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  1. I’m guessing it say Kilmarnockpie.com on the back under the mini Scottish cup?
  2. I like it but think if the logo was a rectangle it might have looked better and less in your face but again that’s what brownings have paid for.
  3. Nice to see the stripes back. Not keen on the away kit.
  4. Tartan keeper kit falls into that category.
  5. D is far from a classic and can’t be compared to how iconic C is.
  6. 2nd series was just as good as the first.
  7. Twice in a few weeks he has stupidly dived in.
  8. Just added at 11.05 and stops working 19 minutes in.
  9. I can’t remember what game it was but they done the same a few weeks ago.
  10. Super sub Kiltie to the rescue
  11. Aberdeen are a totally different team to Hamilton.
  12. Niko and Kiltie would be bullied today. Can see Dyers thinking with his team today.

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