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  1. So we could all do this and save a fortune, a bit like buddying up for the two for one deal? Its like selling seasons tickets for an adult and child for £270 but if you ditch the child it costs you £370. Something not quite right there, it would cost the club a lot of revenue.
  2. It will only go down to 60% if the businesses themselves are making that back up to 80% or 100%. No one will be living on 60% wages, unless you are self employed and getting bugger all, but that's a different argument altogether.
  3. Are the majority selling season tickets? I don't think there will be any transfer window to worry about under the circumstances, like many other things that will be put in abeyance.
  4. Findlay doesn’t like cup matches much does he? Ironically thought he was strolling it most of the game but we concede four to a team who struggle to score and he has a brain fart and gives up the pen. The subs made by Al D should not have cost us, but they did. They have more money, more players, better players (a few) and they only scraped through because our main striker missed some absolute sitters and we have away a couple of incredibly stupid set pieces. It’s not Armageddon though, but you’d think it was reading some of the comments.
  5. Persistent anti-trust campaigner nit picks trust representatives interview. Well golly gosh and slap my thighs! It was just a matter of time to see if you or DrewWylie got a dig in first - you were beat to it but we'll give you the nod for consistency and at least trying to back up your laughable attempts to discredit anything trust related. Bore off back to Birmingham if you've nothing positive to bring to the party, and take your obsession with you. "Boo hoo no one is saying anything" "Boo hoo no one is saying anything we want them to say" "look at me, look at me, look at me" T
  6. If this is the level of intelligence in our fan base then maybe you're right.
  7. You're dead clever eh. Discover the internet this year?
  8. She's not a politician, she works with orphaned and abandoned kids who need homes. Right bastard eh!
  9. Only sensible post on the thread, the rest just show why you can't have any numpty join a football club board. You know she's not a fans representative for starters right? Clearly not. She's on the board to input from the Trust, if you're not in the trust or paying into TIK then I suggest you take your grievances up with the SLO or Fowler or Bowie. You don't want a politician on board but it would be okay to have a postman or a brickie, aye we're a clever lot right enough.
  10. TommyG


    That's your point snookered piffer, sorry!
  11. I'm not kidding myself. the boycott brought Bowie to the table, he's been quoted saying that himself on several occasions. Bowie got shot of MJ when he realised like everyone else had by then that he was only in it for the money and the club was getting shafted left right and centre. That's a fact my friend, no matter how anyone else who supported the man killing the club try and spin it. Let it go and move on. None of us are claiming to be "heroes", we were just fans forced into a bad position to stop the rot. I don't want credit or praise and I'd be happy if it was never to be mentioned agai
  12. It's not true. It's not untrue either. The fact is that he always planned to trouser as much as he could and then exit stage left, what happened with his poor wife probably expedited the situation but the least said about that the better, i wouldn't wish that on anyone.
  13. Not going because you've got another team to watch or something better to do is so much better eh? Figures.
  14. So you didn't support the fans against the Lauchlan regime either? I'm sensing a theme here. For the record I bought a family season ticket as well as my own after MJ left and donated the other one to the hippo's ticket campaign. The cheek of the bloke helping all those families get the matches eh.
  15. Always trying to find something to have a go about. I said he took action against a regime that was dragging the club down, I never said he boycotted. Horses for courses, you do what you think will have the best effect and when it came to MJ all he cared about was money so it made sense to hit him where it hurt. There were a few physical confrontations in the car park at the time which I witnessed myself - if you are trying to condone one kind of protest as opposed to another I think violence would be frowned on in this day and age. For the record I supported those who rallied against the Lauc
  16. If you are referring to the action taken to get Michael Johnston out the club then one of them was me and might proud of it I am too. Just like Jim Wilson etc before us took action against the Lauchlans, something had to be done and hitting the man who only cared about money in the pocket was the only way to do it. It was f**k all to do with the Trust, they no doubt had a few people involved but it was fans from all over who took part and in the end it brought in your pal Bowie and the rest they say is history. I'm amazed that anyone can hold a grudge about something that never actually happen
  17. Is and uber fan and a super fan the same thing? Thought Magpie was the guy driving all this, don't mind all the friendship stuff but the Kadi now run more trips to Germany than Rugby Park! Great pub, needs a regular bus running again.
  18. Some right spoiled brats in here. Billy Bowie sunk a lot of cash in to save us and fair play he'll get a return from the hotel but that wasn't guaranteed. Who do you think is paying for the new pitch and all the refurbishments in all the hospitality places like the Park Suite and sports bar? What thanks does he get for everything he's done? Bugger all but abuse. I see he has had to make his twitter account private to stop the hounding by our fans, shameful behaviour. I've had my doubts about a lot of stuff where he's concerned but you can't question that he's a million times better than the pr
  19. No idea, I wouldn't have included them, probably to give the adults a fair shot as they would have complained (rightly I suppose) if they'd not been in the ballot at all.
  20. That's the thing, he doesn't have as much right as anyone else, he's not an adult, we're not all the same, that's why these allocations have been done in phases. Some people's dedication to the team have afforded them first crack at the limited amount of tickets, that's fair enough to me and understandable. Good on you for giving your ticket away, maybe someone will find themselves in a similar position and give one to you - but don't give me all this sanctimonious crap about "his one wee trip to see his team in Europe" - every chance we will get through and be playing in Serbia and there will
  21. When did we turn into entitled old firm fans? The club should do this, the club should do that, the club should do anything as long as ME ME ME gets the chance of a ticket and tailor everything to MY needs and wants and MY individual situation. Grow the f**k up and set an example to your kids. I have a boy and a girl that I take every week, even at their age they know we've got a ticket shortage for this game and understand that this is probably not a trip for them - well they are both over five after all. They can take it, its not going to affect their lives or their education or set them bac
  22. The same way you would break the news to any kid about anything. Sorry wee man, this one is not for you, sometimes there are disappointments in life and sometimes there are things you can't go to due to age restrictions. There are 2,000 hairy men and women desperate to go to this game and if the club start allocating tickets to kids who can't travel on their own responsibly then we'd be in even more crap than we are in now. It's one game. He's a wee boy. From one dad to another, don't wrap him up in cotton wool all his life and give him every single thing he wants, help him understand how
  23. I think you'll find a few years ago they had two stands so your 'point' means absolutely nothing. One stand or two some of them will still try and get in our end depending on how important the fixture is. Are you completely ignoring the amount of our fans who don't go because of the atmosphere which gets created because we are surrounded on both sides? The club are doing something here the the fans have been asking for ever since we started giving them two stands and all you can do is start blubbering about things that may or may not happen. This could be the catalyst we need to turn things ar
  24. One decent game for us since signing for the dark side and then back into his shell and no use to us whatsoever as predicted. Looks like Steve Clarke put faith in him and Jones has failed to live up to it. The signings of Stewart and Jones were designed to cripple us and nothing more.