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  1. The makeover he gave to the interior of Concorde was fantastic, unfortunately it was withdrawn from service a matter of months later.
  2. Sad to hear, famous old establishment. I think I only ever ate in it once, and it certainly wasn't a la carte!
  3. Probably shouldn't have posted in the politics forum then (Btw thought Nicola Benedetti was fantastic, guid Ayrshire lass )
  4. We got beat 1 nil. The win took Celtic above us....in February! I got a freebie among the home fans that night, had to sit on my hands as Ally ran through on goal, the ball hit the inside of the post then ran along the goal line
  5. I would say it's playing to his audience. IIRC he looked like he wanted the pitch to swallow him after he missed it, a total fluffed kick.
  6. Turns out the source was sound
  7. A supreme competitor. Now joint record holder in Grand Slam comebacks from 2 sets down.
  8. Even more impressive when you factor in the dreadful start to his Killie career.
  9. Easier to steward/ police if everyone sits separate I suppose.
  10. Our POTY, must've been a poor season!
  11. A source tells me Bologna are favourites to sign him. Should find out soon how reliable a source it is then
  12. He did everything but this day... Definitely in my all time Killie XI.
  13. We went about 20 years without anyone in the Scotland squad so I'm not overly concerned at the moment.
  14. The phrase "poor game management" was probably invented that night!