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    Gers Fred

    I'm sure by the end on the month the squad will be stronger than it is today. Rangers are going through a good spell were things go for you and you carry a wee bit of luck. Very similar to when Steve Clarke took over. We look fit and well organised just now but lacking a bit of quality that will hopefully be added this week. Lots to be positive about on and off the park
  2. TTF

    Livingston Pubs

    Does this help? - https://www.thecentrelivingston.com/eat/a-z
  3. TTF

    Over 3,200 ST's sold....

    Over 3500 just confirmed by the club
  4. TTF

    The New Elephant in the Room...

    Do players like MacDonald, Addison, Boyd, Dicker, Smith, McKenzie, Kiltie not provide the needed experience in the team? Not all the young signings will be a success but to expect otherwise would be wishful thinking. It's still very early days.
  5. TTF

    Can l be first to say...........

    Well done to all involved

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