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  1. Now that it has sunk in im feeling more exicted about next season than ever before. New league, new teams, playing ayr x4 plus away days to morton, qos, etc and hopefully fighting for the title. Just hope the fans are allowed back in for the 1st game of the season( home v ayr utd) KTID
  2. Wee never really gave a s**t about astro pitches when wee were winning every game, beating the old firm regular and sitting top the league please shut the feck up about the pitch
  3. Totally deserve to go down, absolute sham
  4. Dicker could turn up with a hangover, covid, aids,and 5 broken toes and will still start infront of mulumbu and tshbola
  5. Not sure i should be optimistic wee scored or pesimistic wee were absolute garbage. Power worked his balls off again, had a bad patch for a bit but the guy has never gave nothing but 100% for our club, who should partner him in the middle on monday? Same team as tonight im guessing
  6. Dicker again f**king prick arghhhhh
  7. Biggest game in years and that prick dicker is almost walking back when dundee are on the break 3 or 4 times, hes been a good player for us but his attitude has been honking since boyd left and he got made captain, does f**k all but cost us (like broadfoot) apart from shout and blame other players, would love to give both of them a good smack
  8. Dicker is a f**king discrace
  9. Didnt see the game today as i had to work, TW has inherited a mess of a team, performance wise wee have improved big time, dont know about today but if wee do get relegated i think tommy is the man to get us back up, without a doubt. Killiepies you clearly are a bit of a cabbage.
  10. Would keep mulumbu, lafferty, dabo, tshbola, kiltie, mckenzie and mcgowen, the rest can go. Agree wee need to blood young players but cant see that happening, our youth system is a disgrace now, were not even scouting young players now, wee are texting managers of youth teams to send there best 3 players for a trial, that i know is a fact!!!
  11. Defo with mulumbu burke lafferty and kiltie in the final third wee surely have to start scoring goals, the 4 of them with there qaulity starting every game is must.
  12. Lafferty and kiltie need to start every game till the end of the season no more f**king about with whitehall and kabamba
  13. Your pal sent you a text to inform you that mckenzie got booked, your nights out must be a right barrel of laughs 😴😴😴
  14. Dabo needs to be giving a start he looks decent
  15. Used to look forward to watching the pre-match press conference on a friday with ssc then alessio came in and i couldnt watch him for 5 seconds. Dyer then came in and his dribble about working hard and the likes lasted 10 seconds before turning it off, so its refreshing to listen to guy thats a real manager and can actually answer a question properly. Really starting to feel more optimistic about us now, listening to tommy speak makes the last two manager appointments seem even more ridiculous to me than they did before.
  16. Desperate times, desperate measures ? I'm pretty sure sitting top of the league as wee were at one point ssc would have bit your hand of to sign him if he could
  17. For the folk that dont want lafferty OMG he has played in the euros and the champions league, was great with hearts but no, coaching our 3 junior league strikers in a few weeks is a better option feck me . Time to change the sport you watch if thats what you think
  18. If boyd had been playing tonight he would have scored 5, big kabamba is the best we have, he cant anticipate a cross could be doing with boyd teaching him some movement in the box, thought the team played well but gonna be a real tough ask for wright to keep us up if wee cant score.
  19. Paul wright, what a player he was, one of the best wee have had.
  20. Would take robinson in a heartbeat, he done a good job there, its inevitable at a smaller club that it will turn sour after a few years, after taking a club to its peak theres only one way you can go with a small budget even ssc would striggle to keep the high standards.
  21. Late 90s early 00s, the good old days, watched an old game on you tube, friday night on sky when it was in its primative years v hibs, east stand full, moffat stand looked full, think it was a high scoring game i would definetly have been there just can remember it.
  22. 4 4th place finishes aswell bobby gave us i think
  23. OMG dyer what are you thinking about
  24. Always the type of guy to look on the bright side of life, 2 trips down to our freindly neighbours next year, fans allowed