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  1. No? Let’s hope we don’t get another injury when the final week comes around and we have nothing in the pipeline.
  2. I must admit to disagreeing with you final sentence, deterrence has had its desired effect, had there not been Polaris or Trident we may well have encountered far worse conflict than that we have faced. But yes it is a ridiculous cost nowadays, we certainly don’t require the volume of world ending arms. Perhaps a reduced level would be a more prudent reaction, would be difficult to negotiate though.
  3. Have we given up on signing another striker? Seems as if time is passing rather quickly in the extra month allotted to get a loan deal done.
  4. A total 7,500 marchers from 34 different areas into Glasgow Green, unlikely we will notice as we are heading in opposite direction tbh.
  5. I think Thistle will be only too aware of how many we will bring, probably controlled by SPFL or someone in power to try and control populated areas of ground piece by piece. Expect a large loud away support at Firhill
  6. Maybe get Greg Kiltie on loan from St Mirren. They have signed Matt Millar who I think will fit their style more.
  7. I think it’s quite the norm over the decades, we all know someone who either gave up for the Juniors because Killie were shoite,,DOH??? Or went over to the OF, or became ST Holders at Morrison’s , Tesco or Asda
  8. The difference is that there is no one in there unvaccinated to have a much greater chance of severe illness or death.
  9. We sat with Willie Waddell at the 35th Anniversary dance in The Towans, John Barnes was doing interviews for West Sound if memory serves me right, auld Waddell was as dour as can be, it seems so different from the guy bouncing onto Tynecastle that day. Who would i want ten minutes with? got to be Alex Dyer, to ask why he took the job and just what exactly was he trying to do las season.
  10. I see your red card stalker is still hanging around like a bad smell 😝. imagine disagreeing about having a plan B , and the fact is that it is Fowler’s job to get in players identified by TW, he didn’t do this so he didn’t do his job.
  11. And my better half in on the sites every week sorting out Building Warrants and Completion Certificates . Plenty of them going through, Kilmarnock Football Club & BBSS should be in a position to expect first dibs with supplies.
  12. Yes, it is well known about the supply lines , but the better house builders etc have ensured their planned drops are made, It is sometimes a case of not having a good negotiator in place. The metal work supplier has done well out of Killie, but they also make sure they are not let down by their suppliers. I do agree with you, I just think it was lunacy to start the work without having all the materials in place.
  13. I think the trouble is that it shouldn’t be a building site by now. The scheduling of the work has been far to similar to our other mess ups, why start a jigsaw when you haven’t got all the pieces?
  14. Not really, the seat has been paid for and cannot be taken by a “walk up” , not sure If it should be for tax purposes, there again for H&S purposes they need to know exactly how many are in the ground.
  15. It’s so easy to predict with this pair, oh well plenty of time to get back into hame, but ffs someone do that little twat
  16. Oh sorry, I didn’t know we were getting in players from another country. Seeing as you know the facts I will relax now , let’s just say we don’t have any time if things do go wrong.
  17. I fear we are not going to be partying on these two signings, someone isn’t keen when it’s taking so long to move 2%
  18. Don’t see his missus being over the moon either
  19. He’s still there as a Company Director Con, think Cormack is basically the figurehead
  20. Milne will be trying to rip up his contract, no Euro money for them or St Johnstone . The Saints fans are giving it large but the ref was right on both decisions
  21. Yep and we lost 2-0 to the team that was top of the PL, I was meaning we will have a better idea against probable rivals.
  22. Would have thought Saturday was an excellent opportunity to welcome potential new customers too.