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    He’s one of the clever ones, players will be looking for an income and security during this time so it’s not a bad time to offer contracts, except if we don’t know our incomings we probably can’t offer very attractive packages.
  2. By longer term I’m meaning I personally don’t think this season is getting extended, talks are going on behind the scenes on how best to void it if necessary. If these emergency measures also go on longer term like beyond the summer and they bring back closed door games, we still aren’t generating any money.
  3. The magnitude of this for our club can’t be ignored. Do we not only have 2 or 3 contracted first teamers after May? On one hand that’s good because we aren’t paying unecessary wages, but if this is for the longer term then the club can’t sell season tickets, sponsorship etc to generate the usual summer funds. In turn we can’t afford to sign players, offer signing on fees and are left with no team. Any time it’s decided to start back we will need Lee Clark back to sign 14 nobodies on the same day to make a team. Realistically, this is our moment to save our club, get contributing to Trust in Killie to make sure we have a club/team at the end of this.
  4. Something about asking Gary why it’s still a ”s**tshow”?
  5. Completely anonymous IMO
  6. Completely agree. Club should start thinking about this eventuality in advance. Acting in the best interests of our club would be to have as little as possible, if the match post split is meaningful, so have methods to ensure any home end tickets bought are by killie fans. I wouldn’t even give them a full stand. Extra cash brought in this season due to success would easily offset any loss and provide us with a home advantage potentially giving us even greater success.
  7. I’m well aware of the talents of elders and retirees, take John Kiltie as an example and obviously Jim T, but what I actually wrote was “elderly and at times parochial”. Nobody would ever suggest these types of people are parochial. I didn’t give any ageist nonsense about being held back I inferred that we shouldn’t be down about not being able to access a part of society that is notoriously hard to reach in this day and age, and like most marketing strategies we should target an area of possible greater success! Do they put Christmas toy adverts on after the watershed? When I look around where I sit and see very elderly people shouting stuff like “he’ll no dae, get biydy oan” (after a single misplaced flick on from Greg Stewart) then sorry if I don’t think that person will have the foresight to join TiK. It’s a generational thing, you will always get those who break the mould and also the professionally offended, but I was only saying don’t be too concerned about achieving unrealistic goals, I would think probably 1000 would be your max potential right now and any focus should reflect that. Good luck with the job hunt Baz.
  8. Brilliant post Baz. However, something I think we have all learned over the years on this forum when we felt things were wrong: bizarrely we don’t represent the views of our core home support! To explain, using the apathy for protest in the MJ days, and as you and Hippo experienced, the abuse from your own fans when trying to effect change, we seem to have quite an elderly and at times parochial support. Therefore, nearly all the things you mentioned, forums, social media, functions etc. don’t have any impact on those fans and never will. Now I’m not saying those fans have no place, of course they do, they’ve put the years in, and probably introduced others. But when people focus on the 4500 home supports, look around where we sit and think how many of them are likely to be even the slightest bit interested in any modern approach, paying extra cash? Very few. So the market is small, it could be better, but the focus can’t be on the majority of our home support, it has to be on the younger generation, the 1600 at st.mirren, those who get it, those who thrive on momentum, those who shell out thousands a season getting pissed at away games, who do have a spare £10 or £15. For whatever reason they haven’t got involved.....yet. Realise I’ve just wrote that and gave no solution, but I know the efforts that go into this and just think the demographic needs to be taken into account when progress is assessed.
  9. Bearing in mind the tea bar staff need calculators to add £1.50 and a £1.80, I fully expect a thread on Sunday afternoon concerning issues such as “they didn’t know how to work the card machines, the wrong value was put into the card machine, the card machines broke down and I didn’t have any cash etc etc”
  10. I’m astonished by this number given the amount of people I know who have bought that hadn’t previously. Could it be that it doesn’t include free tickets so we could be almost the same in fully paid for tickets as we were the total last season (including free kids)?
  11. Good intelligent response, few too many beers as usual auld boy! Making a point, that was all, everyone puts a value on what there cash is worth, some have less so don’t waste it on luxuries, doesn’t mean businesses should give stuff away free when it’s trying to make money. Can me and my kids get free seats on your bus to away games this season please? That way I might get to watch Caldow ‘casually’ spreading his community club ethos around Scotland.
  12. Why should it be free? So we are a community club, should the hospitality be free every week then so that skint people can experience it? Will need security at the Galleon when people start wanting in for free because it’s a community leisure centre or can I hire an astro pitch at the grange for free so my mates can play football? Nonsense
  13. It’s no surprise the regard with which Tommy is held by us all and taken away so young. Always felt the club could have had a lasting tribute but we were in the MJ days. Maybe now is the time, using a classic Tommy photo to get an artistic poster done like the brilliant recent trophy winning one at end of main stand and have it placed on the end of a stand?
  14. Because in most loan cases the percentage of wages paid by the club getting the player is completely negotiable! You think Cowdenbeath pay guys they get on loan from hearts or hibs the same wage they get there? Most clubs are happy to reduce anything off wage bill, sometimes as little as 10%.

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