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  1. The rules state that up to 8 people from 3 different households can meet indoors. So unless these guys stay together they will have clearly broken the rules.
  2. Remember that well.Down to 10 men IIRC?Can't recall who was sent off though?
  3. Yeah you're correct. I was thinking more with regards to the others in the squad who despite having tested negative could still be carrying the virus? Further negative tests would conclusively tell if they are disease free? That would enable the authorities to make a judgement on safety and risk of infection.
  4. It was the SG who told SPFL it was not safe to play the game. By next week the full squad will all have been tested twice and depending on the results a decision will be made on whether the mid week game v Hamilton and also next weekends game v Celtic go ahead.
  5. Maybe Rogers and his agent being smart here.Perhaps he always intended to sign but I'd imagine he can get more money out of us now that we are desperate?
  6. Graeme S

    Club Shop

    Trivial to argue about responsibility for individual areas though I think the overall responsibility lies with the Marketing Manager whoever he or she may be?
  7. Graeme S

    Club Shop

    Yeah I vaguely know that name. His name should be well kent amongst Killie fans but perhaps there is a reason it's not? I wonder if anyone other than Cathy has bought the Gnome?
  8. Graeme S

    Club Shop

  9. Graeme S

    Club Shop

    One reason yes but we were aware of the change for months prior to the change taking place. We are not the only club to change manufacturer this summer. No such excuses for the poor season ticket sales though. Having said that I genuinely do not believe the numbers some clubs throw around for the number of season tickets "sold".
  10. Graeme S

    Club Shop

    YES. Though I do wonder why killie have been affected more than most other clubs? Looking at other clubs websites they are night and day compared to ours in terms of products available and most seem to have announced greater season ticket sales than killie have.Why?
  11. Graeme S

    Club Shop

    When do we expect the strips to be in stock and some additional gear available for sale?Surely we have a marketing manager who has to take the flack for shambles that is our current online shop? He or she doesn't seem to be marketing any area of the club at all well at the moment.From season tickets to merchandise we have been very very poor. Whoever was responsible for the 1920 Anniversary Gnome needs to take a long hard look at themself!
  12. Exactly!we would give him £3.47 to leave and Pars pay us £3.47 for his signature.
  13. Rremember the club promised us a book for the 150th?
  14. Lawyers will have a field day!Interesting legal debate though i suspect we are a little below that level or at least I am!
  15. So we have employees on a training scheme through NHS and regulator who insist that in return for the employer sponsoring their employment for this post grad year they MUST continue employment for 3 further years. If the employee breaks this clause then they must pay a fee. Are you suggesting that this contract has been broken by the employer and that the contract is null and void? I have no idea what relevance this has to football however it does interest me and I am happy to pick the brains of an expert such as @andy123

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