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  1. With the lack of action from Billy Bowie,I can only assume that he is happy enough to let MJ take the heat for the clubs failings.I am fed up waiting for him to say something ,anything, to the fans to let us know that he is trying to remove him, or that he backs him.
  2. The SLO has been a joke since he was asked to do it by his mate,MJ.
  3. I don't have a copy of the Hippo, but some things worry me. 1.We were told that it is one man,one vote.Now we are being told that this is not correct? 2.This is wrong on s many levels,what happened to fiscal duty? 3.Who is going to give him the more that £1.9m? 4.Of course he will, as has already been said,he loves the attention. 5.We have struggled to get everyone together to act against him, what makes you think he will listen? Last point is not a dig at you,just me thinking out loud.
  4. The board are not helping the issue at all, they need to come out and state what is happening,do they stand with MJ,or do they not? i'm not holding my breath waiting for an answer though,as they seem quite content to let MJ carry on issuing statements on their behalf. Gutless,the lot of them.
  5. Plenty of rumours today that BB has sided with MJ,that is why people are walking away. I hope they are not true, BB could be the saviour of our club, but he needs to speak out and tell us what his plans are concerning MJ
  6. This. Maybe one of the ex directors can come on and explain .
  7. Cheers,just found it,looks like a bad link.
  8. ^^^this.I was going to check it to see how many signatures there was now, but the petition has gone
  9. And then there were 3.People are trying to change things from the inside but it looks like they have failed.It looks like it is up to BB to get rid of MJ, and I must admit that I don't hold out any hope.
  10. Signed it online.I really hope it helps to remove him.
  11. What a joke the club is turning out to be.
  12. Nope ,he re-registered under a different name and started slagging himself off
  13. The board need to stand up and do something.They should know by now that they have the backing of the fans to get him removed. The greed of the man is unbelievable ,but not unexpected,and he has proved he doesn't give a f**k about the club at all
  14. It would be nice to know what was going on,but I'm assuming we will here something either way soon.
  15. It isn't. Celtic fan I know seen a steward removing one of them.There were 3 in total,they are just scum.
  16. Seen this earlier.Suicide awareness week and the death of Boyds brother,and someone thought this was a good idea. Scum
  17. Back to normal with him giving the answers and trying to pass them off as the board.The guy has been a joke since he took up the unelected position.
  18. The SLO has been a joke from the start.Hand picked by MJ to spout his crap and give no information.
  19. So the board think everything is going well, and there is no EGM planned,says it all really
  20. Some fans did sell their season ticket vouchers,but MJ blamed ALL the Rangers fans in the home ends on Killie fans selling their vouchers.
  21. And so are the home fans
  22. Why are people surprised at this?
  23. Over £1m or they should be told to piss off.