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  1. Relegated with Dundee,One point off bottom with Partick and released by both clubs. Big shot, Trouble making attitude as well. We want players with quality that will improve the squad. A 40 year old kenny Miller does not fit that bill. Baffles me that he would even be in peoples thinking
  2. Five straight defeats,no goals scored and not even an incline of any improvement. Manager sacked and no upturn in performance. Now only 5 points ahead of Hamilton In the play off spot, who are now off the back of an impressive away result to high flying Motherwell. The players do not look bothered and do the board have a plan in place ? The Dyer experiment hasn’t worked and they now need to take serious action and quick
  3. Didn’t take Mr Parks long to get his tuppence worth in You could put the kettle on for the Twitter abuse to arrive in my account on any given Saturday. It’s normally around 4.45pm after a decent result and the content of the remarks are never complimentary. The history for this is a column that was written on the back of a Europa League exit to Welsh minnows Connah’s Quay Nomads in July. The premise was Angelo Alessio should be sacked before any more damage to the Rugby Park club could be done under his guidance. And Information at the time was the Italian was a poor fit, his communication skills such the Kilmarnock players couldn’t follow his instruction. Frustration within the squad was growing and some boys resorted to pounding the streets on their own to try to maintain fitness levels. It’s taken a few months for the Killie board to act but most people in the know were aware his departure was coming. Sitting fifth and having won just one of their last eight games was the straw that has broken the camel’s back and it’s now ciao Angelo with assistant Alex Dyer in temporary charge. The improvement that earned him October’s manager award created a false perception he was now making a fist of a job that in reality for him was the wrong movie. English lessons seemed to help him through press conferences where he had Massimo Donati by his side but they were at times torturous. Killie fans may take exception to this but whether you’re from Italy or Irvine, if you can’t get the message through there are consequences. One Premiership boss described the side’s resurgence after a tumultuous summer as, “Killie are excellent at being rotten”. It was a way to suggest a side gathering results by good fortune rather than being eye-catching. So yesterday’s announcement was anything but a shock, just ask St Mirren’s Kirk Broadfoot who was scathing of his experience of Alessio while he was at Killie in the summer. The bookies will have Livingston boss Gary Holt as the man most likely to take charge after the impressive job he’s done with the Lions. But you’d be better to keep your cash in your pocket. A self-confessed Killie fan, he was previously denied an interview with the club he loves so it’s a case of once bitten, twice shy on that one. Hopefully now the Twitter timeline will not have Killie fans in such a hurry to deliver Saturday evening dogs’ abuse as the club have acted out of nothing more than damage limitation even if it’s taken a few months more than anticipated. All the best to Angelo. To those of the blue and white persuasion in Ayrshire – don’t shoot the messenger. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/angelo-alessios-fake-kilmarnock-dawn-21119357
  4. Sad if true about the failed medical, there has been unrest about the lack of signings but personally,I think it’s a good sign that we have knocked back these potential signings and failed Medicals rather than signing every Tom dick and Harry for the sake of it.
  5. This just seems like another “rumour” made up by another lazy journalist based on O’Donnell’s rise at killie and Celtic’s hunt for a full back,along with his former connections to the club. In terms of Ralston and Hendry,I wouldn’t take any of them.
  6. Wouldn’t surprise me, like I said,I’m not reading much into it, just thought it was worth the post
  7. Was sent this on a group chat,don’t know if there’s any truth in it what so ever and I’m not going to pay much attention to it unless/until it was an official source. Don’t know what’s worse,Thursday nights defeat to a pub team or progressing by default !
  8. Still in shock after last night. There was no effort and determination in that second half in particular. Players no giving a toss,management team clueless,I know it’s early days but struggling to see what donati brings and unfortunately looks like dyer has been pushed well aside.Second to every ball,couldnae break down an amateur team. We hardly had a shot at goal in the second half and were trying to walk it in. We deserved to get put out,Connah’s quay wanted it more. Frankly embarrassing,never felt as bad leaving a football ground it was baffling. Horrific performance,horrific night and we deserve the slaughtering on social media. It’s hard to know what the answer is, on one hand it seems crazy to punt a manager when the season hasn’t started but that result and performance alone last night is a massive red flag. Also,if the players weren’t buying into the system you would still expect them to have enough to beat a part time team. Strange situation to be in and if it was to be back to the drawing board then who replaces AA ?
  9. Nightmare of a transfer window so far. I suppose that’s the risk when In the loan market and we really are a victim of our own success as we are just seen as “overachieving.” Here’s hoping the management team have another Stewart like signing up their sleeve and we can continue where we left off. It’s worrying when everyone round us is strengthening and we are getting weaker but on the flip side there’s still a couple weeks left to do business so hopefully something positive can come out of this month.
  10. This is a major blow,type of player we can’t really replace

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