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  1. Are the club charging MJ and BB for advertising their old firm love in?
  2. I can see MJ getting his seat back with the excuse that no one else wanted it.
  3. What a f**king embarrassment.
  4. The rest of the board need to act, and NOW. Shame they won't and we will stumble from one crisis to another. We are running out of time to fix this.
  5. I'm sure that the rumour at the time was Thompson had an issue with alcohol.
  6. It is the side of the road Safeway was on.The co-op building is still there.
  7. None. We kept being told how good it was to get rid of the hotel, but with these type of figures ,you really have to wonder just how good a deal we got.
  8. So the board still don't understand why crowds are falling. Have they had their heads in the sand,or are they just hoping that nobody will mention the elephant in the room?
  9. If they can't see what the problem is, then we are f**ked.To try and blame the fans shows the contempt they hold us in.
  10. It's ok, everything at the club is fine....
  11. Nothing will happen,that is the unfortunate situation we find ourselves in. We had a chance and not enough people could be bothered, or didn't think there was a problem. Mj will stay until someone offers him his asking price for his shares,and that is not going to happen.
  12. Now that does show up your complete ignorance.
  13. As someone has already said, you are going to get a poor view of the pitch from that corner unless they are taking down the pillars in the stand.
  14. At least our chairman will be happy. They tried to change the voting rights, but I'm sure Aberdeen sided with Celtic to keep them the way they were
  15. Was he not on a hefty loyalty bonus as well if he seen out his contract?
  16. The problem here is the lack of communication from the board.This is no way to treat a company that has put money into teh club when others were walking away. I agree that the club need to look for the best deal they can,it makes business sense, but how many more companies are they going to piss off with the way they do things?
  17. if the club are giving the contract to the Park Hotel as stated ,then it's not in house. As has already been stated, community club my arse. This shows that despite all the bulls**t about MJ taking a back seat and not running the club is exactly that, bulls**t. But hey, as long as the happy clappers keep blaming anyone but MJ, he will continue to do whats best for him, and not the club.
  18. That is a great picture, and Frank certainly does have a massive collection of pictures of the town, as well as a fountain of knowledge. The other facebook page to check out is this one. https://www.facebook.com/groups/837686822952033/
  19. Duke street.Now the site of the Burns Mall.
  20. I've been round the town and looked at most of the architecture fair but remains, but when they destroyed places like Duke st and Waterloo st and replace it with the cardboard box mall, it shows the lack of thought in their so called regeneration.
  21. This one shows the old bus station on Portland street.
  22. We had a thread running on the old forum showing pictures of how the town used to look,so I thought I would start a new one on here. A picture of cars coming down Bank Street towards the cross.