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  1. jesper

    Free to a good home - Killie Programmes

    Likewise, I have a match programme signed by the first team after the recent open training session. It has the vast majority of the first team (Boyd, SoD, KB, Mulumbu) signatures. It has sat here gathering dust for a few months, and I'm not gonna get anything from it now. If anyone with kids wants it, I'll happily send it out to you, just message me.
  2. jesper

    Incomings and outgoings.

    What did Naismith do? My recollection is that he signed a new contract very soon before Rangers showed official interest, which meant we capitalised on that to maximise the transfer fee they had to pay. Is there something I'm missing?
  3. jesper

    Chris Burke

    Pat Nevin never had pace, and he did just fine with us playing in a similar position. Pace isn't everything when you know how to read a game, beat a player and deliver a final ball. Burke (and Nevin before him) has those qualities.
  4. jesper

    Chris Burke

    Absolutely this. Always looks good when coming on from the bench, but I imagine he'd be happier starting games. He'll be on a decent wage so one I think we could possibly better utilise to bring in a first 11 player. Saying that, if we took him for another 12 months I wouldn't be disappointed - particularly if JJ might be on the move in the summer.
  5. jesper

    Ian Wilson

    I said the same about Kiltie a few weeks ago, non-existent today again. Hopefully gets a decent pre-season in and start afresh next season. But feel exactly the same.
  6. jesper

    Confidemus93 Blog: Neill Collins

    Great read. Have read a few of Neill's blogs and Twitter posts and he always comes across very well, particularly when talking about Killie. But this quote here: "I caught eyes with one guy in the A*r end that looked like he was going to burst a blood vessel as he tried to get on the pitch to throttle me" Makes him a legend!
  7. jesper

    Rangers away, Fred

    Wtf. Why is Jones getting booked for that when O'Donnell has been scythed at least twice and barely even won a foul nevermind the Rangers player going in the book? Farcical.
  8. jesper

    Rangers away, Fred

    It looks that way, but they're not really threatening much... Just running hard. If we can keep sustaining this we could catch something on the break, and hopefully let them tire themselves out too. Tshibola looks like he's turned up today, having a much better game tracking play. Much happier to see Brophy in there today too, already looks much more dangerous than Erwin has these past few weeks!
  9. jesper

    Nice Fow interview

    Exactly. He was the new Gary Holt, right when we needed one! A lot to be said for doing the graft in the team.
  10. jesper

    Nice Fow interview

    Absolutely. I find it strange he hasn't been there "in a few years" though, I wonder why. Past legends/stalwarts (and he's got to be up there) are usually quite frequent returners to RP for one reason or another.
  11. jesper

    Top 12 full-backs in Scottish football

    Taylor at 9? I expected him at least top 5, possibly even top 3. Too rose-tinted? Tavernier at 2 is a shocker though, he maybe stood out in the lower leagues but he doesn't/hasn't since they got into the top flight.
  12. jesper


    I think you've nailed it with this, a combination of Power's workrate and Tshibola's (hidden but obvious) technical ability and we could have a real player. Obviously Clarke saw something when he got Tish the £5m move. The downside is, I think we've seen enough of him now to know that he just doesn't have Power's attitude, and is more likely going to try and coast through games rather than influence them. For that reason, unfortunately, I think the latter part of your post is more likely and he should be returning south of the border when his deal's up.
  13. jesper

    Scott McClymont interview

    Pipe down, daft lad. It's nice to contribute, rather than just troll - give it a try, you'll feel liberated!
  14. jesper

    Scott McClymont interview

    Yep, excellent article - thanks for posting. Very interesting to see the backstory to some of their social media output this season, as it really has improved drastically. I feel it really has helped improve the fan/club relationship (obviously helped by the performances on the pitch too!) Excellent work, Scott!
  15. jesper


    Agree with you on all of this, the only bit I'd question is why Erwin is starting before Brophy still. I understood at the start it was possibly a confidence building exercise, but he still offers too little, too often - the very same as Tshibola. In terms of Erwin though, we have a hungry, and instant, replacement in Brophy. Intensive work rate and he has proven earlier in the season that he can score goals - baffles me that he's not a regular starter, particularly with Rory injured.

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