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  1. BigYin

    Would you rather

    I can’t decide on this one. On one hand I think Partick bring more to the league in terms of away support etc but living in Edinburgh, Livingston is a much easier away game for me to get to. Either way I’ll not be too disappointed whichever way the game finishes
  2. BigYin

    Jam Tarts Fred

    That’s was one of the most dominant, comfortable, one sided 1-0 wins you’ll ever see. Should easily have had 3 or 4 today. The whole whole team strolled it but Erwin, Mulumbu and Tshibola stood out. What a season it’s been, gutted it’s over. Roll on next season!!
  3. BigYin

    Scott Boyd

    Surprised to see him sign but has been solid if unspectacular when called upon but a good option to have as a back up. Would imagine even if we sign Findlay, we will still sign another CB to cover Greer inevitably leaving.
  4. BigYin

    Sheep home, Fred

    Didn’t think there was a lot in the game but felt we lost it in the midfield. Apart from being continually outnumbered we were missing someone who could pick the ball up and look to drive forward with it. For all the good work Dicker and Power do in breaking play up, having someone like Mulumbu/Tshibola/Mckenzie who are more offensive would have made a difference. This invariably led to us missing out the midfield and going long up to the strikers which the Aberdeen defence dealt with comfortably. I think it was also obvious how we missed the outball and pace JJ gives us in being able to turn defence into attack quicker. Hard to be too despondent though after the fantastic run we’ve been on
  5. BigYin

    Today's Attendance

    Thing I noticed yesterday in the east stand was there seemed to be more in the way of families or groups of people together. Whether it's the regulars bringing along their partners/kids/mates i dont know but I found it quite noticeable and it obviously means things are heading the right way which the attendance figures showed
  6. BigYin

    Jordan Jones

    If he has no interest in extending his contract then it will be in our best interests to sell him this summer. Hopefully he can continue his good form until the end of the season and more teams on the level of Villa and Brighton will be interested and drive his value up
  7. BigYin

    Dons match fred

    I was absolutely gutted at full time last and to an extent still am this morning especially as decisions didn’t seem to go our way. However having had time to reflect, I’ve got to say how proud I am of this group of players and what we’ve achieved since SC took over. I don’t think anyone could have imagined we’d be where we are now. Good things are happening at our club and hopefully this is just the beginning of an long exciting journey under SC and co. The number of extra fans who turned up last was encouraging and hopefully a few of them will find their back to RP on a more regular basis. KTID
  8. BigYin

    Dons match fred

  9. BigYin

    Dons match fred

    Does sound like a nervy game with not a great deal of quality. Hopefully we can up the tempo in the 2nd half and have good options on the bench to change it when required
  10. BigYin

    KILLIE V DONS Replay

    I’m praying a stream will pop up somewhere but not hopeful though. Gutted I’m unable to get through from Edinburgh to make the game so getting to watch would be 2nd best
  11. Not disappointed at Hibs winning last night. Always thought catching them was a tall order especially after only drawing with them last week. Would rather we just won our games in hand over Hearts and focusing on consolidating 5th, which im sure nobody could have imagined when SC took over
  12. BigYin

    Saints home, Fred

    Thats as routine a win I’ve saw in a long time. Everyone was terrific tonight but special mention to Lee Erwin. I thought his touch, movement, link up play and finish for the goal were all superb. He’s started to show recently what we all hoped he was capable of and long may it continue
  13. BigYin

    Saints home, Fred

    Boyd was offside and looked to be right in the keepers line of sight, gutted for Tshibola but prob right call
  14. BigYin

    Cup draw for semis. It's Motherwell

    Aye the cousin that’s getting married isnae even a football fan but you’d think he’d have a bit of decency to check potential date clashes before booking anything! Ha nah it ain’t then royal wedding, might be easier if it was, happily them to shove it
  15. BigYin

    Cup draw for semis. It's Motherwell

    Haha I like that way of doing. Doesn’t even bother me potentially missing the wedding, it’s only a cousin, would just be the big fall out with my dad it would cause!

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