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  1. KillieUSA

    Hearts match

    Any video streams of this game for fans in America???
  2. KillieUSA

    Incomings and outgoings.

    Dom Thomas, from what I’ve seen of him can take decent corners and FKs, could be a place for him next season if he’s fit from playing for QoS
  3. KillieUSA

    Dons match fred

    Can't handle how nerve racking this is!
  4. KillieUSA

    Tickets for Tuesday

    9,000 at the game today-- 1500 dons fans. If only we could get 7500 every week!
  5. KillieUSA

    Dons match fred

    Completely, terribly biased radio commentary!
  6. Killie the next Leicester??
  7. KillieUSA

    Clarke v Lennon

    Neil Lennon making a fool out of himself at every opportunity. Blasting the pitch, called it abysmal and blasting the referee. How about the team that blew a two goal lead? Or the team that showed the composure and character to get back from 2-0 down. Plus the chances we had. Could easily have won the game. Hibs didn’t even deserve a draw— absolute roaster. He said it’s impossible to play football on our pitch but that doesn’t stop Killie week in week out. And it certainly wasn’t impossible to play on for him when they beat us 3-0.
  8. KillieUSA

    Dundee @ RP

    MacDonald SOD Greer Broadfoot Taylor Dicker Tshibola Mulumbu Brophy Boyd Kiltie
  9. KillieUSA

    Steve Clarke as Scotland manager...

    McFadden suggests Clarke could be a short term fix. If worst comes to worst this wouldn’t be so bad but if he does well with Scotland it could be like putting him in the shop window for bigger clubs. Not very keen..
  10. KillieUSA

    We Did It!

    So we get a fan on the board now?
  11. 49 pages and 4 signings later. Keep this up and we’ll set the record for player speculation in the summer...
  12. Apparently Joleon Lescott and Kieran Richardson have signed (CB and Wing-back). Just a rumour but be good to see it come to fruition. Hoping Clarke can also bolster us in attack somehow. 3 or 4 signings that add to the team would be perfect.
  13. KillieUSA

    County away Fred

    2-0. F*ck sake
  14. KillieUSA

    County away Fred

    County goal. Damn
  15. KillieUSA

    The Lee McCulloch Is Gone Thread

    Bring back King Kenny!

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