worth enquiring about. ?
  15. I would agree with others that Tommy Burns was by far the best and Stevie Clarke the best managerial appointment we could ever have made but I’m going to throw a tommy burns signing out there which if believed cost us a packet of sweeties and turned out to be one of our best signings George McCluskey a delight to watch in his day