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  1. Always thought he was a good player for Accies, athletic and good on the ball. Nearly 160 senior appearances under his belt by 23 is a positive too. Good signing!
  2. Its accurate though. Bowie and the board did the same in the summer; and Dyer's multiple errors in the Aberdeen game (for example not substituting Burke when he was dead on his arse after 65 mins) helped contribute to us losing a game we should have won.
  3. If the season is ended now, then you tell Dyer that once we have a concrete date for football to restart then he'll be invited for an interview. St Johnstone obviously feel they can carry out the required recruitment when its time - so why can't we?
  4. I can't get my head around this at all. I understand that a full recruitment process atm would be difficult, but if we do give Dyer the job beyond 2019/20 without even looking elsewhere then its nothing short of a dereliction of duty. We did the same in the summer with the blase approach to bringing in a new manager when it was clear Clarke was off, which contributed to Alessio's poor start. Alex Dyer has done great things for Kilmarnock, and is a great guy who we all respect. But he didn't just have a few weeks to show us what he could do. He had a sustained time and the results were stark. League placing fell from what we were sitting at under AA, the alleged 'boost' that we'd get from appointing the guy the players wanted never materialised (we've done this a lot recently and it has never worked, not once), and he made numerous basic errors that cost us points and a place in the cup. The simple fact is that there are better options out there. I was never sold on Gary Holt a year or so ago, but he's proven himself as a Premiership manager now. His contract is a year-to-year rolling one so we could get him for nothing in a months time. If Dyer "knows Killie" and how to work the budget we'd have, then surely the same can be said of Holt - he arguably knows the club better than most and has done great work with a much smaller budget. Tommy Wright, whilst not playing the prettiest football (albeit that did change somewhat towards the end of his time) has a great track record of working miracles with small budgets. He's available for free right now, and with the Irish FA supposedly not in a rush to appoint O'Neill's successor, we could have snuck in and got him. And that's just two of the guys that would know the game up here, before you look afield to England and beyond. If the decision to appoint Dyer is made, I'm afraid for where we could end up once all this is over. Bowie has literally said that Clarke's appointment showed him you can't scrimp when it comes to managers and he took a risk on Alessio and it didn't work - fine, it happens. But to throw the baby out with the bath water and just go for the easy option is the wrong move for me. Anything other than a full recruitment drive with the best manager appointed at the end of it is a dereliction of duty - that's all there is to it.
  5. Summer football is a must but it'll never happen because of two clubs.. Something we can thank tonight's visitors for ensuring will always be the case.
  6. The UEFA rules are a joke. Ended up watching Falkirk v East Fife last night whilst listening to the St Mirren game. Think an amendment should be made for countries who don't have a team in this stage of the competition. As for Killie TV, the match coverage seems fine. But I agree with the comments of my auld pal @Bullitt. Its the reason why an SPFL TV app would be a success for me. Every team could have their own section of the channel where they have on-demand matches etc. The SPFL archive is absolutely massive and they're not monetizing it enough. Look at the WWE Network eg - people pay for the live events but have the massive back catalogue available as well. Imagine being able to sit bored on a Monday night and be able to just stick on a replay of the first win at Celtic Park since nineteen canteen? Tier it - £6.99 a month for match replays, old footage etc; £9.99 for live Saturday matches and extras; £12.99 for live matches that would normally be televised and the the extras. You'd get what, 300k subscribers minimum?
  7. Obviously there's reasons why some can't go, that's no different to any game. But if there's 1000+ of our usual support fit and able to come tonight and don;t because its raining then we're in big big trouble.
  8. Best chance we've had of making a Scottish Cup semi in a long, long time. If you can't be arsed heading over and paying £15 because its raining then what chance do we have?
  9. Three separate people all saying the same thing. Lets hope this isn't another BS rumour.
  10. What a bizarre rant. It's a football forum and the whole point of a forum is to discuss things that are going on around the club. You're right, I'm no expert on football operations, but are you? I'm not an expert on the minutia of transfer dealings and player negotiations either so does that mean I'm not allowed to comment on signings? I'm not Gordon Ramsay, so I'm not allowed to comment on the pies? I and everyone else I'm sure will want Fow to be a success, but you say "nothings ever good enough" and that's just nonsense too. So because Bowie appointed Clarke he should be given a free pass and not criticised when he makes a mistake? Because we should be content with our lot? I've said before on here that we missed a chance in the summer to cement our place as the third best team in the country through dilly-dallying over appointing a DoF/Head of Football, the delay in appointing Alessio and then not giving him the support in terms of signings etc. That's not thinking "nothings ever good enough" that's wanting the best possible for the football club, and wanting to aim as high as we can. Football fans will have opinions on how their club is run - that's just a fact of life. You can agree or disagree on the points, but to say someone's not allowed their view is just weird.
  11. Off the top of my head, Donald Park. But there's a big bad football world out there, and having appointed a foreign coach the chance was also there to expand our horizons. I don't think anyone is saying he's s**te or will be hopeless, but there are legitimate doubts over certain aspects of the role and whether Fow is qualified for those.
  12. And I agree with that, DoF is as much to do with knitting the various football departments together and overseeing everything as it is about transfers. If his role is to be that, and we plan to appoint a chief scout to handle the transfers then I'm firmly behind it. If he's being tasked with bringing in the squad overhaul we'll need soon then I'm less optimistic.
  13. Looking at his transfers at Queens, they'd be filed as underwhelming. One or two gems (Marshall, Murdoch), a couple of his old teammates from Killie (Heffernan and Jacobs) and then a whole load of jobbers. If he was involved at Sunderland in transfers then they're not exactly a glowing recommendation either.
  14. Would be fascinated to know what experience he has in the role. He's a legend, and I love the man, but can't see this as anything other than an underwhelming appointment.
  15. Without verging too far back into my post on the 'Negativity' thread, January is the most important thing to be focusing on. If we have our DoF/Football Exec. (whatever you want to call them) in place ASAP, but by January at the very latest, then we can start to plan the rebuild. If it was up to me, then I'd be looking at short-term loans to keep us going until the summer and to give Alessio the best chance of finishing as high as possible this season. The higher we finish the better chance we've got of our rebuild being successful in the summer. I watched the interview with Graeme Mathie and he spoke about the importance of staggering player contracts at our level so clubs aren't faced with the very situation we will be in the summer - having a whole host of key players out of contract at the same time. Everything depends on who the DoF is - if (as I hope) he either is foreign or has contacts abroad then he will have a whole list of potential signings up his sleeve all over the continent. That would be preferable to the L1/L2/Motherwell model for me and is likely to appeal to AA. However, closer to home I'd be making Hladky at St Mirren our top target and getting him signed up in January. Give him a long-term deal, sell him the future plans and make him our first choice 'keeper for the next 3/4 years - he's the best outwith the Old Firm for me. As for the out of contract players, this would be my preference: Alex Bruce - release, Chris Burke - keep (with coach/player deal), Gary Dicker - keep (but think he'll end up back closer to his family), Mo El Makrini - keep; Adam Frizzell - release, Stephen Hendrie - release, Greg Kiltie - keep (but unlikely), Jan Koprivec - undecided, Jamie MacDonald - release, Devlin Mackay - release, Rory McKenzie - keep, Ross Millen - release, Stephen O'Donnell - keep (but very unlikely), Calum Waters - keep, Iain Wilson - keep.

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