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  1. Caldow

    The OTT Reaction Fred

    Well that’s is f**ked because St Mirren tore us apart think what Spartans will do. I think they could finish top 6 or even challenge for a European spot. What Spartans players do you think Rangers and Celtic should sign?
  2. Caldow

    League Cup

    I think we’ll win it.
  3. Caldow

    The OTT Reaction Fred

    I wish you had been the manager last season instead of Steve Clarke - that way we would have beaten Aberdeen and went on to win the cup.
  4. Caldow

    Look guys be realistic with the season ahead

    Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity.
  5. Caldow

    st mirren home Bet Fred, Fred

    I’ve tried to come up with a structured and reasoned response to some of the reactions to Friday nights game, however, some people just need to f**k right up.
  6. Caldow

    2018 World Cup

    When they get put out they’ll have the usual discussion as to why. They’ll all agree it’s because there’s too many foreign players in the premiership. Then within a fortnight they’ll be gushing over how “the best league in the world” is about to start. Always the same.
  7. Caldow

    Mascot experience

    That’s right - you’ve got it! Season tickets should also be free and everyone should get a free strip. Except disabled people - they should pay (see - I can go on a pointless rant as well). Nonsense
  8. Caldow

    Celebrity Deaths 2018

    Headline news on BBC Radio today “The Queen is reported to be under the weather, the doctor hasn’t been called and she’s going to Windsor as planned this afternoon”. I don’t think they want to be accused of being slow off the mark when she does pop her clogs by the sound of things!!!
  9. Caldow

    Mascot experience

    Everybody else is doing it so let’s not be different. Not persuading me to change my view.
  10. Caldow

    Over 3,200 ST's sold....

    Just stop talking. You’re only making it worse.
  11. Caldow

    La Manga training camp

    What a headline! They have no f**king shame do they? I wouldn’t wipe my arse with it so can’t really get annoyed as I’d never buy it.
  12. Caldow

    Mascot experience

    Kinda think this goes against the grain of “community club” TBH. Cashing in for a couple of bob isn’t really worth it against promoting it as a “special” day, especially for under- priviliged kids or those with problems. Even having kids from the various kids clubs would be better PR.
  13. Caldow

    Over 3,200 ST's sold....

    He’s made a pure c**t of himself there! Looking forward to his pathetic attempt at back-tracking
  14. Caldow

    2018 World Cup

  15. Caldow

    2018 World Cup

    I haven’t heard of half the England team and think I would recognise about 4 TBH

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