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  1. If you don't impose your game on the opposition they will impose their game on you. Simples !
  2. I have now had quite enough of this nonsense. You have an unsavoury knack of turning the positivity in peoples posts to the complete opposite. You were among the first posters to moan about the previous transfer windows. You are negative when they don't perform now you are negative when they do perform. You sir are not a realist you are an alarmist.
  3. To all the soothsayers and doom and gloom merchants on this Forum. Give AD the time he deserves to mould HIS team and you may be pleasantly surprised. I used to wonder why the media in Scotland always refer to Killie fans as "hard to please". Of course it almost goes without saying now that they get that idea from this thread and others on the Forum. We appear to have a nucleus of posters who like a moan. Opinions are healthy they should produce healthy debate. Lets get serious, how do you expect the media to talk UP Killie when so many on here cannot.
  4. Logged in via Microsoft Edge. Once I worked out that the first letter of my code/password was an l (el) and not an i it worked OK.
  5. That boy will leave many an established CB/ defender in his wake many more times this season. Most of whom are much poorer defenders the Kirk.
  6. I would doubt that very much.
  7. I stand corrected. Nothing beats the facts.
  8. I do not think Motherwell f c announced 3500. I think it was a fan ITK
  9. Don't fret fella you'll be back at school by the 18/08/2020.
  10. Everything has a cost and the punter must pay.
  11. Sadly your brain appears to have vacated the premises.
  12. You really need to stop making these scenarios up. You do not know, like the rest of us, what is going on behind the scenes. Therefore you cannot state that the goalkeeping situation has been badly managed. You should take a deep breath before you post, expressing an opinion is fair but you don't need to make up the bits that fit you narrative.
  13. Always your glass is half empty.
  14. Do you think he is a little bit bitter ?
  15. superfan


    I think you probably know.

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