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  1. haha. Yea thought we were onto a win there aswell
  2. Not a bad point, especially after been a goal down. beat St Johnstone Saturday and tis becomes a good point and a decent start to the season
  3. Very Good result. We looked the better team for the majority i thought. Well done AD and team
  4. Did McCulloch, Locke ,Johnstone get your full support? Didn't sound like they got much support at the games boo'd of the park most games. Dyer has a similar win ratio to the 3 mentioned above and they didn't get the support.
  5. yea they have brought some exciting players in so far!!!!!!!!!! Broadfoot. Cettain managers can attract certain players, the tishbola signing to me looks like we dont have a clue
  6. The best man for the job? You don't think there is a better manager out there not in a job???? We could afford Steve Clarke so dont use the "we can't afford it" excuse. We are a SPFL team we shouldn't be giving just anyone a crack of the whip for a while. We should had looked to brought in a manager of a higher standard. Bowie Said we had the best manager in the league last season, then sacked him with only half the season gone. Another poor choice from the board in my opinion again no managerial experience. Will have been better options out there
  7. For me last season was his job interview which he didn't shine at. We should had moved on and got a manager to take us forward as a club. Of course I want us to succeed but I know deep down we won't and we will be looking for a new manager at Christmas time. Dyer isn't qualified enough, what happened to learning the trade in the lower divisions and working your way up We have gone for the cheap option im afraid
  8. He had half of last season and didn't impress. He even brought Broadfoot back which was embarrassing, now he's made him captain kirk
  9. thought he said something like. Not really the target I had in mind. Dont know how in 1 season we can go back to that mentality. Clarke wouldn't had lost that game on Saturday, Dyer is still learning but think we should had gone for a more experienced manager. Can only hope he starts to turn things around abit
  10. I dont think we are top 3 but I like to think we can give any team in the league a game. Did Dyer say our aim is to avoid relegation?? Maybe I dreamt that. I think top 6 is a great season, bottom 6 has to go down as a failure for me. We made Europe and top 6 a couple of seasons ago I was hoping we would build ourself into a top 6 club following that
  11. Getting beat will be a good result!!!!!! Couple of seasons ago we would be thinking good chance of a Clarke masterclass and 3 points are very achievable. No point turning up Sunday just to play to not get humped.
  12. I'm guessing due to the incoming players he doesn't. Once you have managed a few teams you get to know players/managers etc which opens doors. He resigned Broadfoot which says it all. Captin Broadfoot
  13. He had his chance last season and his points return was terrible. Board has made the wrong appointment again and we will need a new manager at Xmas. Really hope Dyer proves me wrong but he is far to inexperienced to manage at this level. He doesn't have the contacts needed to bring in any players with a little bit if quality needed.

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