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  1. It’s only 2 points from 9 but I think it’s not a bad return from a difficult run of games. We really need a win Saturday though to give us a good base to build on. Burke was phenomenal again & I worry about our reliance on him for creativity. Power was excellent as well. Really impressed with Millen again. Haunstrup impressed when on the ball and looks like he has a hell of a cross on him. I wonder if LM could be his position in a 442 if Waters keeps playing well.
  2. Don’t mind Gav but Alan Cochrane is horrendous, said it all last season as well. Surely we can invite ex players on to do co commentary like a lot of other clubs do
  3. A Hearts fan I work with actually says he’s a decent goalkeeper but got a bit of criticism due to the howler he made for Hearts and hasn’t really recovered from it. He was also apparently injured a bit last season so wasn’t in contention much. Im guessing as we’re bringing him in that Eastwood is sticking about because if he was heading back to Sheff Utd I would have thought we’d be looking for more of a No1 as a replacement
  4. Thats definitely not the easiest draw we could have had. At least we’ll have a good number of games under our belts by that point so should be right up to speed compared to the lower league teams
  5. He’s been great in the first 2 games. He’s looked hungry, aggressive and composed on the balls. Hopefully he has matured from his 1st 2 spells with us and show us the player we know he is capable of being
  6. I’ve been very impressed in the first 2 games. McGowan will have a hard time getting in the team!
  7. BigYin


    What a performance by the big man, night and day from last weekend. He absolutely bossed Jullien and Ajer today
  8. Broadfoot got sucked into Edouard naively, Dicker didn’t need to make the challenge and the keeper was pish!
  9. Not surprised Millen has kept his place, was ok last week. Thought waters was poor and expected Haunstrup to start. Think Kambaba will struggle with the physicality of Ajer and Jullien. Surprised there’s only 8 subs, surely Rossi,Cameron,Connell,Taylor and Brindley can’t all be injured
  10. If he’s fit, id be shocked if Dicker doesn’t play today to shield the back 4. Still think we will go one up top, whether that’s Kabamba or Brophy, I’m not sure. If we do then it could be a long afternoon against Celtic’s defence
  11. If thats the case then that’d be roughly 3 months out? I’d imagine he’d be back to Sheff Utd for treatment in that case and we’ll be after another keeper
  12. I got logged in first time no problem.
  13. Good squad player but offered nothing in an attacking sense summed up by trying to pop one on the top corner from 30 yards with what was our last attack of the game
  14. Some hit that!! Just get to half time now and regroup, every chance getting back in it in the 2nd half
  15. Been better last 10 mins or so. Tish really tidy on the ball. Worry about Hibs pace on the break especially if Broadfoot gets caught in a race against Boyle or Nisbet
  16. Picture quality is ok for me, but sound being ahead of the picture is really annoying, got it on mute now
  17. I think it’s hard to be to critical of the club regarding the GK situation at the moment. We had a deal agreed for Bachmann and had Rogers on trial for a few weeks to get a good look at him before ultimately signing him. On paper it sounds ideal business. We can’t be blamed for Watford pulling the plug on the deal. Im sure JF and AD have others irons in the fire regarding a GK, but ultimately it might take a few weeks dependent on the English market, now their transfer window is open as players might want to wait or we might have to wait on other clubs doing business before they allow players to leave
  18. The Nomads game was the worst I’ve felt after a game in 25+ years supporting Killie. Felt absolutely sick after it. Had raced down from Edinburgh straight work and the drive back was tough, sure I almost cried a couple of times It was compounded by the fact I had booked up for Belgrade and was looking forward to what should have been my first chance at a proper Killie European away trip. Still had a great time over there but it would have been some experience seeing us play Partizan instead of CQN
  19. That doesn’t matter, I signed up last season using my UK bank details, worked absolutely fine using a VPN. Best giving your money directly to us and not to Hibs
  20. f**k the system and f**k Hibs!! Would rather us get the money than then
  21. If the game is available to watch for international subscribers like Scott Mclymont says it will be then why doesn’t everyone just get a VPN, sign up for a month of KillieTV and watch it that way? Then the money goes to us and not Hibs, surely that’s a win/win unless I’m missing something
  22. Surely everyone should get a VPN, sign up for a month at £12.99 and the money goes to us and not Hibs, win/win surely ?
  23. I’m not sure why he would need a breather, as mentioned he’s just had a 3 month break and essentially what’s just been a slightly longer preseason. It’s not like he’s been playing every 4 days or so like the first team players have been. You think he would be champing at the bit to start playing some game
  24. Yeah that was my thoughts as well. Absolutely delighted I was proved to be wrong

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