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  1. Yeah, I agree. It's pretty ambiguous.
  2. I just paid at the same time I returned the form.
  3. Age aside, it was a wee bit footery to fill in.
  4. I just received an email with the application form. It was in my junk folder though.
  5. That was a great read, thanks. I first heard of the ice hockey example in a book, I think it was 'Peak' by Anders Ericsson which is all about deliberate practice. Like the article, his point in the book was that the older players, with the better physical characteristics due to their maturity, get better coaching as the coaches perceive them to be more "talented". It was the first time I'd heard of the growth mindset idea too. It's crazy to think how many good players have been overlooked and how unwilling any team is to listen to the data. If a team really jumped on this, they could do well. edit - spelling
  6. Has anyone heard back about this? I sent an email expressing interest straight away but I've still not gotten a response.
  7. Yeah, that's the one I've got. I think it was the lucky no. thing on the front that I got a prize for. Those were the days, when I thought Killie winning cups and playing in Europe was the norm.
  8. I found this while rooting about some old stuff. There was a competition in one of the programmes and I won a wee killie whisky glass and I think I got this as well. Can't be sure as I was only 12 at the time. I think it might have been the programme for this game as I still have the centenary programme.
  9. This reminded me that I picked up Station Eleven as it was shortlisted (and won) the Arthur C Clarke award in 2015. https://www.thebookseller.com/news/station-eleven-shortlisted-arthur-c-clarke-award There were a few decent books in that shortlist. I also read Europe In Autumn and the Girl With All The Gifts which were ok, but I really enjoyed The First Fifteen Lives Of Harry August. It's definitely worth a read.
  10. That's a cracking book. I've not read any of her other stuff, is it worth reading?
  11. My wife bought me one online before the game in Wales. Unfortunately, it only arrived after we had been pumped out. I still wear it about the house though,
  12. there must be a few from people watching killie TV using a vpn
  13. Those are both absolutely beautiful, especially the hand and ball.
  14. Cheers Johnny. Cannae wait to see it in real life. I know just the place for it. I'll have to move that picture of my wedding but...you know...priorities.
  15. I'll be giving you pelters for the full twenty minutes that you last
  16. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=kilmarnock+cup+win+97+ray+montgomerie&tbm=isch&ei=YdFtXISzBbqe1fAPh76KiAc&start=20&sa=N#mhpiv=10&spf=1550700906500 well, he's in that photo
  17. Have a word with yourself. I spent ten minutes looking for some sense of irony that I must have been missing
  18. Wur gonnae win the league!!!!!!!!!
  19. yeah, the analysis that I've read on there always seems accurate and insightful. I'll need to have a look there more often.
  20. Fantastic article. That football Scotland site is great, far superior to anything in the main stream media
  21. I went for Bachmann too but I went through the whole team and convinced myself of good reasons to vote for all of them.

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