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  1. I heard it was some random who won it in the season ticket ballot. I suppose this can happen when you go beyond the “creme de la creme” of our support though, eh? @Gaz of the 20/20
  2. Cathy Jamieson told me at one of our secret meetings that you weren’t invited to.
  3. ......and if he’s not taking the picture that means he’s definitely been sidelined by AA and will be leaving. FACT
  4. Am I the only one who finds it strange that it appears a deal was done before the manager has even decided if he wants him? I imagine that’s it’s just s**te reporting (as usual)? What would be even better though is that the manager decides he doesn’t want him ............ ........because he’s got someone better up his sleeve!!
  5. They’ll bottle it when one of our crazy hooligans lets off a blue smoke bomb (they could take an eye out y’know).
  6. Bloody foreigners coming over here and taking our jobs. They can take their “expansive” football and f**k off back to where they came from if you ask me.
  7. I think this is all moot anyway - or am I missing something? Surely this was the Park Hotel’s event and not the football club’s? Whatever way it was run I believe the club would have made f**k all anyway.
  8. Had a go last night to book 2 tickets for my season ticket seats - wouldn’t take payment - then seats were “locked out for 15 mins” (by me!) so couldn’t re-book. Tried again this morning - seats gone - picked seats in front. It was a real pain on the hoop as kept skipping back and had to re- enter all info again. Got there eventually but concerned about turnstile on the night. Only got one QR code in the app (covering both purchases) but separate ones when I open the email, click on each seat and download them. Maybe it’ll be fine.
  9. People are just making things up
  10. I’m still laughing at this. Spot on.
  11. You’re just encouraging him
  12. I’m afraid you’ve walked right into that one mate.

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