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  1. Fans will be skint or just getting back on their feet too. Have a bunch of volunteers/ex-players behind the turnstiles with buckets and let the fans that can afford to throw some extra money in do so, charge a bit extra for a special edition programme... there's a bunch of ways the club could still make money. discounting prices (we're all in this together) and getting a big crowd in are great ideas, and reopening Rugby Park with a derby (under the floodlights for that wee bit extra imo) is a perfect way to bring fitba back to Ayrshire.
  2. Take the money, he already left the club (in his mind) in the summer.
  3. Yup, i totally agree. A rare good decision. Hope they hunt any payday loan companies too. I for one am glad to see that not all of our club's values are so easily bought.
  4. Here's the link for those that want to relive it (the corner is @ 2:38):
  5. then off they can f**k.
  6. Gets on great with the players too and he lets them run about! Can't fail!
  7. Birth of first born child . . . . . . . WHELM LINE . . . . . . . . Seeing the latest Star Wars movie . . . . . . . . . The last season of Game of Thrones . . . . . . . . . . . . . Kilmarnock appointing Alex Dyer as manager
  8. Haha I knew it. Never an intention to hire from outside. Take the easy, cheap and lazy option. I don't think AD was/is ever going to resign of his own accord (and why should he?) and I can't see any way he remains on the coaching staff under a new manager given the events of past six months and the chatter on the rumoursphere. I feel pretty confident in saying that I can guarantee that the players were "consulted" over this decision, and we all know a managerial popularity contest always works out well. This was always Dyer's job, he just made it more awkward for the board by, you know, losing every match in largely abject fashion. It's honestly quite sad. What a fall* in just 12 months. * though i suspect we haven't hit bottom yet.
  9. I think he's trying to force the board's arm into giving him the job till the summer, which seems to have been the board's intention but they were hoping for a new manager bounce to announce it off the back of. Unfortunately, we're s**te so more of a wet splat than a bounce. I think Dyer's either the caretaker till the summer or he's gone by next week.
  10. Aye, Gary's stock has dropped a lot in my eyes this season. I actually thought if any player on our squad would benefit from the more technical and tactical approach of AA, it would be Dicker. I was looking forward to seeing him be Killie's Pirlo for a couple of years. While I can't speak to the clashes or falling out between AA and Dicker or who was at fault, Dicker's words and actions over the past month or so scream of a guy who thinks he's bigger than the club and that i know i don't like. Gary Dicker doesn't get to decide who the manager of Kilmarnock FC is. He's been a great servant to the club for sure, but Killie has been good to and for him too. We really need to make a strong appointment, BACK HIM, and root out any of these "coffee house cliques". A fresh slate.
  11. Haha, the 150th. What a total cock up that was/is.
  12. Not even a generic "large amount of applications to go through" response. They either don't care or genuinely have done nothing in the hopes that AD bags a win they can hang a 6 month "trial" contract on.
  13. At least as we stare down 6 games without a goal and the kind of form that would give even Gary Locke a dose of a vapors, the players are happier at training now they can just run about a bit, so silver linings, eh?

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