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  1. Complete farce from KillieTV
  2. Don’t shoot the messenger Drew ...
  3. The jersey was Rogers to lose when Eastwood was picked and his display in the 1st two games hardly inspired but I’d stick with him nonetheless.
  4. I just hope AD doesn’t pick him to play today .
  5. Good lock SOD thanks for your efforts previously , you’ve been replaced by someone who can actually cross a ball . He just needs to add your goals and we will be just fine .
  6. Another conclusion could be all educational authorities made a complete arse of this as they followed each other . Wasn’t done with any malice , a mistake was made , no political resignations needed . Also don’t use the expert/s that recommended this again.
  7. Hope not for Scottish footballs sake , or is it whataboutery again ?
  8. Again this just demonstrates that the U.K. didn’t need to come out of the EU in order to control immigration, or as one of the major powers in the EU is France just doing what it likes ?
  9. Gav needs a like minded individual beside him , someone who he can spark off . Alan I’m afraid is as dull as ditch water and can kill a conversation stone dead . As someone said it’s not the BBC , to hang with impartiality .
  10. The cynic in me could see Bolingolis agent manoeuvring a player who probably wouldn’t get a game this season into taking such a ludicrous action .
  11. In a word Yes , put out a statement , and have the Trust and all supporters clubs do the same . Didn’t Rangers FC resume Penny Arcade just before the teams came out to replace a perceived sectarian ditty ? It hasn’t stopped them during the match but little steps .
  12. It really is embarrassing that the SPFL and SFA need to be told by the Scottish Govt how to run things . Sturgeon by her own admission is not knowledgeable about football but she’s shown more leadership than the numpties at Hampden have .

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