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  1. Tam O'Brien has been one of the most consistent lower league defenders of recent years. Season after season you have fans of teams that faced him rave about him and the general consensus was that he could comfortably play in the Premiership but is happy staying part-time.
  2. It was a dangerous cross that Thistle couldn't deal with, but he doesn't do that anywhere near enough for my liking. FWIW I don't think we need to change the lineup and I'd start with Murray and McKenzie - just that for me Rory has offered more lately so should be the nailed on starter ahead of FM.
  3. Armstrong can also play on the left, so surely it would make more sense to advocate for Murray to be dropped? Especially as Rory was excellent on Saturday and Murray was poor?
  4. Tbf I've watched some of those wins over Rangers multiple times too.
  5. So it's horses for courses, but in a match against a tough side like Arbroath where we'll have to win all our battles all night you take out our hardest working player and put in a flaky winger. Logical.
  6. Why would one of our best players on Saturday be dropped for a guy who's done nothing in a Killie shirt yet?
  7. Had to go to Cumnock today. Even if it does take 24hrs (my pals took 3 days last week) then it's too much of a rush to make it. 'm pretty sure I'm negative and so is my Mrs as lateral flows are both negative and double jabbed but no point taking the risk. Arbroath away will still be there later in the season.
  8. There are elements of truth in what Zorro is saying but context is lacking. Sure, finishing third isn't the be-all-and-end-all but doing it with a squad that looked destined for relegation is very impressive. Under Clarke we made the decision to go all in on his methods. That meant predominantly ignoring young players and focusing the clubs energy solely on the first team squad. Given our record of producing young players its a pragmatic decision. The issue is that once Clarke left we had no idea how to carry it on. Many said at the time that the Alessio appointment was an exciting gamble, but a gamble nonetheless. We needed to capatalise on being Scotland's third biggest side by backing the manager big. We failed Alessio with our delay in his appointment, the huge delay in giving him help in terms of transfers and a lack of money. That meant we had a manager who had vast experience in coaching and making players better but who wasn't able to bring the right personalities in to complement his talents. True that a lot of our players were on the way down but if we'd brought in four or five players that all bought into the managers style of coaching the unrest likely wouldn't have been so huge and debilitating. We then took the players side and the rest is history. Appointing Dyer permanently is a massive stain on Fowler and Bowie's copy book.
  9. Yup I've sent away my PCR today but someone told me it takes a few days to get a result back so likelihood is it won't be back in time for tomorrow morning.
  10. Yup I got the dreaded ping this morning too. Thankfully the hotel in Dundee were happy to refund.
  11. I'm going on snippets like anyone else, but Tommy when interviewed on KTV said we're in talks with a player when asked specifically about the free agent market which made me think it won't be Gullan/Hendry.
  12. He's done amazingly well, and is definitely a great character. But there's a multitude of reasons why he wouldn't even be considered for a team like Killie. Other than a wee spell at the start of his time with Thistle he's never been anything other than rubbish with full-time teams. A lot of that might be down to his 'throwback' managerial style that probably doesn't sit too well with the modern full-time player. But the main issue being that he runs a successful business with his brother that eats up most of his week so would have no urge whatsoever to leave part-time football.
  13. We actually do watch a different Rory. You're so blinded by dislike for him that you're unable to see anything positive in his game. That's just sad.
  14. It's the kind of thing that reminds you why you support a wee team like ours.
  15. He was definitely getting subbed but didn't do any worse than Fraser Murray. For me, he hides at times. Rory never once does that and that makes him the scapegoat for some reason.
  16. He's superb. I was one who thought we'd go back to Walker as he's here permanently but Hemming just performs the basics superbly well. Might be worth testing Middlesbrough with a bid of £50k in January in the hopes they've not been paying much attention.
  17. Was he f**k. He scored with a great run and did much more than a lot of our players. But for some reason Rory has to do twice as much as anyone else to get the praise he deserves. He's never going to win the Ballon D'Or but he always gives us his all. If we had eleven Rory McKenzie's we'd do alright in Scotland.
  18. Absolutely bizarre to see Rory slated (as usual) at the beginning of this thread. He wasn't sensational during the first half hour but no Killie players were. As we grew into the game he became our most potent attacking option. His runs are really clever and contrary to popular opinion he doesn't just run about like a headless chicken. So bizarre to see a Killie fan that would be with us no matter the division have to do twice as much as anyone else to get any praise. Hope the wee man is justifiably proud of his performance today.
  19. Scott said free agent market and Tommy mentioned having been in for him before so I wonder if it's a free agent that perhaps knocked us back earlier in the summer but is now having second thoughts.
  20. No it wasn't. It was some random post on here.
  21. Greg Stewart has signed for Owen Coyle's team in India.