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  1. One of the worst games of football I've ever watched in my life. Absolutely turgid.
  2. Yeah pretty dire so far..
  3. I just realised the clocks are ahead by an hour over there! They change here in America in November, deary me
  4. The utter s**te that is Killie TV not even working
  5. Thought the Hearts guy was totally moronic at times, main commentator good but the second guy interjected with a load of nonsense at times. Nevertheless quality good. Be ideal if we could have hearts stream with Killie radio commentary played over it, but I digress.
  6. Any pictures of it? Sounds cool
  7. Compared to last season we're really only lacking Mulumbu. In both games I've seen him, Hamalainen seems a more than adequate replacement for Greg, we have a dearth of centre halves all with great pedigree, and I'm particularly excited about a Del Fabro and Findlay partnership as they can both play out from the back well. Power and Dicker will be their usual steady selves too. Obviously up front we could be doing with a Greg Stewart type, but I think St. Clair might fill this role wonderfully, as he is the same type of attacking mid/forward that Stewart was. Sow is physical and tall and should be able to assist Brophy well, and Burke and Thomas both have the ability to stretch opposition. Don't necessarily see why there's such disappointment around our transfer dealings. Really optimistic for the season ahead. If Mulumbu or Dorrans comes in too then brilliant, we'll have better creativity as well. Mon the Killie!
  8. Drop El Makrini. If the boss does want to play his 3-5-2 then Findlay, Bruce and Del Fabro at center half, O Donnell and Hamalainnen wing backs, Power, Dicker and O’Hara perhaps as midfield followed by Burke and Brophy up top. Hopefully we get some Italian strikers too that provide better options up front..
  9. Why the f**k do we need 5 centre backs.!?
  10. El Makrini so frustrating, constantly passing the ball backwards and taking the urgency out the game, giving it away cheaply, getting caught wrong side... brutal!
  11. Anyone notice that since this forum has been locked down, all the negative s**te from the press has stopped coming out? Hope we can build on today’s 2nd half performance and give Hamilton a right doing next week
  12. Now that Lennon has been given the Celtic job permanently, Davie Moyes will still be looking for a return to management. I would argue that he would be better than Di Matteo - Moyes is a great tactician, has an eye for a player in the transfer market, is Scottish which is good, and his name carries similar weight to Di Matteo or Poyet. I’d be happy with any of those three, but Moyes is #1 in my eyes.
  13. Is it true that if Celtic beat Hearts then we are instead entered for the 2nd round rather than the first.?
  14. KillieUSA

    Team ?

    Bachman, if not injured. Back four of O’Donnell, Bruce, Findlay, and Taylor, followed by a midfield three of Dicker, Mulumbu and Power. Up top, Burke, Brophy and McAleny— all three of them have scored against the Huns this season and all have incisive vision and pace to expose Sevco at the back
  15. Going by all accounts that the FB and nearly the East are sold out, plus whatever the sales for the Moffat, I think we canreasonably expect about 10000 Killie fans..? If so a crowd of 14000 would be a brilliant turnout and great atmosphere. Hope this is the case. When’s the last time Killie fans outnumbered the Huns at RP?

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