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  1. It’s the Footall bit that gets me , I honestly can’t believe what I’ve seen tonight
  2. Soon to be Staunch Blue by the way things are going
  3. Biggest worry for me is that the club seem to be treating the fans as cash cows, do they not understand that, at best most people having to get bye on 20% less money? Ach , don’t answer that, some of the promotion pics are awful.
  4. What’s happening with the lad Whitehall? I was of the belief it was a done deal
  5. Anyone got any idea how much a top is yet?
  6. Good to see you went after the adult following here.
  7. County managers comment that we are all plying for the same players speaks volumes, WTAF are we paying Fowler for? Is he just sitting waiting for the same Agents’ lists coming in, then looking around at ones that look familiar to the normal type of player that graces the SPFL from lower echelons on English football. When Souness took over at a very poor Ibrox the first thing he did was created solidity down the spine of the team , we already have that APART from one position, goalkeeper! We should have been working our socks off to have a keeper training with our squad for the past few weeks, getting to know the way those in front of him work. It just smacks of laziness in our recruiting process, the lower leagues of England will have unknown gems just waiting for the opportunity to come up here and maybe make a name for themselves. Agents trying to get top dollar for basic players should be shown the door, there will be a helluva lot of players without clubs out there. Go and pick up a bargain Killie
  8. If there’s anything the Tommy Coyne farce learned me it’s not to assume that a player has signed for us until the scary is above the head. im sure we will be signing this lad, buuuuuttt
  9. GK position should have been sorted before now, or maybe it is and we just cannot announce it yet .
  10. Dyer seemed to prefer using Kirk alongside Stuart Findlay, maybe because he was our own player, the supposed issue between SOD and DDF is no longer an issue. I am a little worried that Dyer would think KB is a better option than DDF, but it’s his decision and we will need to rely on it.
  11. Is there any other reason stopping it being sealed, just looking at the Southampton full back who return to Celtic on loan has been confirmed?
  12. I seem to remember he was not best pleased at how he was perceived to be at Kilmarnock, not sure he would come back. All because our manager hadn’t a clue where to play the lad
  13. Don’t panic folks, just get your ST’s bought!
  14. Which comes first? Start of our season or end of theirs’ ,, seriously don’t know.
  15. Not really wild speculation on income, all of the figures previously released. Huge costs in running club? Have been in the most stalled due to pandemic. As I said in the post you quoted, I’m not asking for a spree, simply clever use of available monies rather than the waste of money spent last season on numerous duds. Bachmann would be a major positive coup at reasonable cost. At no point do I say that I expect BB to fund player signings but if we cannot “remain competitive “ in this league then they are not doing what they promise. If the club puts a reasonable squad together then greater ST numbers will come, that’s how it is with Killie, we are not Hearts , Hibs, Aberdeen etc, but we certainly are Motherwell, St Johnstone, St Mirren et all. Scotland is progressing well out of COVID, hopefully this continues and some semblance of normality returns and we can get back to going to games. I hope going to see Killie on a Saturday is considered an attractive option for potential customers.

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