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  1. No happy medium with this guy. Either brilliant or absolutely brutal.
  2. In his 20 minutes he showed more than Kabama did.
  3. Give Whitehall a chance for Kabamba to use his height.
  4. Came second in the goal of the month.
  5. I thought the same when the club announced the mini kit was now on sale. The page has 2 photos, one supplied by Hummel and the other by the club. Just show's what a difference a professional brings.
  6. Just double checking you’re clicking here?
  7. Tish the only player wanting to play the ball on the deck.
  8. One extreme to another but feeling confident.
  9. If you log in somewhere else it normally kicks you out the first place you logged in. Sound stupid but are you entering it exactly. I know my log in for international must start with a capital both username and password
  10. What does it say when you try logging in?
  11. Will AD take a punt and start him tomorrow and hope to get 60 minutes out of him?