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  1. One year deal for Tish if anything. Very good passer when he has time on the ball. Problem up here is he is constantly being pressed. Best game he played imo was when he was riled up against Mulumbu. Too passive and not aggressive enough at times. If he used his physique to his advantage he could be one of the best midfielders in Scotland. Think he’s probably better than El Makrini but he will want a decent wedge I’d imagine and dunno if we can justify it.
  2. Wimbledon one is a decent option. Wigan not so much, is that a sign Whitehall isn’t coming.
  3. Is it possibly the boy from Wimbledon Joe Piggott
  4. Hopefully walked 7ft into the sea
  5. Was the boy Garafolo on gardening leave since Alessio left?
  6. Enjoys being one of the best players in the league below. When given a chance he wasn’t as effective. Main man in a poorer team seems to suit him. Tbf he had leaned out a bit and done no to bad but never merited an extra year. Same with Waters imo.
  7. They have signed Declan McManus who like Thomas is a big time championship player but didn’t cut it consistently on top league.
  8. Lang seems to be pals with new boy McGowan
  9. Seems Whitehall shares the same agent as Chris Powell who ironically wanted to sign him for Southend before he was sacked. Maybe Dyer has been tipped off about good potential from mate Chris Powell
  10. Surely killie tv subscription should be built in as it would make the channel and content widely available. In terms of giving money it seems our mantra is too just hope blind faith will mean folk come back another day and offer £300+.
  11. Greg Stewart for 15 games was phenomenal. Since then no so much

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