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  1. I’m not bitter towards SOD but I am and always have been frustrated by him. He was a good fit for us and vice versa, he definitely got carried away with the scotland call ups and Celtic supposed interest but I always felt his limit was a good player for our level, that view hasn’t changed. I certainly don’t hold any ill feelings towards him, he served us well but it’s time to move on.
  2. Fudger

    Club Shop

    If any business continually makes it difficult for its customers to purchase its products then it is failing badly, regardless of excuses. I’m struggling to think of another business I deal with that makes my custom quite so difficult.
  3. Regardless, it still saved most the jobs and income of people I know (for now anyway)
  4. Heard a lot of horror stories on the furlough, business grants and loans schemes being greatly abused, it seems many of them are beginning to come to light. Real shame as it was one of the few good things the Tory government has done for working people.
  5. There were reasons we didn't use ticketco......tbh I cant remember what they were.... IIRC - First year was us taking new season tickets out so we had to go over and pick our seats etc Last year may have been to do with not being able to select the finance option through ticketco. Genuinely can't remember for sure the reasons but when we went over to sort it we were sent packing twice as the lady who sorted these issues was on holiday. The other two boys were not as fussed as me and could easily have given up at that point and not bothered, my biggest concern is how many others are and have been in this position.
  6. I s**t you not, this happened to us the last two seasons! It's actually incredible. Just sports or no just sports, the commercial side of our club needs an overhaul and fast!
  7. Fudger

    Club Shop

    Really sad that this looks far superior to our stuff.
  8. Fudger

    Club Shop

    Agreed but it shouldn't be accepted this time, the entire thing has been a s**t show and sadly all very predictable.
  9. Fudger

    Club Shop

    This is very true, however I really hope the value of sponsorship was worth it......
  10. Fudger

    Club Shop

    Anyone any idea how much Hamilton tarmac are sponsoring us? be interesting to see that figure versus how much In lost revenue For training wear sales
  11. Fudger

    Club Shop

    Bin Hamilton tarmac and then we might be getting somewhere
  12. Fudger

    Club Shop

    Mind the apologists were able to blame just sports for everything commercialrelated at the club..... Im sorry but that today is a complete farce all round.
  13. Fudger

    Club Shop

    I’m rather scunnered with that entire launch today to be honest. If anyone knows of somewhere I could buy the training clobber minus the Ayrshire amateur team look then give me a shout and I’ll pay good money.
  14. Fudger

    Club Shop

    Ditto. And I hope Hamilton Tarmac paid us a lot of money for the pleasure of going on our training kit. I would have probably bought the drill top and t-shirt but no harm to the sponsors, the Hamilton Tarmac sign looks cheap as hell. Looks like an Ayrshire amateur team shirt.
  15. To be fair, I met him a couple of times at calendar signings etc as he was my daughters first favourite player and he was brand new but his behaviour on leaving us was embarrassing for both him and us.

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