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  1. Bet we pump them at RP aswell
  2. Wasn’t great tonight but f**k me he set up winner against Morton, double v Falkirk and first one vs partick in three games prior to tonight. Could his delivery/decisions have been better certainly, but he barely got ball at all until second half. No player was particularly upto much attacking wise. Rory for me was much poorer which led to him being subbed for a centre midfielder. I don’t understand reluctance to play Armstrong and also Polworth on instead of Cameron to get ball down and play folk in
  3. Disappointed with performance but a decent result in grand scheme of things. Just home from a hell of a mission to get up and back after work. All things considered we will still win the league it is a marathon not a sprint. Perspective needed, just slightly disappointed by a team like ours getting dragged into a shelling match with the shellmeisters. Arbroath were excellent at what they do with wind at their back. Second half I hoped we would have taken control but Arbroath pressed us high and barely allowed us to play 2/3 consecutive passes. Pish performance but next week a win and nobody remembers it.
  4. Who could be plan B? Loan for a Premier League Striker.. a week to get it over the line.
  5. Surely you play Murray considering he was involved in the first goal at Partick, the week before he set up the winner, the week before that he scored a double against Falkirk. What else do you want your wingers to do. Armstrong is a decent player but there must be a reason he's not featuring. Rory suits this game tonight.
  6. Rory keeps his place for this game for me as it’s the perfect game for him in this league. Away at a battle in wild conditions. Also he was fine at Partick and got winner against Morton despite being poor. Armstrong on for Rory with 30 mins to go if it’s all square.
  7. What we saying for the team tomorrow night? How do you see us lining up? You would likely imagine the same team id imagine, Arbroath play a 451 which is essentially 4231 in possession. They have a relatively settled team. You would have to expect they will play same team as last few weeks. Gaston Stewart Obrien Little Hamilton Gold Low Henderson McKenna Craigen Nouble McKenna has scored a double twice in the last few weeks, Nouble upfront is 6ft4 and on loan from Livingston and seems to be quite powerful and relatively good on ball. Think if we go 451 it might cancel each other out. Id be tempted to stick with team who played at Partick. 442. Hemming Naismith Mcgowan Murray(C) Haunstrup Mckenzie Alston Mcginn Murray Shaw Robinson McKenna will likely be the one who plays number 10 when they are in 4231 in possession we could deal with him between Mcginn and Murray as you will assume Nouble will be told to play on McGowan as he is the less imposing cb. Nicky Low is pretty slow at sitting midfield for them id like to see Robinson and Shaw stretch their defence as they are pretty immobile + for Murray to get at their right back who isn't the best going back the way. Mckenzie could almost play narrow out of possesion to combat them having an extra man and allowing their left back the ball who is quite limited.
  8. Will be travelling straight from work. A lovely 250 mile round trip on a Friday night as this is a ground not yet ticked off for me. TBF Killie played there last three years before I was born. Arbroath are looking very good going forward having scored 14 so far. But they are suspect at the back and we have only conceded once. I think if we go and play like we have been away from home we have opportunity to get some goals and put us top and get the pressure on ICT vs QOTS. Nouble and McKenna the centre midfielder seem to be the main men. The conditions and the tight park and terracing could;d make it a bit more even. We will need to go there and win our battles.
  9. Knowing us it will be last day of loan option we get him.
  10. You’d expect the player Wright is talking about is Gullan on loan potentially. But he trained with us deadline day and was apparently set to join permanently here. I don’t know how Hibs will feel better about giving us him now because it is on loan? But they won’t have a new striker in till January most likely.
  11. Is this as director of football. I heard rumour of Celtic looking at Mathie
  12. Five of us going up. Must do on the bucket list, I have looked at the stats is this the first time we have played in Arbroath since Feb 1990 If so the Berlin Wall was just down at that point
  13. We should be targeting the league, we are the biggest team, the biggest squad budget, biggest amount of season tickets. Inverness did a job on us, pressed us high and kicked us when we broke and our bottle crashed big time. They got a goal that 9/10 times keeper saves easily. Won the other 4 games. I don’t like hearing Wright mentioning just promotion. He should be saying we want to win the league and that sets a standard to the players in the press. Inverness bubble will burst eventually and when they like us the now lose a CB captain and maybe a Creator like gardyne or someone we will see if they have squad depth to replace them and keep in the race. What we do need is to have more intent and urgency in our play miss out the middle man with passes and get overlapping to byline more. We are floating crosses in from thirty yards out most of the time. First cross /shot that went across six yard box yesterday we score
  14. Rugby Road gates shout and the we are Killie shout is cringeworthy