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  1. Thistle TV is good quality so far, as good as Killie TV anyway. Anyone else finding the stream a bit "jumpy" though, or is that my laptop?
  2. Listening now - looking forward to this half hour, nice one!
  3. Had nothing to play against. Love him or hate him, for his age he is still very capable - he reads the game well and will stroll most games at this level.
  4. I liked Freddie too, Bachmann was different class though - he's still got bigger things to come I reckon. Think Hemming could also go on to be playing at the level of these two.
  5. This is a tokenism phrase that needs to disappear as quickly as it appeared.
  6. See, I don't agree with this. Yes, we won - by all accounts this was massively fortunate. We have been dominating games, creating plenty chances and not converting. From a few comments on here today, they nullified Burke and we struggled to look threatening. We need to start converting the chances we do create, we can't rely on our right back to score a 90th min winner too often. We need a goalscorer, at least one, plain and simple.
  7. Big keeper was totally in control, commanded his box brilliantly and looked totally assured. What a difference!
  8. This. The s**t we moan about is terrible sometimes. Someone moaning about having to buy capri-sun/non-bottled liquid for the game last week too. Place is murder at times.
  9. What a swing in the space of 2mins: Edit: your update beat me by seconds!
  10. 2-1 Morton now! Edit: And 2-1 Killie. Get in there Burkie
  11. The only thing I can think of is the admin needed for track and trace. Easier to adhere to track and trace when you have all the ST details anyway? Surely isn't the reason, but can't think why we'd knock back people trying to spend money otherwise.
  12. jesper


    Slight off-topic, but relevant to your post... Sadly a Killie fan holds this position for me too. Before the stadium was built, I was standing at the side-line of what is now the East Stand at a game v Motherwell,shortly after Tommy Coyne's wife had just died. As he ran over to pick up a ball that had gone out of play right in front of me, someone behind me shouted "How's the wife, Tommy"? Even as a young lad this made my blood run cold. How he ignored that is beyond me - there's zero doubt he heard him as it was at such close quarters. 30ish years later, it's still the sickest/harshest thing I've heard at a game.
  13. I like Gav, but John is/was a far superior commentator.
  14. The lack of attacking capability and likelihood of scoring is depressing. Morton aren't a bad team, but they're not good either. We're making them look better than they are. If we can't break down a team who haven't come here and parked the bus, I'm not looking forward watching our performances against the teams who will. No creativity.
  15. Just catching up on the thread and read you're not going to be on the commentary any more. FWIW, I thought you were fantastic mate and head and shoulders above what any other club offers in terms of unbiased views and generally good game summarising. You'll be missed, but hopefully you can enjoy the games without worrying about any Freudian slips now!!
  16. jesper

    Old kits

    Very similar starts to the collections... I always wanted that top right one!
  17. You do fear this could be a theme - if he hadn't re-signed I couldn't see where any creative/attacking threat was coming from. And from the sounds of today's game, we're crying out for a goalscorer still as this should maybe have been put to bed already.
  18. Ordered the new away kit yesterday (got an email to say its getting delivered today too...Which is tremendous turnaround!) Anyway, with that coming I thought I would put the past couple of seasons' kits into the loft with the others and took the opportunity to get a quick pic of them all while I had the box out... Those 'keeper tops though...! Edit: the new one has arrived. I think this might be a new favourite, it's more purple/lighter than I though it was - for anyone on the fence...definitely nicer in person!
  19. Posted in Kickback a few days ago, it's not quite as good as the Sky Sports one, but it'll do the job for (hopefully) a season!
  20. Semi-final hat-trick past Kasper Schmeichel no less!
  21. Saw the "Hot Topic" tag and thought I was coming in here to see Burke had re-signed. Nah, hit with this drivel... Ffs.
  22. You can celebrate today's news now!
  23. Connell has re-signed, but I agree with the rest of what you say. I like Burke but he did fade (badly) last season and while I think he could play a part, I wouldn't be giving him special treatment to re-sign. Contracts were whipped from others for not reply on time or not seeming like they were too bothered. If Burke is in that boat, let him leave. We've set our stall out recently that TW is in charge, not the players. And it sounds like that's something we've been missing - let's keep it up. Edit: apologies, Connell hasn't re-signed, it was Waters.
  24. Probably realise there's an even bigger emphasis on being able to develop our own youth now, for cash saving and longer-term potential income from sales. The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second best time is now. Or something. Focusing on the positives, this is good news.
  25. Happy with this too. A tidy player in there, hopefully an extended run in the team at a lower level brings his confidence up and we see what he's capable of.