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  1. It's not a bad idea to at least make the offer. Free PR. The eventual centre in Kilmarnock will probably be in the Grand Hall as its already a secure bio bubble for testing.
  2. I made an order yesterday and it was ready for collection less than half an hour later. If its needed quickly might be an idea to call the shop and ask if they can bump it up the line. I'm sure they would.
  3. But then said in another that an extension for Kiltie was top priority.
  4. He was walking into the ground earlier with one of the girls from the office when I was picking up an order at the club shop.
  5. See, I'm siding with the opposite idea. The SPFL and SFA will be delighted that with our appeal they have a get out - a way of avoiding punishing Celtic. Appeals are successful that the sanction was too much, games are rescheduled and the suspended fine is due now as punishment. Ticks boxes for everyone (except the two clubs who previously benefited in Motherwell and Accies..). Killie and St Mirren will be happy; SPFL/SFA shown as still punishing clubs but not too strongly; avoiding the possibility of having to dock Celtic points.
  6. They won't sign him because he's not good enough for a team who are aiming for third. If his form continues then he's going to Boreham Wood, not Easter Road.
  7. Kabamba was starting regularly, for most of the season, and he got worse not better.
  8. Gavin Reilly supposedly agreed a deal with Livingston, turning Kilmarnock's offer down..
  9. If his performances for us v Accies are anything to go by then at least we shouldn't worry too much about him coming back to haunt us..
  10. Its a joke all around. The SPFL not putting rules in place to stop teams from unnecessary travel abroad. Celtic for even thinking it was a good idea in the first place. The government for choosing countries like Dubai as "safe" for travel and as such basically encouraging people to go there if they have the means (they don't have to self-isolate either). But aye - DONT SIT TOO CLOSE AT DINNER!
  11. A long ball in itself isn't something to sneer at or discourage. When its used properly it can be very effective. The problem is our long balls are either aimless or directed at a man who has a poor record of winning the aerial challenge.
  12. Whilst I agree with you, there's a very recent example of it to look at. The groundswell from Celtic fans about Lennon was vociferous and the Celtic board released a statement saying basically that nothing would change until 2nd of January. Plenty of Celtic fans were still furious, but the statement changed the mindset of supporters who went from protesting the team to turning up to welcome the team. Celtic then went on to beat Lille, us and win the Scottish Cup. There's no way of knowing whether the same idea would work in galvanising our support and getting us all behind the team again
  13. He's a number ten who is being used elsewhere because of the manager's insistence on trying to shoehorn two out of form strikers in at the same time. 4-4-2 can work - if the two strikers are linking well and are firing. That extra threat upfront negates the space left further back. But we have two strikers who are scarily out of form, who can't make the ball stick or get into positions to score. So for me you then have to get the players in their best positions. Kiltie AM behind Brophy (who just edges it for me), Burke RM, Power and Tish in CM. Then you're left with another problem - we
  14. Again, I'm not sure lumping all fans in together is helpful. Can't speak for everyone as nobody knows anyone else's financial situation in-depth, but I'd be shocked if there are too many people in the bracket you mention. If people are watching on free streams then I'd say the vast majority are doing so because they can't afford the PPV cost etc. Its really no different to during normal times - many people will choose to stay in the house or go to the pub when games are on. Not engaging with them is how you lose them for good.
  15. But you or anyone else have no idea who is contributing and who is not. And even if someone can't for whatever reason, does that mean they aren't allowed to have their view heard? 2020 has been the worst year for so many people, and their football team should be one of the few things to bring some normality to the times we're living in. If a Killie fan feels that they can't put as much money into the club as they'd like because of their own situation atm then any self-respecting owner would be foolish to just ignore them out of hand. If people are struggling, which they are, then they remember