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  1. Give celtic the title no relegation promote top 4 teams from the championship. Play each other twice in a 16 team league with a top 8 split, gives you 37 games. On final day could even have a 1st v 2nd 3rd v 4th 5th v 6th etc finale. Have 2 lower divisions rather than 3. Think it was dicker that said something like this if it doesnt work after a couple seasons its easy just to go back to the old set up. Perfect time to shake things up in my opinion
  2. Why the obsession with the old firm holy f**k there aint a topic that doesnt revert back to them scumbags. There fans are correct when saying were obsessed. Apologize to the snowflakes if my spelling is incorrect
  3. Shame on anyone that would want money back or a discount on next years season ticket. It wouldnt be the clubs fault, i know money is tight for some folk but c'mon every business in europe is going to struggle if things get worse. Last thing the club needs is supporters demanding there money back
  4. Cancel all games, make this season void and were back in the europa league next year ha
  5. Stoater is that spelled correct
  6. Yes he will play the same old tired team that are conceeding late on every game
  7. What about a younger midfield and a bit of qaulity coming off the bench for a change. Crazy idea
  8. Larry Sod ddf findlay niko Rory power taylor kiltie Brophy kabamaba
  9. I donk think dyer is the man for the job either but the fact is he took over a team that was already on its way towards the bottom. Wee were very lucky to win 1-0 most of the games wee did so spare me the bulls**t that things were ok our luck had ran out and wee already losing games
  10. The rut started when AA was here playing for 0-0 every game wee were going to get found out eventually would probably be sitting rock bottom and scored 4 goals since october
  11. Another 10 years i can be on guff and mcleans level
  12. Time to remember billy bowie is a business man his failure as a football man should not be held in disregard. As a builder myself , i know you cant build a good house on s**ty foundations

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