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  1. I would suggest they certainly are not responding to emails as they receive them. I have sent 2 emails at 10.52 and 13.02 today. It is now 18.21 and I have had no response from either.
  2. They never said that the budget was the same as last season. They said " the budget we had set will stay in place " That budget is equal to the prize money for finishing 10th in the Premier League. This info is contained within the documents sent out for the A.G.M. and is on the web site
  3. The restriction is for 1 metre all round not just back and front. I should also point out it is just a theory I posted not a fact. It did surprise me that it worked out about right.
  4. This is indeed a subject that has produced many differing views. Most people on here do not know what the club proposed. I am sure they would have wanted as many non STH's as possible, home fans and away fans, to be included (along with our STH's) for additional revenue. The more you get in the less BB and PMcL need to put in to balance the books. The fact we are having to use all 4 stands to accommodate 3,692 people lead me to the following theory. The seats in three of our stands are very tightly packed in. It could therefore be quite simply a fact that we need to separate the fans in each row by 3 seats as a distance of 2 does not complete a 1 metre distance. Each fan would take up a space of 4 seats. With an estimated capacity of about 16,000 we would therefore have 4,000 at the game. 3,692 agreed by EAC, so my theory may not be far from correct.
  5. Or its probably just the case of Brophy trying to justify his poor form. Always over rated as a striker , a legend in his own mind. Brophy's injury history is clear for all to see. He will not be the 15 goal a season striker Jim Goodwin thinks he was getting.
  6. For facts substitute the word fiction
  7. Not only do you live in the land of stupid, you are indeed the KING OF STUPID.
  8. What is life like in the " land of Stupid " that you live in.
  9. superfan


    In the notes that accompany the balance sheet the directors pointed out a number of things including the fact that going forward the budget would be set at a level equivilent to 10th in the Premiership.
  10. Do you really think that the Daily Record has someone on the staff checking which players are suspended each week. I certainly do not since only 1 Killie player is mentioned as being unavailable due to suspension. The info therefore may NOT have came from the SFA web site.
  11. I cannot for the life of me work out why 7 people thought your idea was worth a red. It makes sense. If all renew season pass holders fall below the 2000 limit then new season pass holders should get the chance in a further ballot.
  12. What is it like always living in the past ? Move on PLEASE.
  13. I agree with this. Positivity breeds Positivity.
  14. I think Zorro has it mostly correct though a bit OTT using " stroll it " what he has TOTALLY correct is that the management team should drum it into the squad that this is the least we expect of each and every one of them : " confidence in their own abilities, a singleminded belief that they would win, a steely determination to work hard and improve, and the focus to see it through. These are the traits of champions and it’s what we should be looking for this season."
  15. Stream was cancelled yesterday.
  16. Your solution is simple, don't buy a season ticket, buy a ticket for the games you can attend. Government guidelines permitting.
  17. Freddie Woodman was third choice at Newcastle
  18. Ask yourself 2 questions. 1) Is Ayrshire our home ? ( you may live elsewhere due to work or where your partner lives.) 2) Is Rugby Park the beating heart for all Killie fans ? Answer yes to both and then you will understand what is meant by Heart of our Homeland.
  19. Ross County managed a 1 season bounce back with 2 guys at the helm with 0.01% of the experience that TW has. It will not be easy, there will be set backs but I am confident we will make the step up.
  20. Do you actually believe this nonsense you have typed?
  21. I think you may find that JF saw a lot more of him during their time at Sunderland and may have decided he is not the answer. Then again we may have went after him and lost out as the guy wanted to step up to the Premiership.
  22. No I don't want that. A great number of posts you have made are reasoned quite well and make the points well. But when you vent your spleen you spout unsubstantiated nonsense.
  23. I am too well mannered to respond to your infantile retort.
  24. Give it a break please. If you want to see posts like this in print email the Daily Record. I don't buy it.