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  1. freddoig

    Al Ahly bid for Coulibaly?

    according to the express the deal is done with with zamalek at 700000 but not utill after saturdays game, just personal terms to be agreed.
  2. freddoig

    Hamilton Boycott?

    Is the boycot still going ahead on saturday.
  3. freddoig

    It's our club - not MJs

    Well said 1861 i like you have supported killie for a long time and this is the worst i,ve felt about the future of our once great club, which is now fractured and broken,in many ways it might have been better to have gone bust than the deal that was done over the debt.We could have started again minus the drag anchor that our lawyer friend has proved to be, i remember great days climbing through the leagues and would gladly swap for that right now in conclusion if i can be of any help i would only be to happy to bo so.
  4. could not agree more with your comments. Question is how , your thoughts would be most welcome any help required i would happily give.
  5. freddoig

    How long do you give him...?

    Order the bus now for him and the duds he,s brought up the road .
  6. freddoig

    Players Leaving

    According to sportsound last night we received a nominal fee for higgy.
  7. freddoig

    Gary Locke: Not my fault

    Made alan johnston look good by comparison.
  8. freddoig

    Killie Trust support for KFC EGM

    There is no requirement for them to sell the shares it seems to me the object of this excercise is to remove mj as a director and from the club .
  9. Simples bb says to mj if you dont go i will not provide any more funds.
  10. freddoig

    EGM - Shareholders needed

    Just sent you 5 shareholders prepared to support your efforts good luck keep us updated.
  11. freddoig

    AGM (merged)

    Whose funding the losses ,this years got to be as bad and probably a lot worse so somebody is funding the club ( my guess is B B ) and the worry is wno ever it is they will get to a point whre they simply decide no more.
  12. freddoig

    Match Thread: Partick Thistle (A) - 02/04/16

    Unfortunately i believe we only have 2 home games left .

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