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  1. Think that Johnson will regret not getting rid of Cummings( thank god), some of the old Knighted Tory back benchers are disgusted, this will grow arms and legs and could have an effect elsewhere, as soon as the Establishment start to get worried we will see a couple of resignations. Sadly not the twelve or fourteen that have brazenly lied but it will be a start.
  2. I honestly think we will struggle, we don’t seem to have had any strategic plan in place for signings up until January, I cannot see how we will have managed to create one during the past ten weeks. Motherwell, Hamilton and even St Mirren under Goodwin seem to have adopted the Aberdeen model of picking up big strong athletic players who can manage to play a set way within Scottish football. We have big yin’s, wee yin’s, fat yin, thin yin’s, fast yin’s, slow yin’s, skilful yin’s, pish yin’s. But I guess you don’t really get to choose when you sit back and wait to see who’s left at the end of windows. Set up The Kilmarnock Way and get players to fit it.
  3. Have the club started players training again? The reason for asking is that the ones whose contracts were up and not being renewed would not be involved. If they have returned to light training then Killie will be paying the wages of players contracted, with no income to support it. Out of contract players would not be furloughed, my reading is that Job Retention means that they will be retained after the lockdown ends, this is not the case for these players.
  4. If people can afford to pay for games that they will not be allowed entry to the fair enough, we are £100 down on this seasons ticket, I certainly will think very carefully before splashing out £300 plus in the autumn
  5. Thought we were signing him for a minute there
  6. Yes but they expect to re sign a lot of them when everything gets going
  7. Sounds about right to me, reduce the walk up price and promote games more actively, people will struggle to commit to STs when chance of redundancy will be hanging around
  8. Angelos Blue and White Army belting out regularly, MOTM, lots of shut outs , 5th in the league. Sack im
  9. Overtime is an unemployed persons wage
  10. Thank you Jim, I do think your response would have been greatly appreciated a few weeks ago by people committing funds without confirmation. The club could have saved you the time.
  11. You mean, like the £50k or more passed over by TiK? I admire you sticking up for the club, but yet again they show a complete lack of nous, you simply don't take on anything which includes taking peoples money without having the infrastructure to 1/. Let the investor know their funds are received 2/. Have the facility to print off Shares certificates, 3/. post the certificate to its owner.
  12. I understand that people want to become shareholders of the club, but something just doesn’t sit well with this Sale by the club, we already have the option through the Trust, I get that some have concerns about it but it is a shortened process to getting funds to the club. Starting a Share issue when you don’t have the staff in place to manage it is, sadly, unprofessional! I was hoping we were learning, but it appears not.
  13. Why would you think I was disappointed, oh and Freddy Woodman was outstanding and allowed us to amasse enough points to keep us safe. why you would jump on here saying a topic had been done to death when it could be very relevant drew me to the fact you were more supportive of Jamie than most. Personally I would give him what he wants and free him, doesn’t like training late, travel from Edinburgh so put him out his misery in my opinion.
  14. Football fans are a fickle bunch, we expect players to show the same loyalty to the club as we fans do, sadly going by Skydogs post it shows SOD couldn’t give a monkeys for almost a full season, and it was noticeable at times. Once a player does this he loses the support of working guys/girls who skin themselves to follow the team, so while I won’t lambast him I can understand others that choose to vent their displeasure, I hope his new employer realises if they give him a 3 year deal that they will only get the good SOD for 2 of the years.
  15. Clough comes across as a bit dour, not sure the Killie players would like him
  16. Like dozens of others. I’m guessing you still think Jamie is worthy of a place, I don’t , and really fear for how we are going to come out of this, we have unrealistic general expectations of Killie due to Board comments and a manager that got us “back where we belonged” or did he?
  17. Strange that Dyer preferred Kirk to him, it will be bargain basement time folks, get ready for the rocky road show again .
  18. If there is one thing that this pandemic has taught me is that football is way down in priorities, I have to be honest and say that if these four clubs, I would have thought of Hibs were in on this they would have been mentioned, manage to carve up this league based on ST sales then my commitment to Scottish Football May just be done. I have been lucky and seen Killie win cups, went to Europe etc, if the governing body ( that’s a laugh) can be rolled over by Dundee then Hearts then the game is fekked.
  19. I think SOD is a decent wing back but he is simply not a good defender, I was told this by Thistle fans too . I like to analyse games to see how things go well or otherwise, sad to say that the amount of times he allowed balls to get into our box by not defending well enough is surprisingly high, the final goal in Aberdeen cup game being the main one that sticks to mind. In regards to him having no time for AA, he was played as a defender and obviously told to give ball to midfield, he seemed to pull up on the half way line which looked “under instructions “ , that wouldn’t have pleased him as he looked much happier when AD took over and allowed him to forage up the wing. Whoever takes him on will need to already have a good full back.
  20. Sammy was a smashing player but Falkirk definitely got the best out of him imo
  21. I paid my golf fees not knowing when or if we would get to play this season, the club has lost its full income stream and the idea of games being played behind closed doors worries me even more as the players would no longer be furloughed, the club would be due to pay their wages, If individuals were happy to pay for a ST with no guarantee of football, then the club could possibly incentivise it by recruiting local businesses to allow a generous discounts , that way the buyer could “make up” the cost of the ST in other produce or services. Just a thought.
  22. Should this topic header had a question mark rather than an exclamation mark? Promotes ignoring the situation whilst encouraging debate, in my opinion with the players we had we should have sorted CQN without a manager or coach. in regards to Lary, did he not just come out of a period of losing only one goal in 7 games? Anyway, Let it Go? Up to yourselves
  23. Ach , at least Rhyl and Belgrade were great fun tbh

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