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  1. Unless I've missed something, it hasn't. The "hack" I think you are referring to is a phising text. It's absolutely nothing to do with the app.
  2. Biggest coupon
  3. ^Yoon going into full blame the jury mode. What a clown.
  4. Not really. As of 13/03/2020 - we've played 30 league games. As of 13/03/2016 (before the winter break was reintroduced) - we'd played 30 league games. As of 13/03/2015 (before the winter break was reintroduced) - we'd played 28 league games.
  5. Kenny McIntyre just opened tonight with an apology to Jim traynor. Toe curling stuff.
  6. Broadfoot at rugby park right now.
  7. Have you listened to Richard Leonard speak? Here is his latest schooling from Scotlands FM: The guy just elected to become PM has made a career out of bumbling and mumbling his way through speeches. In Allan Dorans case, he's acknowledged this lapse and explained that his speech was cut, with no time to prepare/amend. What's Boris's excuse?
  8. To be fair, and I'm in no means an expert on UC, on the face of it it doesn't seem a terrible idea. The idea that you don't need to run trying to run around applying for x, y and z is a good idea. It's implemention has been disgraceful and I'm certain that any non tory UK goverment would have fixed it by now. I just wish we didn't continually have to wait for England to wake up before being able to fix these things.
  9. I hope that's Boris's plan. It's a losing plan. "RealSNP"? Geez peace!
  10. I never said you did. You used, and are continuing to use rape allegations in an effort to validate your viewpoint that Scotland could/should/might not be capable of being an independent country. If our FM does resign, regardless of the reasons why - the governing party will elect a new one. The rest of us are free to elect another at the next election. It is in no way relevant to the ability of an independent scotland to function.
  11. You made a remark on a public page with 13,000 readers. It's not really "stalking" is it? I read a comment, saw the profile picture and thought "That HAS to be McLean". It seems I was right. Must say, I think it's extremely bad form to try to use rape allegations as a way to score political points while a case is going through court.
  12. Not only that, he'll criticise any attempts made by anyone to try to change the status quo. Yet when asked to recommend an action he approves of... Silence.
  13. I genuinely thought you were sharper than this. Ah well.
  14. Perhaps you should read my posts again for understanding. Nowhere on any of the posts I've made do a) I reference the bbc b) I quote a reference to the bbc If you've correlated me saying the word "c**t" with the BBC, then it says more about your opinion of the BBC than it does mine. My comments are a direct response to McLeans implication that Scotland is not / would not be a tolerant society.
  15. My memory may be exaggerating this slightly, but I seem to remember a crossfield ball over sherringhams shouldler which he absolutely bulleted into the net on the volley. You could see he was on another level. Was it as good a goal as I remember? I was just a wee boy at the time.
  16. I was absolutely certain you'd pipe up about Salmond when I mentioned rapists. So much so, that the rapists bit was chucked in there to see if you'd react. Your recent comment on the East ayrshire "cooncil" facebook page proves it. You have him guilty before trial. You and many others are absolutely desperate for him to be found guilty. See if he is found guilty? He's a c**t. A rapist c**t. And he'll be slaughtered by the majority. Until a verdict is reached however, he and his accusers deserve a fair trial.
  17. They aren't the people who we need to win over though. People ideologically opposed to independence are never going to support it. I wouldn't waste my energy trying to convince them otherwise.
  18. Where did I mention BBC?
  19. A spurs fan from my work, you know the type, "My nan could play 'footy' in Scotland" was wetting himself over the prospect of watching gazza play live in the flesh for the first time recently (at the opening spurs new stadium). He was pretty gutted when I took great pleasure in telling him I'd seen him play against Killie in our "s**tty little jock league".
  20. I wasn't at the march on Saturday but have attended a couple in the past. When you're there, you tend to speak to various strangers being inadvertently caught up in the march. Anyone I've spoken to tended to have the similar messages of encouragement or support. "It's great intit" / "Wow, there's so many people" / "Ah don't usually bother wae politics (I'm too busy making the weans their cereal), but this is great". Additionally, from the front to the back of the march, there are usually so many different groups, all supporting indy for various reasons. Labour for Independence, Tories For YES, Greens, SSP. Like it or not, support for independence is on a knife edge. A labour voter, spotting a Labour for Indy banner may have their head turned. Undoubtedly there'll be plenty of people who simply aren't engaged who see these crowds and think: "Wow, I want to be a part of that" Although, a tory voter, spotting a Tories for YES banner would probably self combust.
  21. You can be a tolerant person, but still intolerant of c**ts. If you are struggling with that: Would you describe yourself as a tolerant person? I think you would say "Yes". If so, then do you tolerate racists/bigots/rapists? I think you'd say "No".
  22. What do you propose they do?

The Killie Trust

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