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  1. Interesting stats and you would hope Management team both use stats as well as looking back and analysing games to seek improvements just from games I’ve seen Defensively we will be fine (even better when Stokes returns), 2 up front if given enough of the right kind of service will provide us a cutting edge and goals Return of Burke will give us better quality out wide But Improvements are very much still needed in central midfield , and in our overall style of play
  2. TW has gone for a very experienced squad, with many having recent experience of playing in this league ......not sure why last night was much of a surprise ....and they were not able to adapt
  3. Felt Euan Murray and Haunstrup again played well defensively , none of our midfielders or forwards contributed much…..voted for another fine display by Hemming
  4. Probably the youngest player in our starting team , but thank god we have him this season (hopefully Boro don’t have or dont use a recall option in January) Another top performance tonight , and unlike many of his outfield team mates our young keeper rose to the occasion
  5. Did he? , Fraser Murray both in preseason and so far looks type of player/winger who drifts or is invisible for long time in games but then suddenly contributes something that leads to a goal …..like the cross at Firhill or his goals in previous games TW and the player need to somehow improve the consistency and also get him to toughen up a bit
  6. Alston , McGinn, Lyons , Polworth ……….all been given a chance so far but jury still out IMO If we are to get top place badly need better from central areas and to find the right combination in central midfield that gives us both protection for our defence and a platform in tougher games to get more possession and control of games
  7. An ugly ugly performance , some experienced outfield players in our team but none of them seemed capable of adjusting how to play in the conditions , Central midfield again lacking that extra class player and If persisting with 2 wide men we need more from both…Burke badly missed IMO
  8. Real positive to go in not behind and keeping another clean sheet so far. Still feel we have not found right balance in central midfield as yet , badly need someone to control game from that area Our best play comes when we try to keep possession and pass the ball around , hopefull will see lot more if that in second 45
  9. As with Thistle game and few others, our midfield especially early on in games does not seem to get control and often leave opponents to get to our back 4 too easily at times…….
  10. Think the overwhelming majority of Killie fans would find a few comments in this thread a tad bizarre, but each to their own SC’s time at our club will always be up there with so many other high points in the decades I’ve been supporting our club
  11. Had thought McGinn’s form in recent games had dropped a little, though Lyons seems a more forward going then a defensive sitting midfielder . no real surprises in rest of team Hopefully the front 2 can continue to have that positive effect seen last Saturday
  12. My comment came before the thread tidy up by the Mod(s) ….. IF we do eventually get another striker in as our 18th signing in then it will be on paper a competitive squad with cover in all positions, when you look at the match day squad last Saturday and for various reasons likes of Hodson , Burke , Burrell, Stokes and others were not involved not to mention any of the promising younger players (not out on loan )
  13. It’s fair been a very long summer “transfer” thread , with many tangents
  14. Sad news and he has in recent years has not had the best of health, was one of the best goal scorers around in his day and for those of a certain age (pre SKY) growing up watching his show with Ian St John was very entertaining and must see TV if you liked football ### World Cup-winning England striker and Tottenham's record goalscorer Jimmy Greaves has died at the age of 81. Greaves began his career with Chelsea before spells at AC Milan, Spurs and West Ham. He scored 269 goals in 379 games for Tottenham and holds the record for the most goals in a season for Spurs with 37 in 1962-63. A member of the World Cup-winning squad in 1966, Greaves scored 44 goals in 57 games for England.
  15. Gutted to miss out on a return trip to a ground visited far too long ago, hopefully the many going can enjoy the trip and see us win at close hand, whilst rest of us watch on from afar Hopefully our next visit up there is not moved from a Saturday
  16. We seem to have the same thread and debate each season for many a year now , with same arguments and opinions going back and forth…. And mine not really changed that much either, Rory has been a great servant to our club , has contributed far more than a lot of supposedly better talented players who appeared in our team for a while then disappeared …..Rory is a great athlete , who will do whatever numerous managers have asked of him and will consistently give his manager a 6 outa 10 performance week in week out …. Against better opponents in Premiership Rory was a good player to have to give in games defensive cover in front of a the full back and provide his athleticism and non stop work rate However he has not improved in parts of his game he should have by this stage to take him up a level , his passing range is not the best , his goal return and assists are very poor for the role he has mostly recently been played …….. But TW like previous managers does not yet have the trust in the other “wide” players (apart from Burke) and atm thinks Rory can do a certain consistent role It’s up to other players to show when given a chance that they can improve on what Rory can offer to the team
  17. Thistle were on top in the first 25 minutes of so helped by our midfield not really offering much protection , but thistle like a lot of teams in this league do not have that higher quality of end product or forwards that we usually face in Premiership, and we now at last have a very competent keeper …… And when we did improve towards half time and then noticeably so just after a few HT words and tweaks to our play in the second period we dominated the game and it was apparent the extra quality we now have in forward areas compared to others in this league . Do feel this team still can improve in other areas , but we now have a front 2 that should win us a lot of points, Robinson is a very experienced and clever player both in his movement and how he can win balls even against much taller defenders, and with Shaw adding that pace and hopefully both can give us a consistent goal threat in this league ,
  18. Looked like TW had few words at HT as we certainly started at a higher tempo and more on the front foot and our midfield at least competed better Hopefully that wonder goal from Shaw is first of many and coming after couple of bad misses it would been real boost to his confidence , definitely think his partnership with Robinson is going to be rewarding for us Also feel Haunstrup again had a decent game defensively , for me our left side of defence is our strongest ATM with Murray again leading by example
  19. The quickness and commanding way he comes off his line for both cross balls and direct attacks has not been seen at RP for a while, night and day compared to recent keepers we had to endure watching his presence alone last season could well have led to survival
  20. 2 great chances, Robinson n Shaw partnership looks promising But at times we allow teams to play through the lines too easily, Midfield duo need to be more dominant ....and mobile , also our right side getting exposed too much
  21. Hopefully the Shaw and Robinson partnership can click to give us that better end product cracking day here near firhill, big noisy away support to see us win , hopefully
  22. Could be just a wild link due to the fact Fowler had worked with Jack Ross before , from the outside not sure Fowler as yet has done enough in his role at our club to have other clubs lining him up for such a role
  23. Even if they did The Falkirk game was a cup tie , the championship as a league has no agreed shared streaming partnership like the Premiership had last season , and it’s left to each home team to set up , organise any PPV and run their own service
  24. The SPFL agreed the deal to allow clubs to live stream their home games for season 21/22 way back in Mid April…when things were a lot different and without any clause it seems to then change it once there was lifting of most if not all restrictions , rumour was the financial pay out due from Sky had to be also reduced to get it agreed.. “SPFL chief executive Neil Doncaster said: “For the past few months, there have been intense, detailed discussions between ourselves, Sky Sports and our clubs to give fans certainty that they will be able to watch their heroes playing live next season, irrespective of when supporters are allowed back into stadia……”
  25. Too early to do any realistic judgement either way, as we did not have an experienced striker till last day of the window plus one of his main summer signings Robinson was missing for first few games and is still finding full match fitness The style and performance should improve and be more attacking once Shaw and Robinson can start One thing we do need is up our passing tempo and movement when getting possession