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  1. I'm all for a bigger top league but am absolutely opposed to binning the league cup. You're then reducing the opportunity for smaller clubs to have some success. Edit...Bonbon beat me to it
  2. My thoughts on Rangers proposal...
  3. Killie Pie Halloween outfit sorted!
  4. Great gesture by the club in these perilous times for the economy.
  5. I would love a 16 team, 30 game season but unfortunately the clubs don't. Being in a 14 game long, post-split bottom 8 is about as appealing as a Parkhead pie (one of the few advantages of missing out on the top 6).
  6. Yes possibly the ultimate lost generation. A team disbanded due to to war. Ironically they were hammered in the U21 final by the USSR, another side about to be broken up.
  7. Scored by Gordan Petric who also ended up playing in Scotland. Les Fridge in goals though
  8. Came across this rare Under 21 footage from 1989. Paul Wright is playing for Scotland and Drago Lekovic is playing for Yugoslavia! What a team the Yugos had, including Jarni, Boban, Mihajlovic, Prosinecki, Mijatovic, Suker and Boksic. No wonder we got pumped!
  9. Only 48.1% accuracy in that case it seems... https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32251668/
  10. I can't understand how they can even consider the format for a league season right now when we have no idea when football will be able to resume?
  11. Should've launched it from Scotland, perfect conditions...
  12. Going back to Subbuteo, a table like that to play on would've been an absolute dream. My cloth pitch was drawing pinned to a piece of chipboard and stored in the gap behind the wardrobe. One of the most exciting days ever when I got the game though, from the Radio Doctor. Cost around £6 of my Xmas money. First actual team I got was Killie of course, bought on holiday in Dundee for some reason. The mid 70s strip with 3 stripes. Heard recently it's worth a bit of cash these days, might need to go raking in my folks' loft... Edit...this was the set I got... I don't think we used the flags very often.
  13. Does it include a pandemic disaster scenario?
  14. Hooked up an old PC with Netscape Navigator installed, sorted!

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