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  1. Love the top picture.Looks so much better without the multi storey in the picture.
  2. Saying that, there is more chance of MJ stating that season tickets are not valid, and everyone will have to pay to get in.
  3. Hi Jasper, is this the picture that you are looking for?
  4. Hope he enjoys his retirement,as he deserves it.A man who put his life into the club. Shame the club couldn't make an announcement about this, but it is to be expected.
  5. Said that from day 1. #mjpuppet
  6. I can't believe that the club asked for this to be taken down.It was a direct recording of what was said at the AGM. What would have happened if the forum had refused to take it down,and what kind of threat was implied if they didn't
  7. Not a share holder, but well done on getting so many people to stand up and be counted in such a short period of time.
  8. So obvious that this was going to happen.. MJ will claim it as part of his community engagement, and that he is listening to the fans. Can't understand why thet trust allowed this to happen.
  9. Of course they will. People will clap and then go for a pie.
  10. findis

    v ICT away

    Bulls**t. What a stupid thing to say.
  11. A complete afterthought. How much are we charging this lot for advertising their product I wonder .
  12. So they should not be allowed to make up their own minds?
  13. It was not just the Tories who used that argument. Labour used it as well.
  14. I still feel we got rid of him a season too early.Hope to see him back at RP,I would even break my NAPM stance to see him.
  15. I would say yes,going by his Twitter feed.
  16. Here is hoping that the other members of the board grow a pair and kick him out.I won't hold my breath though.
  17. He is only following the lead of the clubs official twitter and facebook pages.
  18. They won't delete it as the fans opinions don't count.