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  1. and when the season stars it is highly possible that the numbers for Motherwell, St Mirren and Killie will be quite similar.
  2. Who has said we are struggling to get players in ? We do not know what goes on behind the scenes and as supporters we are left to speculate. Trust JF and AD to bring in the players , don't assume it will all go bad. I am fairly confident that we will recruit well, given the constraints, though Its a gut feeling. Believe to Achieve
  3. From memory at the time Steve Clarke stated, when GS went to the sheep, that " something smells in this deal " he was quick to add " not the player " If it were possible get him back at RP
  4. A man in the know I suspect.
  5. Not only frustrating but totally inappropriate in 2020. When AD was appointed Interim Manager last year, when AA was dismissed, at the presser that week the first question that was asked referred to the fact he was a black man. I remember thinking why was that deemed important to ask as it has no relevance to his position as a football manager. I do not remember who asked the question but clearly he thought it important.
  6. Just another piece of nonsense. Try posting something positive for a change, it may alter the opinions you are entitled to have.
  7. can't see the strips only 6 blank squares. Help !
  8. Chris Burke, a manager in the making.
  9. I don't think it was habitual but you never know. My memory of the incident always comes up with Airdrie as the opposition and I have, over the years, told the story to many people. But of course I could be wrong.
  10. It is a fact, he did get sent off against Airdrie I believe at RP for spitting on an opponent.
  11. So, from your home in Oz you wish to debate whether we have lost money or not regarding this policy. Read the article again BB stated WE HAVE NOT LOST MONEY.
  12. After the email advising of the upcoming vote no other email was received therefore I could not vote. Despite being in the Trust for some considerable time there is no Trust badge to show that.
  13. It was announced yesterday in the papers that their recent share flotation was about to generate £20M for Sevco.
  14. I think its time to realise that AA was probably not sacked for footballing reasons.
  15. This post is a piece of nonsense. I doubt anyone bottled it in any of the games against Aberdeen. We do need to accept that they do have more better players than we have particularly this season. We have run them close, of course we should have won it be we were bullied. Derek McInnes, in my opinion is tactically inept hence the very physical approach and dirty tricks totally anti football. Weak refs let them away with it as they know that McInnes will moan to the press post match and pre match with the next opponents about decisions going against them. Sadly it appears to work the OF have been doing it for decades.
  16. superfan


    The comment was made by me in response to a post from Riccarton Bluebell some 11 hours ago. You are quite correct there was no suggestion by me or the board to this. Only RB suggested it in his post.
  17. superfan


    Why would the football club pay for hotel work ?
  18. We would have had an almost empty stadium and be on the verge of automatic relegation if AA had stayed. We all thought Lee Clarke was a charlatan AA was even more so.
  19. It doesn't surprise me that you cannot see any positives as you seem to spend your time looking for negatives.
  20. I watched each and every on of AA's games that put us in 5th place. With the exception of the Jambo's game only the results were enjoyable not the football. It was pretty obvious though that we would not be in 5th place for long as even the crap performances were getting even worse. It was a big mistake hiring him it would have been relegation if we had kept AA.
  21. Perhaps you would like to explain how you boot someone who owns 80% of our football club. Do you really think they did these things on purpose ?
  22. Together we are stronger, sometimes it needs to be remembered.

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