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  1. Brindley looks a decent player. That’s some pass for the second goal.
  2. All fart no jobby. We huff and puff /run about and make individual errors pretty much everygame. We battered a very poor Dundee United team. Apart from that we are the nearly men. Can’t ever seem to not concede poor goals. No creativity at all. Brophy looks like he’s chucked it.
  3. Unless he is injured surely he makes the bench at least.
  4. Rogers Rossi Broadfoot Findlay Haunstrup Burke Tshibola Dicker Mulumbu Kiltie Kabamba
  5. Start your engines
  6. It’s Start stop with El Makrini
  7. Rogers Dicker Broadfoot Findlay McGowan Tshibola Mulumbu Haunstrup Burke Brophy Kabamba
  8. Power out for a few weeks. Dyers saying youssouf is training and will only be brought in if he improves the team and not sentimental reasons.
  9. Set up Brophy at parkhead with a good outside foot pass. Overhead kick against Aberdeen. Goal in 2-0 win over Hibs at RP back when we won games and didn’t concede. Good luck to him.
  10. Im sure he triggered a year extension. With Power out, Dicker just back from an op. This would be perfect time. ER away game one of the season he never featured with Dicker injured.
  11. Kiltie has a good ability. Question lies with is he doing enough in training to merit a start. I think he does need games but I doubt Dyer fancies him apart from cameos from bench. Pinnock isn’t better than Kiltie absolutely but when Rory is fit he offers more. Kiltie ideally plays the ten but then your dropping serious big hitters and dyer hasn’t got the bottle for that.
  12. Definitely. Can see El Mak going he will feel hard done by. Wish him well if he does. Wasn’t given a chance in his proper position. Ironically with Dicker toiling he should have been included more so far. Dyer obviously doesn’t fancy him.
  13. I think he should have stayed in Scotland post and joined the Scotland team permanently and no bother coming back here. No harm to him but that’s the type of role that suits him. He could be out of two jobs soon if we don’t get a victory this week.
  14. Wonder why Whitehall has barely featured yet
  15. My mistake I had read it wrong.

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