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  1. Following the decision to conclude the 2019/20 Scottish Premiership season, the players, management, staff and Board of Directors at Kilmarnock Football Club would like to thank our fans and sponsors for their tremendous support throughout the campaign. It feels extremely strange for the season to end without any of the traditional rituals we’ve previously taken for granted, including our annual show of appreciation between the squad and our supporters. While the Coronavirus pandemic continues to impact all of our lives, the safety and wellbeing of our fans and our colleagues remains our top priority. As the uncertainty over a date for the safe resumption of football continues, we’re working alongside fellow SPFL clubs to plan for a series of eventualities for season 2020/2021. On what would have been the start of the close season, we can now issue the following squad update: Contracted players for 2020/21:Kirk Broadfoot, Eamonn Brophy, Innes Cameron, Gary Dicker, Mohamed El Makrini, Stuart Findlay, Nicke Kabamba, Curtis Lyle, Alan Power, Dom Thomas and Calum Waters. The club remain in talks with the following players: Chris Burke, Greg Kiltie, Jamie MacDonald, Rory McKenzie and Ross Millen. The following players will depart the club upon the end of their contract or loan period: Laurentiu Branescu, Harry Bunn, Dario Del Fabro, Adam Frizzell, Niko Hamalainen, Stephen Hendrie, Connor Johnson, Jan Koprivec, Devlin Mackay, Stephen O’Donnell, Harvey St Clair, Iain Wilson. While the club made every effort to keep him, including the offer of a new contract, Stephen O’Donnell has made the decision to leave Kilmarnock when his deal expires at the end of the month. Since signing in the summer of 2017, Stephen has played a crucial part in a side which twice broke the club’s record points tally and the right back has written his name in our history, equalling Joe Nibloe’s record of gaining 11 Scotland caps while representing Kilmarnock FC. Alex Dyer said: “It is never easy to see players depart the club, especially in these circumstances where the guys have not had the chance to say goodbye to the crowd and the fans have not had the opportunity to thank the players for their contribution. “In Stephen O’Donnell’s case, we tried our very best to keep him and spoke on numerous occasions both in person and on the phone but he wants to explore his options as he’s entitled to do as a free agent. “Stephen has been a fantastic player for this football club and a good person to have around the place and as is the case with all the players, we thank them for their efforts and wish them all the very best for the future. “To our supporters, I hope you are all keeping safe and well and we’ll continue to keep you up-to-date with any more news as soon as possible.”
  2. Personally, I couldn’t stand Steve Fulton at Hearts (took a while for me to take to him when he signed for us!), Ryan Stevenson and most of all, Graeme Shinnie.
  3. It was live on BBC Scotland last year.
  4. Wright scored a bucketload of penalties.
  5. Looks like he’s playing as No 9 today.
  6. King

