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  1. I don’t even remember SARS -COVID 1 , and believe me I’m old enough lol. Probably because of the lack of Social Media and Mobile phones I guess it wasn’t as “out there” as it’s lad. Seriously though, are people still dying from it?
  2. It is a shame that in this country we tend to try and frighten the residents with straight facts, whereas if you read up on how the Germans disclose upward trends they delve deeper into the actual effect of any increase. Yes it is true that 3.7% of the newest tests have shown positive, however the vast majority of these are in young people, now unless these people are already very ill, COVID will not affect them badly. Again there have been no deaths, very few ICU cases, and only a very small percentage even need to go to hospital. There will be no National Lockdown again, no co
  3. Apart from his hat trick against Hearts at Rugby Park, and the 16,000 turnout at the Killie OpenDay, mind you Patsy was starting to show signs of age to be fair.
  4. Mulumbu is only here short term, I would bring Bryson home, sometimes injuries are worse when you are not in a happy place .
  5. I felt that we came out in the second half with absolutely no desire to increase our lead, I’m very disappointed that Clarke has decided to pick players and play them in positions that are alien to them, I hoped that he was more likely to avoid playing Robertson & Kierney, Jack & McGregor and possibly even Christie and McGinn. I would much rather have seen McTominay in the middle of the Park and a full back in that position, it was said we played 3 at te back, Forrest spent the whole second half just inside the full back, he has been awful since we started back yet walks into the Nati
  6. Call it gut feeling, but something about this worries me. The Pars nearly came to a grissly end and were saved by Fans group Pars United CIC, they seemed to be getting on very well but will be cast into minority when DAFC GmBh take up the 75% ownership. I really hope that things go well for The Pars, a club extremely similar to ourselves which deserves to be in the top flight and would be a great addition to the SPFL Premier League, but their is always something eats away at me the foreign investors come calling, East End Park is situated in one of the best parts of Dunfermline , only one
  7. Much as I admire the lad I feel that Mark Connolly is their KB, I would definitely play two up front , and I’ve noticed the tenacity of their midfield so we simply cannot afford to have two slower players in ours. It’s a pity Millen is out as I would have gone with a 3-5-2 , with what we have it has to be 4- 3-1-2 using the current players: Rodgers McGowan Dikamona Findlay Haunstrup Burke Tish Mulumbu Kiltie Brophy Alabama
  8. A fine body of men and woman if ever was seen, some well kent faces too , smiles as we had just found a pub doing pints for 2 quid
  9. Findlay to me seems to be half concentrating on what Broadfoot is about to do, or not do
  10. That kind of grates with me, I remember when Boyle was at Dundee and I said to friends, we should get this lad signed up as he is lightening, imagine what we would have been like with him on the right and Jones on the left, neither being great players, but you don’t need to be in Scotland, speed is the most important thing imo., basic ball control would help, but not absolutely necessary.
  11. Wasn’t aware of that, mind you he quickly became a target of criticism from some members of our support, which was a bit off considering the lad was only 19.
  12. Followed by a similar assault by Porteous of Hibs, both of them copying Gouldson from the previous season. I wouldn’t be surprised if Liverpool recalled him to get him back down safely, Porteous should have been charged with assault that day.
  13. It would appear that apathy has set in on here
  14. When you see the absolute pelters some players get on here it is no surprise that anyone involved at the club gets it tight if they make some mistakes. Not that it’s right, but it’s the football way of things, everything is very emotive at this time and people are probably on a bit of a short straw. In my opinion Gav would be better acting like the players and not reacting to anything, as none of it will actually be personal.