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  1. superflyguy

    Kris Boyd has 130 goals...

  2. superflyguy


    Looked surprised to be getting subbed. Hopefully not too bad
  3. superflyguy

    Scottish Cup Draw 11-2-18 Aberdeen away

    Not the draw I would've picked but I'll still be going. Last time their equaliser was a deflection, their second a worldy and they got the third when we were chasing the game. Totally doable.
  4. superflyguy

    We Did It!

    Great achievement and fantastic effort from all involved in organising the initiative.
  5. superflyguy

    Training facilities

    Hogwash, if you think the majority of home fans are from Kilmarnock get down a bit earlier and look at the parking around the ground. The community that should benefit from the club should include the community that supports it.
  6. superflyguy


    Absolutely this, brought a smile to my face the whole game. Also the loudest the FB has been in a long while.
  7. superflyguy


    Pretty sure county are used to these situations and will make arrangements.
  8. superflyguy

    Social Media

    Apologies I didn't see your original post. I stand corrected about your social media input. Still correct about the bun fight though we should all stop that.
  9. superflyguy

    Social Media

    I've just gone back and read that wall of text it doesn't speak about social media. It is an opinion on the movement. That's fair enough everyone has an opinion but it's got f**k all to do with the original question. And we have happier things to discuss tonight in my opinion.
  10. superflyguy

    Social Media

    I'm pretty sure the original question was how to improve social media interaction. Not have a sh***y bun fight about who or why people aren't participating.
  11. superflyguy

    Youssouf Mulumbu

    Not sure if I'd be surprised, doesn't need the money and doesn't have a current contract. Short term deal could be beneficial all round.
  12. superflyguy

    Murrayfield - who's in?

    We are going to the Ingliston park and ride and getting the tram in.

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