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  1. I think the fans may be rather strapped for cash too, as the TIK £50k was already passed to the club , with potential for more if others join up then I think the club would’ve more than happy to let walk ups infor a £3 discount, or maybe even £10.
  2. Seriously??? The owner is risking a very large fine, and the courts will be more than happy to make an example of someone to get their message out there.
  3. Next season prices will increase to try and catch up, Doncaster isn’t savvy enough to know how to negotiate on behalf of “his” representative clubs and this will be his only advise.
  4. I get the feeling that there will be a large number of “Sevco’s” when all this is sorted, I just cannot see a lot of clubs surviving. And can’t see enough volunteers offering their services while some players will continue to pick up relatively large wages.
  5. For a club and fan base who apparently hate Rangers more than anything else in the world they are sure doing a bloody good imitation of them. Used to quite like United but their delusions of grandeur of late has me hoping they fail in all their targets.
  6. Koprevic Millen Broadfoot Findlay Hendrie St Clair Dicker Connell McKenzie Brophy Kiltie
  7. Let’s hope we’re not scrambling for excuses on Saturday night if AA’s replacement fails to get SC’s team ( minus four EPL players) three points. I recall someone correcting me about Dyer not being fully in charge for the seven defeats in a row, I don’t need telling that we could be en route to Armageddon with this guy in charge.
  8. I don’t think any teams needed to “suss us out” , the truth was that we had a group of very influential and indeed important players decide amongst themselves to down tools, those guys I cannot find it in me to forgive as I spent a fortune following us all over the place while they got paid.
  9. I really like Bruce but have started thinking he was a bit lazy and unprofessional. Italy have won two World Cups that I can remember, maybe three. Juve, Inter, AC, and many other clubs have a very good record in world football, so something they do is learn how to win. I think that given time, and players AA would have had us right up there in the league, first things first were that we needed to stop losing silly goals, after which we would concentrate on midfield and forward tactics. I really do think we have missed a great opportunity with AA, MOTM , the fans chanting his name, songs including him, all sounds very SC era. We will never know, but certain players have let us down big time this season. I don’t think AD should be manager but I have zero faith in the current Board to select the right person again, whoever thought of SC needs to get their thinking caps on again.
  10. On that basis I expect him to be sacked anytime now
  11. We do need to be careful about the next appointment, we need someone who has a track record that will make players think twice before going behind his back, we need to be together again. oh and just for the record, Livi have two points less than us over the past six games, strange but true.
  12. From JF’s mouth, we will be looking to bring through more youngsters, then selling them on. Looking at this I can only think JF has been tearing his hair out at the treatment of Kiltie, Wilson et al, I think we will probably go down this route apart from the spine of the team which will be filled by experienced players, probably on better than average salaries, this way our overall wage bill will not be increased substantially.
  13. So? Let me get this straight, he’s getting a bit of banter in a pub, she’s pissed and buts in, giving it some mouth, the other bloke tells her to STFU , Steven doesn’t stick up for her, he grabs her by the hair and swears at her to “calm her down”. Ok cool , move on , nothi g to see here
  14. Seen that and thought, Please please please
  15. And may well do it this year as his team are making roads towards the Top Six, not bad considering where they were

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