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  1. Gordon

    Incomings and outgoings.

    SAF always played him in the big games - speaks volumes
  2. Gordon

    Jam Tarts Fred

    Hope McLean is pleased
  3. Gordon

    Jam Tarts Fred

    Does anyone have any streams for us to watch the game
  4. Gordon

    Incomings and outgoings.

    Too many superstitions
  5. Gordon

    Incomings and outgoings.

    didn't Ally Mauchlin's brother Stuart also play for us
  6. Gordon

    Incomings and outgoings.

    Agree with striker (goal scorer as Boyd back up), attack midfielder and keeper Might also need a utility full back as cover and a central defender if Greer goes
  7. Gordon

    New signage at RP

    who new sign at Rugby Park
  8. Gordon

    Accies home, Fred

    the bet365 link works
  9. Gordon

    Accies home, Fred

    Thanks - I signed up to bet 365 just to watch the game but the stream on the site didn't work - your one does thank god
  10. Gordon

    Accies home, Fred

    same for me - they look dodgy
  11. Gordon

    The Great Killie Goalies Discussion

    He was my hero when I was at school. He even sent me a postcard from the Scotland HQ in Germany during the 1974 World Cup. I remember going round to his house where he showed me all the goalkeeper jerseys he had acquired along the way. Gutted when he went to Middlesborough, though fully understood why. Even more gutted when he went back to Rangers. That said, thought McCulloch was a better keeper. Like many have said, he should have been Scotland's number 1
  12. Gordon

    Kris Boyd Charity

    respect to the big man
  13. Gordon

    Chris Burke to Man City?

    De Bruyn - he'll no dae - plays too much tippy tappy fitba instead of howfing it at every opportunity
  14. Gordon

    Personal Dream Teams

    Best I have seen Alan McCulloch Peter Canero Freddie Dindeleux Ray Montgomerie Alan Robertson Ally Mitchell Tommy Burns Ian Durrant Pat Nevin Kris Boyd Steven Naismith Subs Dragoje Lekovic Gus McPherson Kevin McGowne Alexei Eremenko Gary Hay Paul Wright Wullie Watters

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