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  1. doad58

    post split fixtures

    According to the Sun we are.
  2. doad58

    Flying from Newcastle/Hotel/Car Parking

    Holiday Inn Express Newcastle Airport is ideal.
  3. doad58

    Cup Draw Brora (H)

    Chances are you'll make the game. 1st born have a habit of being overdue.
  4. doad58

    Steven Naismith

    The reaction he'll receive from Rangers fan should be enough to convince him not to play for them when he eventually comes back on a permanent basis.
  5. doad58

    Steven Naismith

    When he left us to join the Huns he subsidised the move by paying some of his wages to Killie. If Norwich are looking for £10,000 then surely if he's desperate to come up the road he can do the same again.
  6. doad58

    Jamie Macdonald

    I'm not saying he's a poor keeper but he's definitely weak when it comes to cross balls from the byline. Andy Goram was also poor at cross balls so he stayed on his line and left them to his defenders.
  7. doad58

    Jamie Macdonald

    It was plain to see yesterday that Lennon has sussed McDonald is poor at crosses. Corners and crosses were all pinged into the 6 yard box.
  8. doad58

    Hibs Roll Call

    Restalrig is on the wrong side of the stadium for me tomorrow. I've arranged to meet other exiles in Middletons, plus young brother is driving through and parking on London Road.
  9. doad58

    Hibs - possibility of postponement?

    I'm 4 miles away from Easter Road and all the snow here has melted.
  10. doad58

    Hibs Roll Call

    I don't believe Burnett and Muiry have ever set foot in a tea house.
  11. doad58

    Hibs Roll Call

    Middletons Bar on Easter Road is where I'll be. Hoping to catch up with Travel Club pals as usual.
  12. doad58

    The Wolf

    Definitely Gardyne.
  13. doad58


    I was impressed with the substitutions. Sending out the message that it's about the team and not personal targets.
  14. doad58

    The Gaffer

    At the same time we also had Kenny Armstrong at centre half who got played at full back. He was sold to Southampton for £80,000. Nicknamed Big Sky because every time he touched the ball that's where it ended up.
  15. doad58

    Next Manager Thread

    I am pretty sure Dodds was signed by us on schoolboy/youth forms but was released from his contract to join Chelsea.

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