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  1. killie billies pal

    Livi Match Fred

    Remind me why it is that Scots are termed stingy? Should players wages be met retrospectively too, Game was pants, £50 to you then. seriously, it appears not just us that want our teams to play like Madrid every week yet only want to pay £5 to watch them, no wonder we can’t get a decent tv deal. TV companies know fine well that they only need to offer pennies
  2. killie billies pal

    Livi Match Fred

    Sectarian Bile? Wow that doesn’t sound like us
  3. killie billies pal

    Reserved Seats

    A mountain out of a molehill, can just imagine the Board meeting, Item A - we have started season with three points and a clean sheet Excellent Item B - Our new signing scored what will be one of the goals of the month. Excellent Item C- Home support up by approximately 1,000 on this ties last season. Excellent Item D - Gordon Greer leaves club freeing up monies for top signing. Excellent BB, so the fans will be very happy this week then. CJ , well, no, they want the stickers off the seats as they cannot speak to each other in a civil tongue BB Why do we bother?
  4. killie billies pal

    What does Killie stand for, for you?

    1960’s : Taken to Killie, Rangers, Celtic, Irvine Meadow games by father, just depended on what game appealed to him more. 1970’s : Started to pull away from OF, went to Meadow games in very early 70’s, but in 1973 I was enticed to join the Caley Station mob on the Ardrossan bus, watching Killie became infectious, not for results but as the 70’s progressed we had a few better seasons, very difficult to get any Killie kits or scarves, this probably had some effect tbh, as it was easy to get OF kits and the rest. But we were different Kilwinkies, plenty of us too, still a potential bus or train hot spot for Killie to this date. 1980’s: Joined the Royal Navy so getting to games was harder, but travelled to wherever we were playing from Portsmouth or Rosyth as often as I could. It was great to find fellow Killie fans and to have the kit available to play football in and have people who had not even heard of us take notice was something to feel a certain pride about. Brought several Welsh, Irish and English mates to see Killie during these times. 1990’s: Great, just great, travelling in large numbers, getting pissed in strange towns , seeing several great players don the shirt, births of my kids , now both Killie although daughter tries not to admit it. Cup win, Euro Away trips , just magic times. 2000 - present: Ups and downs, losing several Killie stalwart fans, still travelling as often, but buses have dwindled, the train has become our mode of transport, now great to see so many young fans coming back, hopefully many more to come. so, Killie? Just so good when things are going well, good mix of fans, but strangely I have always felt that the bad days were just as good, there’s something quite pleasing winding up OF fans when your team is crap, don’t ask me how come as I really cannot explain, it’s just The Killie Way
  5. killie billies pal

    Perf Saints Fred

    Truth is that people are not coming to watch football being played on that awful carpet......................
  6. killie billies pal

    Bet Fred second round draw

    It has already been confirmed for Sunday at 1230
  7. killie billies pal

    Bet Fred second round draw

    Yeah was just a bit tongue in cheek mate
  8. killie billies pal

    Bet Fred second round draw

    Not at all, didn’t disbelieve you, my exclamation was against the paltry figures received now in comparison to a decade ago, jeesus what a job zDoncaster has done
  9. killie billies pal

    Bet Fred second round draw

  10. killie billies pal

    Bet Fred second round draw

    If that’s the case make it £25 a ticket
  11. killie billies pal

    Bet Fred second round draw

    What? We were getting £60k each about ten years ago?
  12. killie billies pal

    Bet Fred second round draw

    I believe it is in the region of £100k each team, that plus half the gate money after expenses should allow us to be more flexible in the English Loan market
  13. killie billies pal

    Over 3,200 ST's sold....

    I would disagree about the bit where no one cares when fortunes change, being on the verge of collapse has bonded fans at the likes of Hearts, St Mirren, Motherwell,Dunfermline and dare I say Rangers, not that I would want it at Killie and our current efforts are in place to avoid such an event. on the Season Tickets, of course it’s important, it gives the club the monies upfront to buy the right players to get us up the table, failure to significantly increase our ST numbers will mean stagnation for the club.
  14. killie billies pal

    Over 3,200 ST's sold....

    Was she able to say how many we'd sold

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