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  1. Haha, now you mention it - I don't think that's a player at all.
  2. Looks like a different guy outside the park hotel with JF. Smaller eyesocket/brow line.
  3. Tbh Cammy, I remember you gleefully telling me how ragin' Neil McCann was at losing Daniel Higgins to us haha - maybe that was just his normal demeanour.
  4. That's encouraging. He's certainly played a decent amount of games at L1 level. Hope we can get it over the line.
  5. Currently a free agent. #bringhimhome
  6. Estragon


    Was he no' a tennis player? Keeping things out of the net a speciality?
  7. That's absolutely first class. Think I might buy one - hopefully there's a toddlers' size in the away this year as well. Fantastic strip.
  8. Season "passes" purchased. f**king yee-ha.
  9. Would take that guy 100% - I hoped we'd sign him when he left RC.
  10. Haha, well now I feel like the world's laziest man... Thanks.
  11. Does anyone have any idea how long existing ST holders' seats will be held for? I've just realised I can't buy my ticket on a debit card, CC has expired...
  12. f**king Kilmarnock supporters. Recycling figures of speech like they're going out of fashion...
  13. Agreed. We're not sharpening blades for those f**kers.
  14. Can't believe there are some questioning Steven Naismith's ability. Fantastic footballer, and he was the only thing that meant Hearts didn't endure a similar season in 18/19 as they did in 19/20. Last season, Hearts with Naismith gained nearly a point per game - without, 0.53 points per game. Having said that, his injuries etc will severely hamper the number of games he's going to be available for - as I correctly pointed out last summer when Hearts offered him that ludicrous 4 year deal. For the money he'd be looking for, I think we'd need at least 30 games from him each year - can't see that being realistic for him at this stage. Although, he did feature in the last 8 games of the season - winter was a problem

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