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  1. Cheers Donald thanks for your advice.
  2. Are they guys who maybe fancied trying their chances elsewhere but taking easy safe option short term?
  3. You volunteering to model the goalie kit?Itll be you Cathy and Phyliss for the photo shoot.
  4. It's pretty poor if true that Nike/Just Sport wont allow the club to sell this product just now when its most needed!
  5. Obviously @Lroy can't say too much regarding design etc. Are you able to say when we may see the new strip design and is it the case we need to wait until current contract expires before we can reveal new kit?
  6. Other than being black and white the Dunfermline kit is quite smart. https://dafc.co.uk/story.php?t=Home_Kit_revealed&ID=11892
  7. Ayr kit £50!Ooft. Was it £45 for ours last season?
  8. Are you the same PR guy for Sevco who has all the evidence needed for the SPFL investigations but not revealing it?
  9. There will be an article on our league win and a focus on the goal average aspect in tomorrows version of The Times.
  10. Aye for every SOD there are lots of guys like Ross Barbour,Sean Clohessy,et al. Unless we are very very lucky with a new signing we WILL miss SOD when he does leave us. He is a fine footballer and a modern day athlete which is a huge advantage in football these days.I would love him to stay even for 1 more season.
  11. Nothing strange at all about his wish (if true) not to move home. He has a new baby and is presumably close to family support which is very important with a young family. People often chase the money though nothing better than being happy with family close by. It may not be possible or desirable for his wife just to quit work. If he goes to Aberdeen for example it could involve him living away from home on his own. We just need to look at the Gary Dicker interview around Christmas to see how miserable he appeared to be when living away from his family.
  12. It's not based on anything factual.I just think he is sensible enough to see he bigger picture and if he has another good season there is the potential for a bigger move at the end of it. Also who knows what the comings and goings will be at both Killie and other clubs. We do know that ideally he would not move away from Lanarkshire so not may options for him.
  13. I think he will sign a 1 year extension.
  14. Stevie G calling for a "forensic investigator" to look into things!
  15. All this talk of bullying is very interesting.What constitutes bullying?Does suggesting that you could be worse off if you vote for option A as opposed to B constitute bullying?Or is there more to these accusations? Sevco fans seem to think that Peter Lawell is running the show on his own which I find hard to believe. How will it end?Will we see in fighting that could ruin the game in Scotland and beyond ?Too much self interest and clubs not acting in the best interests of the game of football. #shambles

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