    Big flag

    The final would have been against Ayr as well. I was 10 at the time and was gutted that night thinking I’d never see us in a final.....!
  7. Not sure what your point is. They had from 14th October to buy them.
  8. Fat? Of all the abhorrent abuse which @Parksy327 has had to handle, body shaming has been the most hurtful. Fat this and fat that, expletives of all sorts combined with “greedy” and “overweight” comments due to a column picture taken during my Elvis (the Vegas years) phase. Twitter insults are usually taken with a pinch of salt which is then sprinkled over a sausage supper. Vile notification after notification. Now, I’m no psychologist but this could be the root cause of all the comfort eating. This has even been a week when the Wikipedia page of this former footballer fell victim to sabotage from a Kilmarnock fan. Let’s just say Angelo Alessio is now included in the bio and I’ll leave the rest to your imagination. Having to deal with trolls is white noise to most writers, a vacuum for the faceless nobodies to try to become relevant. In truth, few read their remarks never mind bother to hit the block button. What was once an arena for good-humoured debate is now a toxic sad-sack medium for wasters to abuse people. It’s taken as read that online abuse comes with the territory. For some reason it’s regarded as something you sign up for when writing about Celtic, Rangers and some of the smaller clubs from Ayrshire. Part and parcel of having an opinion apparently and water off a duck’s back for most but again it comes down to having a tough skin and devil-may-care personality. The hateful and half-witted sub cultures which occupy the online world have even managed to get under the skin of Andy Robertson. For so long, the Scotland and 
Liverpool star could do no wrong. A couple of mistakes and cue a torrent of tweets which has been so disgusting he has opted to deactivate his account. There’s a deadly serious side to this and it’s about corporate social responsibility. Matters have come to a head after Manchester United pair Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford, plus Chelsea’s Tammy Abraham and Kurt Zouma, were abused online. Yesterday should have been a watershed. The FA, Premier League and EFL have had a “productive and positive” meeting with Twitter about online racist abuse of players. This should be a simple matter of Twitter insisting on users stepping out from the shadows and providing a passport number when they sign up to join the Twitteratti. That would solve the problem but it still hasn’t been introduced. This isn’t only a celebrity issue, all social media users are open to the same abuse and the figures are 
horrifying. Trolling and cyberbullying affects more than two-fifths of young people, and nearly three-quarters of respondents think social media sites don’t do enough to 
safeguard their users. Don’t tweet back is now the advice, users are told not to 
publicise the social media abuse they receive as research shows the morons deliberately target high-profile 
individuals with hate in order to boost their own profiles. Starving them of oxygen is one solution but what about a simple matter of removing the anonymity and forcing users to provide proof of identification? Earlier this month Twitter said it had “taken action” on “more than 700 examples of hateful conduct” in the two weeks after several Premier League players were abused. “This vile content has no place on our service. We want to play our part in curbing this unacceptable behaviour.” Harrumph. Play their part? They are providing the platform for it so they are responsible for stopping it. Twitter’s most recent report says it took action against seven per cent of reported cases of abuse or hateful conduct. They’ve got to be joking. So now a farewell and a few honourable mentions, To the women’s football fans who can’t let go of a piece about funding. To fans of clubs whose noses went out of joint after one issue or another which wasn’t to their liking. And to the haters who have nothing better to do with their time than post abuse for no other reason than to inflate a feeling of self-importance. Stick to the facts, not the fat shaming. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/andy-robertson-right-quit-twitter-20134537 Troll upset by being trolled. Still manages to have a dig at us. w****r.
  9. Away on loan to Alloa. Emergency so doesn’t say how long for.
  10. Football fans are being offered a free haircut before Kilmarnock's match at Rugby Park this weekend – in a bid to open up the dialogue about gambling. Charity GambleAware will be hosting a pop-up Bet Regret barber shop outside the ground ahead of Killie's Premiership clash with Hibernian on Saturday. The barber shop will encourage self-reflection on betting behaviour and the benefits of the charity’s nationwide ‘Bet Regret’ campaign – all in exchange for a free trim. ‘Bet Regret’ describes the universal feeling of remorse bettors often get when they make an impulsive bet – particularly when chasing losses, drunk or bored. Saturday’s pop-up will be part of a UK-wide tour specifically aimed at targeting young men – the group at highest risk of dangerous gambling. Around 92 per cent of the young male demographic also visit the barbers at least once a month – making the setting the perfect opportunity to spread awareness. Nick Maclure, one of the resident barbers on the mobile barber shop said: “As barbers, we are used to our customers opening up to us about personal topics that they wouldn’t typically discuss. “I’m looking forward to touring the country and chatting openly to fellow sports’ fans about their betting behaviour, raising awareness about Bet Regret. “We will be shining a spotlight on bets they might immediately regret, promoting conversations between friends, with the ambition of encouraging bettors to reduce higher risk betting so that their future betting is safer and less impulsive.” Recent research from the Gambling Commission reveals hat 1.2 million students in the UK gamble – with two in three having gambled in the past month and one in four betting more than they can afford. The barber shop will be run by top-of-the-range, experienced barbers who are trained in discussing Bet Regret and raising awareness about the risks of impulsive bets. The tour kicked off on May 12 in Manchester and the second leg will begin in Scotland, travelling to sporting venues, university campuses and city centres over the next four weeks. Marc Etches, chief executive officer for GambleAware, said: “This is an important way to engage with communities across the country and open discussions with sports bettors, enabling them to consider the risks involved with betting and reflect on it. “With our barbers, people will have the opportunity not only to receive a haircut, but also develop their understanding of Bet Regret and consider their betting behaviour in the future.” For more information, visit BeGambleAware.org/BetRegret https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/ayrshire/free-haircuts-football-fans-rugby-20048652
  11. King

    Osman Sow

    Wasn’t involved in any of their matches so should be fine.
  12. Sow, Johnson and St Clair all signed according to Record.
  13. He’s following the club on Instagram. Deal must be nearly done!..
  14. They forgot to add “o.f.o”

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