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  1. The Rangers The Rangers The Rangers 🇬🇧
  2. Bla Bla Bla. No-one can say anything negative about the club without disagreeing then try suggest you are bigger fan and we don't support the club. You want the club to fail
  3. yes thats what I read. So we breached rules. not really sure why everyone is getting their knickers in a twist about it. We got on the bus and ate at the hilton i think without the correct social distancing in place
  4. Thats why I said alleged. Does it not say in the report we broke social distancing rules- I'm sure i read that in the report
  5. Well we must still have some of our half million in the bank from Europe we never spent
  6. I'm not my own club admitted they have fecked up!!!!!! Folk on here trying to say we didn't break the 1 metre rule etc. Our rule was 2 metres all clubs knew about it and we have admitted wrong doing
  7. Its in the papers today saying we tried to hide information. Thats why I said allegedly as it may not be true. What is true is we broke the rules as the club admitted it. Doesnt matter what any other club has done we are guilty of breaking the rules.
  8. I said allegedly so possibly just paper talk. It said St mirren players were sat to close together in the changing rooms. Little breaches but that's why covid is spreading cos majority of folk don't follow the rules. Not accusing anyone on here by the way but you only have to step outside to see people breaching them
  9. Like to know how I can possibly be a hun when I was defending celtic earlier!!!!! As posted earlier Mighty Leeds and killie my teams. Thankfully got to the last Leeds game against Huddersfield before they stopped fans. Leeds Leeds Leeds
  10. Why did the club allegedly hide information from the investigation. Our board sometimes dont handle things the way they should. But let's not get into that debate
  11. Yes the club didn't break the law i agree with that. But clubs were told we they had to follow a 2 metre rule. So they broke the rules set out by the spfl
  12. OK thank you somebody finally admitting the club was wrong and fecked up. Either 3 nil loss or a fine would had been a better punishment not both
  13. Why does it say 2 metre in the report then???? Think I'm slightly less stupid than you my friend. Only slightly tho
  14. Because the club have to follow the 2 metre rule. Doesn't matter what public transport or restaurants were doing. The club know it was 2 metres its in black and white for them.
  15. yes they didn't follow the 2 metre rule!!!!!! Have you read the report. We breached the regulations 6 players or so ended up with covid out of a squad of 25 i think. I'm sure the spfl hasn't punished us for nothing it has to be that we spread covid. If all rules are followed(to the letter) Covid cant spread that easily
  16. Why did the club not follow social distancing is the only question here. Its our own fault
  17. Who leeds? No its pennies to them. Not that much to killie either its 40k
  18. see when you get on a bus and someone is sat next to you or opposite you. Its clearly not 2 metres. Did they then not sit to close together for the pre match meal. Then 25%ish of the squad have covid. Is what it is- We deserve to be punished for our neglect
  19. Here is the bus to get you lads. in you get!!!!!!!! Clutching at straws now- Yea the club never physically forced the players but you know what I mean. People feck up we have been punished we won't make the mistake again. We are not been unfairly treated St Mirren have had a similar punishment.
  20. Well maybe harsh then if it isn't in the rule book. Although I think what we did during a pandemic was really bad. Kinda makes you think what other restrictions are we not following. Maybe one punishment or the other would be better. A fine or a 3 nil loss. 40k in footballing money isn't that much tho. Plus I think its suspended so if we follow guidelines from now on we won't need to pay it
  21. yea Aberdeen players Not Aberdeen football club. Kilmarnock Football club made the players break the rules. Big difference
  22. Can't send file. Anyone with any common sense knows what 2 metres is. Sat opposite someone on a bus isn't going to be 2 metres. We haven't been hard done to. We fecked up thats all.