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  1. kmck18

    Line up face Brora Rangers

    Possibly was just thinking it would just be a straight swap and give Kiltie minutes on the park aswell
  2. kmck18

    Line up face Brora Rangers

    I would suggest give the press call this week has been well respect our opponent I reckon he’ll go for a strong team today so I’ll go for Mcdonald o’donnell. Broadfoot Findlay. Taylor Tshibola Mulumbu dicker Brophy Boyd Jones and if if we are in a strong position At half time he’ll take Boyd off for Erwin and jones for Kiltie
  3. kmck18

    New deal for Boydie?

    I’ve got a feeling Boyd will retire at the end of the season and move completely over to the pundit side of the game
  4. kmck18

    Best 11 for Partick game

    Probably get shot down for this team but my thinking is Mckenzie has been mince in midfield lately but can add a goal threat so am going for him up top add a little pace to the front line McDonald def- O'Donnell, Greer, s Boyd, Taylor, mid- Thomas, Jones, hawkshaw, Findlay, forward- Erwin, Mckenzie my my thinking is Findlay has a bit of energy in the middle of he park puts in a few challenges and keeps it simple plus if the full back push on then he can just slot in at the back as part of a 3 do were not to exposed
  5. kmck18

    Next Manager Thread

    It doesn't matter who we appoint it's going to be a gamble, I don't particularly want Costa myself, but am open minded to the fact that it might not be a bad thing fresh approach different style to how we have played over the last 3-4 years
  6. kmck18

    Next Manager Thread

    Don't really buy that to be honest, just because the Rangers manger is mince doesn't mean Costa would be, so if mourinho cone up and managed us he'd be crap too because he doesn't have a knowledge of Scottish football what a load of crap
  7. kmck18

    Next Manager Thread

    heard from a person who works in at the Killie gym today the office where the interviews are getting held is directly above the gym, Stubbs, Jimmy Mac, Jorge Costa, Mixu, Gary Holt have all been interviewed and from the sounds of it Jorge Costa is very much in the running for the job
  8. kmck18


    I think if he signs he could be a decent signing he was decent at rangers
  9. kmck18

    We do some things right

    Got to say Last year my son was a mascot at rugby park and Lee was fantastic with the kids and the parents he even got me and the other dad a wee trip in to the changing rooms with the kids, we were in there for about 10mins or so and it has to be said jig was very vocal with the players, a lot more than the then imposter of a manager, I am only commenting on what I have seen, and if he can get the younger boys more interested in all things Killie then am all for it
  10. kmck18

    Players Leaving

    with Balatoni think its a case of he is slow and also no the best on the ball, I think clark would look at it like we have Addison great in the air, decent on the ground although no thte quickest so I would think he will put a faster and some one more comfortable on the ball beside him. Higgy for me flatters to deceive, he want to beat his man over and over again rather than beat him and get the ball in the box, to be honest am not going to lose much sleep over these two going am afraid
  11. kmck18

    Should MJ get to speak at the KFCSA AGM?

    I voted No as far as I am concerned he is not welcome at our club so why would he be welcome let alone speak at the supporters agm, he is only after one thing and that to get us digging in ur pockets to fill his , unless the words out his mouth are '' I have sold my shares and will be resigning from the board effective today '' then anything else out of this mans mouth is just s**t
  12. kmck18

    The goslings

    think you can say that the last 3 years the club has went back the way in terms of the calibre of players it develops and also attracts and frankly that's down to poor coaching/management, young players have to be slowly introduced to the riggers of being a pro footballer and the stress and pressure that come with it, Yeas you get the odd exception, these boys have been thrown in at the deep end and asked to win from the outset rather than being allowed to make the mistakes to develop at a natural pace our management has asked them to play like seasoned pros, hopefully the like of Frizzell, Taylor, and even kiltie are handled correctly by Clark and with the right type of seasoned pro helping these kids make the right decision maybe we have a better chance as a club to get it right
  13. kmck18

    Players Leaving

    To be honest from what I seen when he played centre mid he wasnt as comfortable on the ball as you would look for someone in there to be, his passing wasn't the best at time but saying that over the last two year the teams hasn't either, but maybe he needed a change and to be fair Clark has seen him in and around the training ground and changing room and must feel he has some one better lined up to come in, any way onwards and upwards best of luck
  14. kmck18

    Administration Looms

    Personally I cant see administration coming soon, I do see relegation coming this year tho, and the board can only look at themselves for blame, the club has been on a downward spiral for the last 4 years with no ambition poor managerial appointments, poor signing policy, and frankly lack of any sort of leadership from the top of the club, the club has made a £725k loss but MJ still gets his money without any question, all we can do is hope that if we do go down we can actually sort the club from top to bottom get ride of all the deadwood and leaches, I still think we will draw a crowd as people like me would follow killie even if we played in a mcdonalds car park,
  15. kmck18


    To be honest I am not sayng what Clark may have done is right, but its not before time some one got stuck in to the pretenders, Locke and Johnston tried to be their best friends and we all know how that worked out

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