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  1. Erwin is much better at "hold-up" play, if we've a chance of getting him I'd take it, we do play a lot of hoof-ball this season and having a player the ball sticks to, makes sense to me.
  2. He certainly has, Goalkeepers, like any other position, need to playing 1st team football to get "match sharp". Not saying he's ever going to be a world beater, but he's more than competent and a step up from the dross we had last season......
  3. Was made a very good offer but thought he could get better. He'd more or less flopped down south before he came here, and we've helped him resurrect his career and become an international fullback. He could at least have signed a year extension, if he was as good as he thinks he is, someone would've paid for him and helped out the club that saved his career. So f**k 'im
  4. For all bad streams will be quite possibly frustrating, the club will need us to back them financially now more than ever, I'll happily pay full price if that's what they decide to charge.
  5. I've thought that about a few of the tops I've seen on ebay, but there seems to be a buying audience. Some of the scotland ones I've got go for well over £100, the Italia 90 era training top I've got seems to get between £2-300
  6. Pretty sure I've got that in medium mate.....
  7. Best bet would be to look him up on ebay, his seller name is killieboyz, think they're mainly 90's and 00's ones.
  8. Friend of mine has asked me to post on here to give a heads up that he's selling his collection. He's putting all his football tops on ebay, Killie and Liverpool ones just now, Scotland to follow. Seller name is killieboyz all XL in size, I think. Or if you wanna contact him directly just pm me.
  9. Michael Jeffrey likes this post.......
  10. Gadz, you have my sincere condolences, no one should subjected to listening to that bitter auld mutton molester.
  11. Broadfoot took a pay cut when he went to St.Mirren, now that big, bad Angelo is away he wants to come back, possibly wanting same terms as last time? No thanks.
  12. Of course we are nothing like the pars. Dunfermline are from a town with a decent sized population but a lot unemployment and hardly any industry now....... They're from a county that's good for golf and holidays but is full of s**t-hole hovel backwaters too........ Dunfermline were a top team in the 60s but haven't been the same since....... To be be completely honest, we are about as closely matched to them than any other team in the country, but of course, just now, we are doing a lot better than them in terms of league positions, the rule changes to the league st