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  1. Waiting till the end of the furlough and then if I’ve still got a job I’ll decide.
  2. I’m a big fan of Dicker but he was honking last night.
  3. What’s happened to Harry Bunn?
  4. Brophy for me, he looked like a premiership striker today.
  5. Pablo

    Our Owner

    Here’s hoping.
  6. Pablo

    Our Owner

    Take it any way you want champ. The guys a multi millionaire, it’s years of this s**te or f**king off to the holiday villa and letting some other mug have all the fun. I know what I’d prefer and deep down you agree with me.
  7. Pablo

    Our Owner

    The simple fact is Billy has lost interest in being a football chairman. He really can’t be arsed with the hassle the job entails. Any sack the board protests that arise will be just the excuse he wants to rid himself of the millstone round his neck.
  8. Kabamba for me.. good touch for a big fella. First big striker we’ve had in a while that actually looks good.
  9. Thin Lizzy - Boys are back in town. just like in the Tommy Burns era.
  10. I had one of these back in the day. It accidentally got chucked in the skip when we cleared out my maws old house.
  11. You don’t. They’re expensive to run.
  12. I was on holiday so missed all of the European games and I saw a hard working team lose to a spawny late goal on Sunday. My season feels like it’s getting off to a positive start, with an experienced team who all know each other’s game inside out. I’m looking forward to my first away day on Saturday and hopefully 3 points. Onwards and upward.
  13. Interesting info on deadline dates. Nice.
  14. A few, including a few penalties and bookings. A weak point in his game.
  15. Well that performance wasn’t bad at all, very positive. Rory was excellent today but I thought Power edged it with a never give up attitude.

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