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  1. Stephen Robinson said something like "it isn't Scottish football's job to cure corona virus" yesterday (I think we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief at that) and that in next week's meeting with the government he "will keep an open mind and take on board any suggestions that are made". Oh, really? I think you'll find you will be doing what you're told or face the consequences.
  2. I didn't think Tommy Wright came across too well either on the subject last night. He basically shrugged his shoulders and said there was nothing the club could do to stop them going out and they couldn't now fine them because the union wouldn't allow it. His attitude appeared to be "boys will be boys" so what are you going to do? I think Neil Lennon has a better grasp of the situation- The Dons Diddies are in the dog house but Neil Lennon reckons everyone in the Scottish game now has to be on a short leash to avoid the nightmare scenario of another lockdown. The Celtic boss admits he’s now in the dark whether his side will face Aberdeen next week after Pittodrie was clamped in the wake of the Covid calamity at Cormack Park. It’s not anger he’s feeling. It’s disappointment – as well as huge concern. Lennon is worried about the knife edge nature of our game. He believes we’ve come too far and grafted too hard to allow Scottish football to fall back in to the grubber because protocols can’t be kept. Lennon said: “We’ve come so far and everyone has worked so hard behind the scenes – the medical people and government people – to get the game up and running. “It would be such a shame and really sore if we had to close it down again so we really have to be on our guard from now on, at least in the short term. “It’s huge. The players probably weren’t thinking of those things at the time. “A lot of people will point fingers at them and it’s a lesson learned, certainly for everyone associated with the game. "We can’t risk it anymore. We can’t have a social life or a normal life, we have to be standard bearers for the rest of the country now in terms of coping with this as best as we possibly can. “It’s fragile. Not just the season but life in general. Aberdeen is back in lockdown and we just have to be careful that we don’t go back to a complete shutdown. It’s a fine balancing act. “Aberdeen will probably come under a bit of criticism as a club but the players have made a mistake and now one of them has tested positive for the virus. I hope he recovers well but it’s a lesson for everyone. “It’s a very unfortunate incident and one that could set us back as a league. The First Minister has come out in the strongest possible sense and put that message out there that we can’t have any more slip-ups. “And I believe the government are going to speak to the managers and captains of each club to remind us of our responsibilities.” Lennon has used the Aberdeen shambles as an example to his own squad as he’s hammered home the ground rules once again in case some of them were not listening. He said: “We’ve had a chat with our players this morning just to remind them of what they can and can’t do. “I know a few of them have been out in restaurants and adhering to the protocols of said establishments. “But after what’s happened now then we’re going to have to nip all that in the bud. “I have sympathy for a lot of the boys, they’ve had the whole lockdown, two or three months with no football. "But now if you want to extend the season then you’re going to have to follow really strict guidelines and probably go back to the way it was before in terms of training ground, home, probably walk to the shop to get your amenities then go home again. “The other thing is that players now know they can’t bring friends or relatives over from Belgium or other countries. “That can’t happen any longer because then they would need to quarantine along with those people. “It’s another example we’ve had to stress to our squad, if your family is abroad then you can’t have visits from them at the minute, it’s that simple. “We’ve told our players and staff that, from now on, it’s training ground, home and games – that’s the way it has to be.” Lennon’s focus has been on getting Celtic back in to the groove. It was job done last weekend in their opener against Hamilton and on to Kilmarnock tomorrow afternoon. All of a sudden the entire fabric of the game has been stretched and we’re only in week two of the season. The Hoops boss doesn’t need a reminder of what could happen after the championship was curtailed last term. But the fragile nature of the league amid a pandemic means his side can’t afford to be playing catch up at any stage – because they might not get the chance. He said: “Yeah, it’s a good point. It’s not something I’ve really given much thought to because we’ve only just got the season up and running. “We’ve made a great start and we’ve got a real difficult game coming up at a difficult venue. “Ideally, we don’t want this called again. We don’t want shut down again. “In terms of where we are as a squad, I want to add to it but I’m happy with the way we’ve started the season. “The fitness levels are good and they will get better as we go along. We know we are going to have stiff opposition as we go, and it’s important that we do try to keep our noses in front.” https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/neil-lennon-admits-celtic-lockdown-22487928
  3. Yaaass!!! C'mon Killie!! An absolute belter of a free kick it seems.
  4. Dearie me. Boyle again.
  5. Great ball in from Millen, according to Michael Stewart.
  6. Killie game is on MW, DAB or online on Sportsound. C'mon the Killie!
  7. I remember a South Bank Show about Alan Parker, filmed just as he was about to make The Commitments. He came across as really down to earth and a master of his craft (which he learned in the advertising industry before moving onto feature films). Angel Heart is my favourite of his films.
  8. Richard Gordon said on Off The Ball earlier that there was commentary on the three games this afternoon. I'll be listening all day so I'll keep you posted on where exactly our game is.
  9. There is live commentary on Radio Scotland @gamla.
  10. I was gutted when I heard this news last night, @BigD'sGingerLorry. I always had a bit of a soft spot for her back in the day. It was always a treat going to see the Scream when she was a part of the band.
  11. After reading in the paper this morning that the midfield controller was set to return, I renewed my season ticket five minutes ago. C'mon the Killie!!!
  12. I've been listening to The National's album "Boxer" a lot recently-

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