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  1. BigYin

    Hibs away, Fred

    Disappointed to have lost that today. We let Hibs back into in the 2nd half after finishing the 1st with the momentum. Thought Stewart looked a class act today, great movement with and without the ball. Byrne looks to have something about him when he came on as well, always offering himself for the pass and forward thinking when he had it. Was hoping to see a confident, energised Tshibola today but alas still looks the same as last same, slow on the ball and a bit lax at times. Hopefully he’ll get up to speed quickly
  2. BigYin

    How was that for you?

    Really pleased with the business we’ve done. We’ve strengthened in the areas we needed to and now have good competition for places. The new lads still need to do the business on the park but I’m excited what lies ahead
  3. I think it looking like SC wasn’t lying when he said there was only 1 to come in today. Be good if we could add 1 more but he doesn’t strike me as the type of guy to be scrambling around till midnight trying to do deals. As other mentioned he might try looking at the free market now to see who’s available and maybe get a Mulumbu quality type of signing at some point
  4. BigYin

    Steve Clarke | Gary Dicker Appeal Statement

    Fantastic statement, well said gaffer!
  5. BigYin


    An absolute joke of a decision but as soon as I saw Collum was given the old firm game at the weekend, I knew this was gonna be the outcome. SC comments after the game prob didn’t help, as justified as they were
  6. BigYin

    Greg Stewart

    I hope one we finish our business off this week, we will be in a position to switch back to a 433 that worked well for us last season. I think Stewart would be suited to being one of the 2 that would play either side of Boyd
  7. BigYin


    Might explain why he hasn’t really featured in last few games. Was wondering if it was an injury or he just wasn’t in SC plans
  8. BigYin

    Line up face The Spartan

    I am guessing Mckenzie, Wilson and K Boyd will start to get them all some more minutes and possibly Brophy as well if fit. Id be surprised if Taylor and Findlay are risked. Boyd and Waters should be able to cover no problem. As others have mentioned, I would like to see Thomas get a run out as well.
  9. BigYin

    If you are traveling to Edinburgh tonight

    Also to add to that, there are roadworks on Murrayfield road where the Murrayfield hotel is, so there are temporary traffic lights there as well. Everyone avoiding Queensferry road is coming that way and it is getting congested as well especially between 5 and 6.30pm when I head home. And as @gdevoy says the roads round there aren’t designed for high volume traffic so can get tight at points when traffic is backed up.
  10. BigYin

    Killie vs st mirren

    I’ve got a feeling CM is somewhere that SSC is going to try and pull out all the stops and try and bring in a gem or two to add to the squad. We’re reasonably well covered in defence and up top but a couple of quality additions in midfield could be the difference. Might be a case of waiting to see how EPL squads turn out when there transfer window shuts early and who will be available, albeit maybe just on loan. I’m sure he’s also monitoring Mulumbus situation and if he’s not inundated with offers, we’ll push the boat to offer him a contract to sign back up
  11. BigYin

    JJ Sunderland Speculation (Multi-merged topics)

    I’m not saying JJ will go to an EPL side and we should get £7million and the clubs I’ve seen linked with McGinn today are Derby, Leeds, Birmingham and Celtic, all championship teams bar Celtic. It was more of an indication of what’s clubs may be prepared to pay for players with a year left on their contracts. For what it’s worth I think if we get anything £1M upwards for JJ then it’s a great bit of business and if he isn’t going to sign a new deal then he should be sold (presuming we get offers for him)
  12. BigYin

    JJ Sunderland Speculation (Multi-merged topics)

    I see Celtic have agreed to sell Armstrong to Southampton for £7m and Hibs looking for £3m for McGinn, both of whom have only a year left of their contracts. Not saying we’ll get anything like that for JJ, but if that’s the type of money English clubs are willing to pay then we should be standing firm and looking to get best deal possible. Is £1.5-2m that unrealistic, bearing in mind he practically the same age as McGinn with only a handful of international caps less. Guess we’ll see how it plays out.
  13. BigYin

    Chris Burke

    I thought he would leave at the end of the season but don’t mind this at all. You can see he still has quality when he is on the ball. Hopefully can keep himself fit next season. I hope the wage he is on though is reflective of the fact he will likely be a squad player and hope it doesn’t take any of the budget away from signing someone who could be more of a first team player. I do wonder if part of him signing on is that he might take on some coaching responsibilities with the younger age groups next season
  14. BigYin

    Would you rather

    I can’t decide on this one. On one hand I think Partick bring more to the league in terms of away support etc but living in Edinburgh, Livingston is a much easier away game for me to get to. Either way I’ll not be too disappointed whichever way the game finishes
  15. BigYin

    Jam Tarts Fred

    That’s was one of the most dominant, comfortable, one sided 1-0 wins you’ll ever see. Should easily have had 3 or 4 today. The whole whole team strolled it but Erwin, Mulumbu and Tshibola stood out. What a season it’s been, gutted it’s over. Roll on next season!!

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