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  1. Neymar staying at psg - another one we're no gonna get
  2. Maybe its time to start checking Football Manager - everything else has failed
  3. Instead of going that route, why not give Innes Cameron a chance - scored for fun when on loan - if he cant hack it in the big league, then move him on, but give him a chance first
  4. So again, they get a new delivery but don’t appear to be fulfilling online orders. Quick to take the money but customer service is poor. Good mind to cancel my order now
  5. Unfortunately, I live in Cheshire so cant make a trip to the shop - that's why I ordered online
  6. Bought the home shirt online last Wednesday just after it became available - still says it is processing - seemed they prioritised selling through the shop first - hopefully, they will honour online orders when the next batch comes in
  7. Like many on here, would liked to have seen more of him - never let us down when he played - would have him back, but if not, I wish him success in the future
  8. The guy has been a breath of fresh air this year
  9. Great shot stopper but always gave me the jitters when he came for cross balls - first cross after Devlin McKay came on, he came and collected - thought he did well in the short time he was on
  10. It did sound like a farewell speech But he has left us a club to be proud of again, both on and off the park - that is worth more than any trophy - bottom of the league to Europe in less than 2 years Rugby Park was jumping today - never thought that would ever happen again If he does go to be Scotland boss, it is with our best wishes - just hope he has passed on a few wise words to Bowie re his successor On the other hand, I honestly don't think he will ever forget his time at Killie - at the time is was a perfect fit for everyone concerned Thank you Steve and if you do wish to stay, I don't think anyone will object
  11. So far so good, Rangers have had the majority of possession but we are looking solid - SOD and Burke have been excellent down the right - Brophy need support up front next season - Keep it up boys
  12. Great finish from Burkey
  13. omg - McCoist has just said he might be interested in our managers job if Clarke goes
  14. Was going to say, what are the odds on Boydie getting sent off?
  15. I personally didn't think the foul Cosgrove got booked for was a booking - the one he got away with looked a straight red to me

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