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  1. Killie61

    Club Shop

    Just thought it looked a lot older than kabamba
  2. Killie61

    Club Shop

    Just been on the on line shop website and at the beginning this picture pops up of player wearing no 11 but I don’t recognise him anyone else know who it is
  3. Could killie go back in for Craig Bryson this season? I spoke to him last year and found him to be an utter gentleman, and totally honest, he said that he wanted back to killie when he left Derby, but they never replied to him, my opinion is that he’s not that badly or regularly injured as reported, I just think he doesn’t like the travelling up to Aberdeen and being away from his family here in Ayrshire. I for one would take him in a heartbeat.
  4. Killie61


    I was impressed with Sam Stubbs when he was on loan at Hamilton from Middlesbrough and his contract is out next month, surely worth enquiring about. ?
  5. I would agree with others that Tommy Burns was by far the best and Stevie Clarke the best managerial appointment we could ever have made but I’m going to throw a tommy burns signing out there which if believed cost us a packet of sweeties and turned out to be one of our best signings George McCluskey a delight to watch in his day
  6. Dear god no no three times NO !
  7. Assuming that Brophy is out and Findlay and SOD both available I’d go with Koprivec SOD DDF. Findlay. Niko Dicker Burke. Power. Bunn Killie Kabamba subs Branescu millen Bruce el mak McKenzie Wilson all depends if he decides to rest some players with the Celtic game coming up
  8. Just throwing this scenario out there for reactions and opinions, if O’Donnell is in fact signing a precontract with the sheep this month, we could let him go this month (saves the scenario we had last year with jones) but part of the agreement would for us to get Bryson in exchange this month, then we go and get Luke Hendrie back from Grimsby as O’Donnell’s replacement did ok for us first time around.
  9. 5 points off the play off place on a serious slide towards the bottom of the league shocking that we have had 3 shots and only 1 on target all game and let’s not be fooled it’s been like that for a few weeks now. St Mirren have had 18 shots with 5 on target, I seriously fear the worst unless we get the finger out
  10. To be honest this result has been coming for a few weeks we have been creating absolutely nothing and look a team that is devoid of all ideas. Most uncertainly need an influx of players in January with a striker and number 10 a must
  11. Larry (needs to redeem himself) Sod DDF Bruce. Hammy power Dicker El makrini Burke Brophy Miller
  12. Also heard this last week before the Rangers game, that he had resigned but billy Bowie had persuaded him to stay because he wants him about the club as billy Bowie feels close to him as he is the middle man that the players trust and Bowie trusts. Also heard at the same time that Alessio has been given until the cup game to turn it around and if not he would be gone and Dyer would be given the job. Apparently Stevie Clarke had told Bowie to give the job to dyer at the time but don’t know if Dyer turned it down or was never offered it, and the reason SSC hasn’t spoken to Alessio is because the treatment of Dyer by him, also apparently Kris Boyd is helping out in the background with the youths on an unpaid voluntary basis which Bowie is keen to continue. Dont know how much truth is in what we were told but no reason to disbelieve it as it came from a source who works at the club. Suppose we will find out soon enough
  13. Absolutely disgraceful at rugby park today the rangers fans in the far corner of the FB was bad enough and some of them being put out was the right action, however we had about 6 rangers fans sitting a couple of rows in front of us celebrated first goal clapping players etc, we approached the stewards who in fairness checked them out but said nothing they could do as they were there as part of hospitality from Kilmarnock .....really !!!! all the furore coming from the board about not giving rangers fans tickets to our stands and the rigmarole for our own fans getting forms to fill in to get tickets and the club give rangers fans tickets into our section is an absolute disgrace then to get verbally abused by them on the way out could easily have led to a riot or worse come on Kilmarnock sort it out no way should away fans be given seats amongst our own fans hospitality or not disgraceful I’m still trying to calm down but might take a while !!!!
  14. Can see both points of view, and I for one would quite happily use the website to purchase my tickets and I tried several times, however what about the supporters that want to sit in specific stand, area or seat for example in the FB stand, when the web sales opened almost all of the FB was showing as unavailable and we had no option but to queue up and purchase tickets, not our fault so why should we be punished and made to pay more ? When we eventually got to the window at the ticket office they didn’t offer the option to open the section up and book our tickets only that we could collect a ticket and pay for it on another day. If the club could sort out the issue of making the stands and sections available I’m sure the majority of fans would get their tickets this way.
  15. Daily record today reporting that Liverpool have offered Liam Millar back on loan to Kilmarnock for the season. And that a deal has been agreed between both clubs it’s now down to Alessio giving his approval to go ahead. I would take him back in a heartbeat

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