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  1. Who are you quoting? Trump has not said that he wanted all Muslims out of the US. Stop making things up.
  2. When did Trump say he didn't want any Muslims in the US? The guy is a complete prick, but at least credit him with something he said.
  3. Was there ever a doubt? The whole board are now culpable in the demise of our club.
  4. He doesn't liaise with the fans though,he just spouts his masters pish and is quite happy to do that. If he had any respect for the fans ,then he would walk away,but he hasn't. As already said,he was handpicked by MJ,not elected like most clubs SLO's
  5. The guy is a waste of time, nothing more than a mouthpiece for MJ
  6. When you start getting political s**te in the transfer thread,it's time to stop looking. Bring back the Craigieboy transfer rumour forum,it was at least free from spammers.
  7. I've been saying this for a while now.The lack of action from the other 2 means they either like MJ, or they don't have the balls to deal with him
  8. Happy new year to all decent Killie fans,here is hoping for a MJ free year.
  9. You bring f**k all to the forum.Time to put a block on you as the mods seem incapable to do anything about you posting utter pish
  10. I love how you assume that he'll be going shopping with his wife.We are losing fans hand over fist,and some are going to watch other sports. there are other things you can do on a Saturday apart from shopping and watching Killie.
  11. What part of it is bigoted? The fact that you seem more upset that Squirellhumper hasn't used the words tim and Taig says more about you than him. The guy is a Killie legend,but that should not make him exempt from criticism,especially when he spends more time talking about his beloved sevco than the team that pays his wages.
  12. Add in the 10 yard penalty for speaking back from rugby as well and it should work.
  13. The only embarrassment on here is you,give the guy a break and stop bullying him. I'm not the only one that thinks this,and it is about time the mods on here did something about you.
  14. Oh shut the f**k up,how you have managed to avoid being banned as a WUM is baffling.
  15. So Labour have never voted with the Tories?
  16. So you are just generalizing now? You really are a s**t stirring wank
  17. So you are talking pish as usual. I haven't seen any bullying on this site because of how people voted. I am assuming that you have reported the so called.bullying to the mods?
  18. I'm sure you can provide proof of this bullying you are talking about?
  19. findis


    So do you think you'll get sick pay when Brexit finally happens?
  20. Would they? Cheaper tickets for Celtic fans,handing our ground over to both halves of the old firm,letting them bring their own DJ so they could play their party tunes at OUR ground,selling tickets that don't include games against the old firm,moving season ticket holders so they can fit in more opposition fans,not protecting their own fans,doing nothing to stop old firm fans buying tickets for the home end. Aye feels like they want more Killie fans in the ground
  21. The club have made it perfectly clear that they would rather have old firm fans at these games than they would Killie fans.
  22. That was a quick removal of the last post