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  1. Not a bad point.
  2. I think player fitness is an issue. We have now lost a few late goals and tired players are making poor decisions leading to goals. Under Alex Dyer the intensity of the training has increased but we could still be short of the levels reached over the last 2 seasons. It could be a legacy issue from AA’s time in charge.
  3. TTF

    Killie TV

  4. Great player. Great captain.
  5. Confirmed until the end of the season
  6. TTF

    Media Team

    I’m guessing a lot of time and resource went into organising the Hampden museum display earlier in the season.
  7. Dom Thomas on loan to Dunfermline
  8. Sounds like AA was asking the players to do things they weren’t capable of.
  9. Steve Clarke continually referred to working hard in almost every interview.
  10. Alex Dyer has confirmed we are looking to sign a striker and a link player.
  11. Like Dyer has just said, we need a ‘shake up’ A decision on the manager and the injection of some new players should be the priority next week.
  12. Alex Dyer will be the manager until at least the end of the season.

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