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  1. I agree with your 18 24 proposal but not binning the league cup as it deprives the smaller clubs , by 50% , the chance of a cup final win or appearance
  2. Don’t think your Brophy comment is correct tbh
  3. Rosie Duffield did resign the whip and if her constituents want rid of her they can do so , Barry Gardiner was perhaps ill advised to attend , he could have demonstrated his support in an alternative way but you can’t doubt his intentions .
  4. Football forums are the closest I get to social media platforms so I’ve no idea of her previous comments . Just because she’s held some pretty outlandish views ( if she hasn’t been misquoted because you know that does happen) previously doesn’t invalidate her views on this situation . That’s the same standard we’re judging the life of George Floyd by .
  5. https://www.facebook.com/realCandaceOwens/videos/273957870461345/ I think this lady talks a lot of sense
  6. I got contacted by Graeme Bryson after a personal request . He sent me an email that day with the application form attached . I filled it in and sent it back the next day and received a reply that day from Graeme . No dramas, I can’t complain with the attention I received from the club . I’d say be patient people the club are very grateful for all the applications they are getting
  7. It’s my understanding that the Scottish govt has frozen all council tax rates for the past few years
  8. No that wasn’t the point of my post just the sentiment I added after the original post . Tbh I got distracted by a bottle of Zinfandel and as much as I enjoy our deliberations it wins every time .
  9. I particularly like the 2nd last paragraph on the second page
  10. Bonbon19


    As over 70% or travellers use the tunnel nowadays all it will do is encourage hypertension in the knuckle dragging element down south and possibly a boycott on Brie on Tyneside , but not Shoreditch.
  11. Possibly but the damage to care homes hadn’t peaked and as that’s now the biggest contributor to the number of deaths in Scotland it rather debunks your first statement . Both advisory groups got it very wrong wrt care homes as the figures clearly show but it’s seems that in Scotland there’s a disproportionate amount of blame laid at SAGE ,therefore the WM govt , when Holyroods own advisors got it wrong as well . It also seems to me that the panel was a waste of time and money if the Scottish govt were getting and following 2 sets of advice that didn’t differ .I hope there will be some sort of inquiry as to the efficacy of this group after all this is over , there usually is when govts convene these sort of panels , it will be interesting to compare their deliberations with SAGE .
  12. But Sturgeon convened her own Scientific Advisory panel on Covid on the 25th of March to advise on how best to tackle this crisis . Has she been listening to them or the UK govts SAGE advice ?
  13. I don’t agree that the NHS is responsible but I do however believe both Govts gave bad advice which was followed by the NHS and care homes . But how do you sue a Govt ?
  14. That depends if covid 19 behaves like previous “flu “ viruses . There are plenty of voices questioning if covid 19 can be classed as a flu type virus . Hugh Pennington who worked with the scientist who discovered the human coronavirus is a sceptic and has told Sturgeon this at a scientific meeting . Everyone is using the Spanish flu pandemic as an example despite never knowing what type of virus caused it . Im hoping Pennington is correct , my golf holiday is banking on it

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