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  1. When you have the top man in the SPFL creaming himself over 2 teams,it shows you where some of the issues lie. There has been next to no advertising for the new season,except about the bigot brothers. Cockwomble was the one going on about armageddon,and how teams would fold without the huns in the top league, instead of trying to put a positive slant on things and promote the game,he decided to put Scottish football down.At this point he should have been fired from the job and replaced with someone else. At this point we should have restructured the whole thing,and changed the voting right
  2. What a complete dick you are.You hate Killie fans more than any other supporters. Unlike our chairman, theirs hasn't been ripping the piss out of the fans for years.
  3. findis

    MJ talk

    So why should there not be an EGM?
  4. findis

    MJ talk

    Why is it pointless? He cannot sell his shares, but he can be voted off the board and have nothing to do with the running of the club.
  5. findis

    MJ talk

    As long as he had nothing to do with the club,he can keep his shares,then I would go back .
  6. findis

    MJ talk

    So he stuck to the "it was the Killie fans fault. Thanks for confirming that.
  7. findis

    MJ talk

    Any chance you could tell us what his excuse was ?
  8. Fantastic news,well done Higgy and all involved.
  9. When you consider that people can buy Rangers and Celtic strips in the town, but not Killie strips,makes the idea of not having a shop in town all the dafter. We complain about people from the area supporting the old firm, but do nothing to combat it. "they know where we are" comes to mind
  10. You're right,lets have the only place that sells Killie stuff away from the passing public,in a place that has very poor public transport links.That'll help sales,and boost the clubs profits. I'm sure a couple of years ago the club were offered a shop in the town at minimum costs, but MJ turned it down flat.
  11. We need a Killie shop in the town,that way they could catch passing trade.
  12. Killie played in red socks for years,I think that is what he is getting at.
  13. .So come on , tell me what has changed from Jim Mann's comments last year? As for the last part of your rant, you don't know me from adam, yet you claim to know what I'll be saying when (hopefully) MJ leaves.Please feel free to back up your comment.
  14. Actions speak louder than words. We have been fed bull s**t for years from the board ,and nothing ever changes. Why should we believe that it is going to change now?
  15. Squirrelhumper, best thing to do is ignore the sad old pathetic man. His hatred of the fans of our club shine through his posts. As I said , he likes to sit and do nothing,while having a go at those who are trying to help the club. Please keep up the good work and hopefully the EGM will help remove the scum that it MJ from the board.
  16. Same pish as last year.The club are not transparent, and not one person from the board is willing to stick his neck out and name MJ as the main reason for the clubs fans walking away in large droves.
  17. The 2 are linked.He is holding the club back, but hey,as long as you are happy fighting relegation every year then that is fine,because while he is still at the club, people won't invest and there will be no improvement in the team.
  18. He'll do f**k all and belittle the ones who are trying to bring change.
  19. Statement from the club due in an hour according to David Wren on Tiwtter
  20. There is no chance that you will get them all back.As you have already said, people have found other things to do with their time and their money.
  21. You are aware that not everyone who hasn't went back to Rugby Park were not all NAPM. As a matter of fact,most people just grew sick and tired of being treated like idiots by the board for the past 10 years.We have the worse decline of a fan base by any club in the top league.
  22. Feel free to go and take a f**k to yourself.
  23. Yeah, that's the reason we are in the mess we are in