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  1. How could you forget “f*ck sake McGuire?”
  2. Great player Andy McLaren. Suspect that he was never played better than he did in our 3-0 win at Greyskulls in October 2000. He was fantastic!
  3. Badly advised. Wonder if he’ll down tools in the last 4 months of his contract with Motherwell?
  4. Quality. Now is the time to extend his contract.
  5. Glad you are ok my floor coverings fetishist friend. Lets enjoy the excitement of our first home game of the new season, which seems to be the TV focus across Europe today. Sun is shining in Killie and there are none of the greatest supporters in the world p*shing in my garden.
  6. Carpetfitter, are you ok? Have you been working in a wee room with nae ventilation and too many carpet glues again?
  7. Second from the left, front row may be Chris Fleming, Ian’s brother.
  8. Yeah, very bow legged. See enclosed photo of Sandy McLauchlan, just about to go through Robin’s legs. Good to see that the standard of journalism was equally bad in the sixties, with Robin being referred to as John in the caption.
  9. Nov 1989 at Tynecastle, crowd 784, 3 down to Berwick Rangers after 30 minutes and we were a shambles of a team and a total shambles of a football club. Thank you Bobby Fleeting for rescuing us. Conditioned to defeat and with no expectations, I still felt better that night than I did after the Nomads defeat.
  10. Noted and agreed. I was looking at a programme versus Dundee United in October 1968 where Kenny Cameron was playing for United. Apologies for overlooking the great Andy King, a Killie and Barbadoes Road legend. Jim Richmond also lived in Barbadoes Road, some 600 yards from Rugby Park.
  11. Think it is Robin Arthur. 1968 core team team was McLaughlan, Arthur, Dickson, Gilmour, McGrory, Beattie, T.McLean, Queen, Morrison, J.McLean, Cook. Sub Rodman. Robin Arthur was later involved in a contract dispute with the club when he tried to engineer a move to Morton and Walter would not release his registration.
  12. Lets hope he is an improvement on Dirty Larry!
  13. What a great photo. Most of my boyhood heroes. I also don’t know who is between McGrory and Rodman. Is it Sandy McLauglin behind Brian McIlroy? Frank looks like a film star!
  14. I sympathise with you Walter. Can’t see any logic in a club nurturing a decent player for so many years only then to lose out on appropriate compensation because he signs for a club in a different country. FIFA nonsense. By the way, your wife looks great in these photos. Is she Brazilian?