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  1. It's very fine margins a win on Saturday and still in it for top six but lose and we are dragged back into the mix at the bottom with Hearts and Hamilton winning this week.
  2. washoot

    Three Sixes

    Yeah remember that one along with so many others
  3. washoot

    Three Sixes

    Watched Killie for nearly 30 years there's not a lot can come close to Ally Mitchell in terms of effort that man ran through brick walls for us 100% every game...LEGEND
  4. Looking down rather than up I'm afraid. 6th is the best we can hope for at present and even then that's a stretch.
  5. Locke had agreed to sign Keatings when he was in charge only for MJ to include his famous injury clauses and the deal collapsed
  6. Make no mistake this is a massive blow. If we keep current squad together with no distractions and a couple of additions we have a genuine title shot this season. What happens at the end of the season would be another story. Just like happened to Utd a few seasons ago a deal will be done and he will be away before the month is out.
  7. Mavis decent..no he was more than that and a lot more...Fowler excellent....no but he was a brilliant servant for years and gave his all. Shocking statement to say Rory isn't fit to lace their boots get a grip
  8. Plus McCulloch actively tried to get rid of both SOD and Power before he left his position.....
  9. He was back at Wolves this past week. Rumours down there are that he was constantly late for training and has been fined by Killie. Sounds like he has a severe attitude problem and may be a wasted talent. Ability wise should be first name on our team sheet but SSC won't stand for that nonsense.
  10. Spoke to Brophy at half time he should be back next week.
  11. I follow Wolves it's a cracking signing he's got pace to burn and played a part in winning the championship last year
  12. Motherwell winning was a good result for us Inverness are far closer to us than them

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