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  1. Regardless of whether STH’s would want a refund or not, (and especially regardless of what the ridiculous uberfan post above about “genuine fans” says, that should be totally disregarded), the club should have come out and said what the position is regards this when the season was confirmed as over. They must have known it was coming but 2 weeks on and nothing said, no communication at all (to my knowledge anyway). My own thoughts is that I don’t really care about a refund (and I bought shares after the recent email), but it would be good if the Club offered something (extension to the Killie TV access or voucher for the shop or something) as a goodwill gesture, but like I said, not overly bothered about that. will be “interesting” to see what they come up with regards next season, but IMO there’s no way the club can expect anybody to buy anything close to what’s regarded as an actual season ticket in the traditional sense. The original poster’s scenario might not to be too far away from the truth - I think the most likely scenario is stumble along to December and then offer a half-season ticket for the 2nd half of the season (IF football is back to anything like “normal” by then, and that’s doubtful ....).
  2. Used the free time I've had to finally frame that autographed programme I've had since the mid-80s ....
  3. That was an absolute belter of a goal. Williamson did great to set it up as well. Memory could be playing tricks on me, but I think that game was a few days after the Rangers SF replay at Hampden. The Celtic win on the Saturday did a bit to raise the spirits after getting cheated out of that one. I loved wee Tam Broon. Legend.
  4. I thought the announcer said at h/t that there would be 150 of the shirts to give away in a competition, not that 150 were going to be produced in total .... ? Might have picked him up wrong though.
  5. Sack a manager and appoint his assistant on a short-term contract in December. Scrape a win against a lower division team at home in the Scottish Cup in January. Last time I remember that happening was in 1996/97 .... just saying ....
  6. Stranraer game was definitely a Saturday, a week after the first tie. Tommy Burns missed a penalty, but not the last one. Think it was Paul Flexney, but i might be mistaken. lonewolfie - you might be thinking about the Meadowbank game a year or 2 later, when we lost on pens., Mark Roberts missed one, might have been his debut. That was a midweek.
  7. Was that the one they played the Legends game before it ? And the Scotland game was on in the Caprington Suite afterwards ?
  8. We had "safe standing" 30 years ago ... turned up and stood where we wanted ... it was called terracing ....
  9. That game came back to mind after today's events, was trying to remember the ref in question but couldn't mind his name until I saw your post. As for the behaviour of the fans today ... I think the very vocal reaction was a collective "f**k you" reaction to the antics of Aberdeen and the ref today, especially right at the end ... great to hear/see ....
  10. Think I only missed about 2 or 3 games that season .... and that was one of them ! Raging ! (although I remember getting to see the full 90 minutes on VHS later ...)
  11. Kaiserslautern away by a mile (not for the game itself, obviously ....) Some great ones from the first season back in the Premier - Ibrox when Williamson scored the winner, Tynecastle when Skilling scored his belter, and Easter Road at the end of the season.
  12. Was at both legs. From following Killie from the early 80s and going through years of going to lower division Scottish grounds, the experience of walking along the beachfront at Cannes on the Wednesday night and trying to remind yourself that you were in a setting like this for a Killie game was pretty fecking awesome ! Loads of memories from that trip - random woman passing us in Cannes on the afternoon of the game, spotting our tops and saying "all the best tonight guys" in a rather posh accent, sitting in front of Jerome Vareille's dad at the game (who was the spitting image of him, and even looked a bit younger than him !), Pat Nevin talking to us at the airport while waiting on the flight home about getting gubbed 6-2 by Stirling Albion a few weeks before ... I could go on ... Still got the scarf with the team name's and date imprinted on it and the programme in the house. Scoreline in the away leg was a wee bit harsh on us, but we lost bad goals that night.
  13. Quite the opposite in fact, i remember a few buses getting in late and a lot of folk coming in after Gus had scored that night !
  14. Went and looked it up(couldn’t help myself !). 5-0 win in September 85 and Clarke scored , that must be the one I’m talking about.

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