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  1. Game in doubt? Would be hypocritical to call it off after St Mirren had to play after losing all their keepers
  2. Kiltie played very well today other than that not many other positives. Still absolutely toothless up front, Brophy didn’t look interested and Kabamba wasn’t much better. Sooner Dicker gets dropped for Power or Mulumbu the better, his distribution is woeful unless he’s passing the ball 3 yards sideways
  3. Kiltie has played very well, Dicker and Brophy been pish. When Power and Mulumbu are fit, can’t see how Dicker can be selected ahead of them and Tish. Had a lot of the ball, just poor in the final third yet again, same old story.
  4. If it’s about playing football for him now and not money then I’d be happy to have him back if he wanted to play for a minimal wage or pay as you play deal. If he was clear of injuries he could be a good asset but as mentioned previously it’s an area we are well covered in at the moment
  5. I can kinda see where your coming from and I’m not as excited by Mulumbu as I was the previous times. However I’m prepared to give it a chance, hoping he might be the spark that might get our season going even though I remain totally unconvinced Dyer can turn this around
  6. This team but I’d play Dikamona instead of Broadfoot
  7. Exactly my thinking, because if they were interested they’d certainly be able to outbid is significantly in terms of wages
  8. The fact we are talking about it so openly in the press must means it’s pretty much a done deal just waiting on a few formalities. If it wasn’t you’d think we’d be trying to keep it quiet as not to alert some of our rivals that he was open to playing in Scotland again
  9. Thought that might be the case hence why Mulumbu hasn’t been announced yet. If it’s a case of having one or the other in the squad then it’s a no brainier really
  10. I’m presuming the Mulumbu deal will hinge on this going through?
  11. Kiltie needs to start this Saturday and deserves a proper run. If we go back to a 442 then it’ll prob be on the left but he did well for Dunfermline there last season by all accounts. As mentioned above he also needs to be given a run even if he has a quiet game as it’s the only way he’s going to get back to his best or as close to it as possible
  12. Wonder if we are having to wait on El Makirini getting himself sorted out to free up wages before we can confirm this deal? Otherwise we’re just dragging it out like we have done with most transfers this summer
  13. If Dyer is serious about making a success of this job then he is going to have to toughen up and start making decisions that some of the players may not like. Dicker can not longer be guaranteed a start along with Broadfoot. He can’t keep playing 3 in midfield to keep players happy when it clearly doesn’t work for us. Next Saturday go back to 2 in CM (Power and Tish) Kiltie on the left in front of Haunstrup and Brophy and Kabamba up top. We have looked best when playing 442 and both strikers are more effective when playing with a partner. We’re the home team, have to start on the attacki
  14. Yeah they're at the game but they’re commentating on what they can see on the pitch not on what on the video feed we see. It’ll be more difficult commentating on a game from what you can see from high up the back of a stand rather than watching the video feed on a TV monitor which is how most TV commentators do it
  15. Haha yeah I can’t defend that

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