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  1. Graeme S

    Jack Ross

    Couldn't quite put my finger on why but Ive never been very struck on Ross.Always felt he was rather sleekit which has proven to be true. We know he has spoken to at least 4 clubs in recent months and certainly seems to put himself above the club he manages. Certainly such behaviour will not inspire loyalty from his players.
  2. Graeme S

    The Bleakest Novel I've Ever Read

    I really like Peace and his peculiar style of writing. I have read the Japanese ones and also his Red Riding Quartet. The only one I wasn't struck on was Red or Dead about Shankly. He also has a new one out -Patient X. https://www.waterstones.com/book/patient-x/david-peace/9780571336241
  3. Graeme S

    Tommy Burns

    That is a truly beautiful picture!
  4. Graeme S

    Tommy Burns

    My parents met Tommy and the team at Seamill Hydro the weekend of the semi v Rangers in 94. It was my wedding the following week and my dad asked if TB would send us a card which he duly did. https://www.musicglue.com/celtic-graves-society/products/tommy-burns-commemoration-booklet I'm not sure if there is any mention of his time at killie in the booklet however I would hope so.
  5. Graeme S

    Second Place?

    Without delving too deep it is simply not possible for us to win 5 games and both Hearts and Celtic to win 4 games as they cant both beat each other!
  6. Graeme S

    Everyone Do The Steve Clarke Stance

    Rarely does he remonstrate with the 4th official. I also noticed yesterday the ball came to him in the 90th minute and he actually handed the ball to the Thistle player to take the throw in.Most managers would drop the ball or just let it go but not Mr Clarke.Very refreshing attitude to see.
  7. Graeme S

    Jamie MacDonald on-message

    Dont worry @Mclean07 will be along shortly to apologise for his "table"?
  8. Graeme S


    Don't do it..................
  9. Graeme S

    Home shirt half price

    Ive had a quick look at http://www.historicalkits.co.uk/Scottish_Football_League/Kilmarnock/Kilmarnock.htm and the totals are as follows Hoops 69 seasons Stripes 52 seasons Plain 24 seasons I know it doesnt total up to 148/9 but assuming its reasonably accurate we have had more seasons in the hoops than stripes.
  10. Graeme S

    Home shirt half price

    I'm sure @Lroy will correct me if wrong but have we not played more in hoops than stripes in our long history?
  11. Graeme S

    Loan players

    I really like Hawkshaw but maybe its just not gonna happen for him. we have had many young lads who have come into the team and done well on occasions but not been consistent. Remember Jude Winchester and the fine goal he scored midweek away to Hibs? Just one that sticks out in my mind though I am sure others will recall many other lads who have done well on a few occasions and dissapeared.
  12. Graeme S

    Jamie MacDonald on-message

    Any excuse to slag off a fellow poster!
  13. Graeme S

    Jamie MacDonald on-message

    The people Steve Clarke REALLY wants to buy into his philosophy are the players at the club.Given the results there can be NO doubt that the players have signed up to the SC philosophy. It is these guys liveliehood so really should be no surprise they want to do well.Other than bragging rights there is little benefit to supporters in attending games. IMO bragging rights and enjoyment of the win is worthwhile so hopefully the small gains in attendance will continue.
  14. Graeme S

    U21 Calls-up

    Another call up was our kit man Kevin McNeil who was part of the backroom staff.Well done Kevin!
  15. Graeme S

    Custom scarfs

    Have you got any "wee badges"?

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